My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Chapter 627

Chapter 627

3Chapter 627     3

Huang Xin’s eyes were wide open as he identified the person in front of him as Lu Bu.    

“Lord Marquis. Why are you here?” Huang Xin asked with disbelief.    

“They came from Xinye!” Dai Yun explained. They travelled to Xinye to ask Hao Shao for help but found a heavy cavalry chasing after them along the way. Dai Yun initially thought of fighting to the bitter end but then realized that the heavy cavalry were allies.    

The Wolf Cavalry quickly surrounded Dai Yun. Lu Bu had gotten lost on the way to Xinye which was how he ended up behind Dai Yun’s group. It was fortunate that he had ran into Dai Yun or he would have ended up at the riverbank.    

With Dai Yun leading the way, they returned to the North gate of the naval camp. It was just before the enemy broke through the gates. Naturally, the light infantries were no match for heavy cavalries.    

With a single charge from the Wolf Cavalry, several thousand men were killed, several thousand men were injured and several thousand men were routed. The enemy’s morale instantly dropped from the unexpected attack from behind.    

The Jingzhou Army only had a few thousand veterans. The rest were new recruits. The moment the Wolf Cavalry arrived, they dispersed in the confusion.    

Countless men were trampled to death. Many of these veterans that had prepared to fight back were even killed as a result of their teammate’s actions. With their formation broken, they could only be defeated.    

The defeated soldiers either surrendered or ran towards the river in hopes that they could swim to the other side. As the river was several kilometers wide, very few would succeed.    

Just like that, an army of twenty thousand was wiped out.    

After defeating the Jingzhou Army, someone tried to open the North gate. However, the gate was already destroyed by the attack so it easily collapsed. This made the others think that the gate had been breached.    

“Kill!” The Wolf Cavalry got off their horses after entering the naval camp. As a heavy cavalry, they were the best in the world. However, even without their horses they were still first rate heavy infantry.    

The five thousand new troops that appeared turned the tables.    

“Report! Yangzhou’s reinforcements have arrived. We are being chased out of the naval camp!” The messenger said to Liu Pan.    

“Reinforcements? Where did they come?” Liu Pan stood up and glared at the naval camp. He had already considered things before attacking. Hao Shao had to pacify the rebellion and could not send reinforcements. That is why it was the opportune moment to attack.    

Reinforcements should have been impossible. Yangzhou’s nearest troops should be from Yiyang and Zaoyang. Don’t they need to pacify a rebellion? Yet, the sounds of shouting did not seem to be fake.    

Liu Pan was very unhappy that his opportunity is lost. “Where is Zhang De and Liu Kai? They are unable to capture the North gate. Are they also unable to stop the enemy reinforcements? Bring their heads to me!” Zhang De and Liu Kai were the two officers who were supposed to attack the city on land.    

“Report! General Zhang De and Liu Kai’s troops have already been completely routed!”    

“What?” Liu Pan’s eyes grew wide. How did twenty thousand troops get wiped out so quickly? There were enough of them to block the up the North gate.    

“How could that be?”    

“Military Advisor! Look at that banner!” Liu Pan’s deputy general shouted as he pointed towards the naval camp.    

“Hm?” Liu Pan looked over and saw a military banner that says Yangzhou Lu. The only person that could use this banner was Lu Bu.    

Sure enough, Lu Bu’s heroic figure was soon seen. The weapon in his hand was like the sickle of the Grim Reaper cutting down those in front of him unopposed. The Yangzhou Army had high fighting spirit with Lu Bu leading the way.    

“Why is he here?” Liu Pan finally understood why Zhang De and Liu Kai’s army was wiped out so quickly. If Lu Bu was here then so was the Wolf Cavalry.    

To begin with, Jingzhou’s land troops were weak. They were weak enough to be bullied by Jiangdong. Their only powerful troops were their naval troops. The reason why the Liu Pan dispatched them here was to launch a pincer attack with the navy and also to get them trained.    

He never expected them to be so unlucky to run into the Wolf Cavalry. One must remember that the Wolf Cavalry was so powerful that even elites like the Formation Breaker would suffer devastating losses if they were to fight.    

As a result, Liu Pan no longer blamed the twenty thousand new troops. He also stopped trying to bring in Zhang De and Liu Kai. To begin with, they were probably already dead.    

“Wasn’t there a revolt at Xinye? Why are the Wolf Cavalry here instead?” Liu Pan could not understand. He sent troops to attack the naval camp because the there was a revolt at Xinye. Yangzhou had also sent out the Wolf Cavalry to stop the revolt.    

The Wolf Cavalry that wasn’t supposed to appear had arrived just when the naval camp was about to fall.     

“Military Advisor! Let us sound the retreat!” The deputy general advised. Their troops were being beaten back. All the ships that entered the city were being burned. These ships were new and yet they were already burned down before it could be used.    

“No! We cannot retreat! I understand now! If the Wolf Cavalry is here that must mean that no one is pacifying the rebellion at Xinye! It must already be occupied by the rebelling army! Lu Bu wants to defeat us then deal with the rebellion! He must be dreaming! We must stall him here!”    

“But General! We have already suffered heavy losses!” They would need over eight people just to kill one. If this were to continue, even their navy would suffer heavy losses. They have already lost the twenty thousand troops and over five thousand navy that entered the naval camp were killed. They have already lost over half of their original army of fifty thousand.    

“We must stay even if we suffer heavy losses!” Liu Pan said malevolently “I want Xinye to be in ruins!”    



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