Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 334 - Ch. 334

Chapter 334 - Ch. 334

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“Can you walk?” Yun Ting took the initiative to take Lin Mumu’s light blue canvas schoolbag and asked.    

“You can even run!” Lin Mumu raised her chin proudly and threw Baozi on the ground: “Baozi, you have become very fat recently. Come run with us to exercise.”    

“Okay.” Yun Ting nodded and looked at Lin Mumu, there seemed to be some light in Lin Mumu’s eyes.    

“What are you looking at? Do you think I am the kind of person who has no sympathy? We can run away with just one car.” Lin Mumu was embarrassed by Yun Ting and ran out first.    

Just pretend that the morning jogging location was changed to the suburbs.    

“Silly wife.” After Lin Mumu ran out, she heard Yun Ting’s comment behind her.    

She was so angry that she didn’t want to pay attention to him and just ran away.    

Although Lin Mumu didn’t turn her head, he still listened to Yun Ting’s movements with her ears.    

Yun Ting’s legs were longer than Lin Mumu’s, so he could naturally keep up with her from behind. She felt relieved when she heard his familiar footsteps.    

And there was the sound of Yun Ting calling.    

“Xiao Jun, come pick me up.”    

“On the way, yes.”    

Listening to Yun Ting’s voice on the phone, Lin Mumu finally understood what he meant by stupid.    

They could also call someone to pick them up. Why didn’t she think of that! She thought she was going to run back.    

Why run when there was a car to pick her up!    

Lin Mumu stopped angrily, found a stone on the side of the road to sit on, and started scrolling on her phone.    

The little Baozi who was being pulled by her to exercise was the most innocent. Baozi ran much faster than Lin Mumu. With a proud attitude of showing off his skills, the little guy swished away and was far ahead of Lin Mumu and Yun Ting.    

But it sat and waited, unable to wait for its favourite master Lin Mumu and Master Yun Ting.    

Fortunately, Baozi ran very fast and trotted back again, which made the little thing very angry! Humans were really untrustworthy creatures!    

Baozi sat next to Lin Mumu angrily.    

No, Lin Mumu couldn’t notice it because it was too small.    

Then it might as well sit on Lin Mumu’s lap.    

Lin Mumu was quite handy and used to hold Baozi to warm her hands and stomach. It was autumn, the wind was quite cool, and Baozi was soft to the touch and had a good warmth-keeping effect.    

So you could still have fun and play!    

“Ouch~~~wu~~~” Baozi roared with a small voice, trying hard to break free from Lin Mumu’s hand, and jumped onto Lin Mumu’s shoulder to show his presence.    

Lin Mumu finally felt the little guy’s dissatisfaction, reached out and patted its little head, and then continued to play with her phone.    

But Baozi was so angry that his owner didn’t love him anymore!    

Baozi jumped again, jumping from Lin Mumu’s shoulder to her hair, preparing to imitate Yun Ting and mess up Lin Mumu’s hair.    

Unfortunately, before the little guy could succeed, he was caught by a big hand.    

It’s Yun Ting…    

Baozi immediately turned into a quiet beautiful dog!    

Yun Ting’s breath was so terrible that it didn’t dare to make trouble with Yun Ting. It could only pretend to be cute, or pretend to be dead, and make a “woo-woo” sound to ask Lin Mumu for help.    

Lin Mumu felt soft after hearing this, and reached out to grab it again, trying to save Baozi from Yun Ting’s hands.    

Lin Mumu was sitting on the stone, and Yun Ting was standing behind her. If she wanted to take something from his hand, she had to stand up.    

As soon as Lin Mumu stood up, she noticed something was wrong with Yun Ting’s expression. He yanked her hard, pulled her into his arms, and held her tightly. The two of them rolled on the spot and rolled into the road under the roadbed next to them in the cornfield.    

The clicking sound of bullets also sounded in her ears at the right time, very close!    



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