Chapter 23

Chapter 23

0Manager Also Cultivates    

After deciding on his plans, just as Yang Chen was about to rest and order Shen Da to prepare food, suddenly something disturbed his thoughts. Letting his spiritual awareness drift, he quickly discovered someone hurriedly flying towards the Profound Palace, and his cultivation was at least at the eight qi layer or above.    

To be able to fly over the Ye Xiu Manor and have such a high cultivation, his identity was clear. This was surely the new manager of the Ye Xiu Manor. At this moment he was hastily flying there, obviously he had been informed that Yang Chen had finally come out of seclusion.    

There was a rule that when cultivating in the cultivation room, if not for a very urgent matter, no one was allowed to disturb the cultivation of that person. Since the new senior disciple took his post, Yang Chen had never visited him. Clearly this new manager wanted to show his anger and that was the only reason why he would rush to come here so fast at this time to meet him, or maybe he wanted to use Yang Chen as an example to show his strength.    

Yang Chen suddenly thought of something and fished out a thousand year old Profound Yang Fruit from his Achievement Ring. With a  simple slash he divided it into two pieces, the pulp on the inside was bright red, resembling the colour of blood. He took a bite out of the core and began to chew it loudly. Around this time, a man’s silhouette had already appeared at the entrance gate, just in time to look at this action.    

Wang Yuan was Ye Xiu Manor’s newly appointed manager and was also recommended by several Uncle Master of the Luminous Moon Hall, he was going to be responsible for handing out cultivation resources and deciding if the preparatory disciples had met the requirements for becoming outer disciples. The original manager, Shangguan Feng had successfully reached the foundation stage and turned into an inner disciple, so he was chosen to be the next manager of the Ye Xiu Manor according to this logic.    

When the newly appointed manager had arrived, everyone in the Ye Xiu Manor had gone to welcome him. Whether it was the preparatory disciples or the servants, all of them had greeted him, only a few individuals were exceptions. But they were all above the manager and when the manager was taking office, they were all cultivating so it was no wonder that they had neglected him.    

Naturally, a majority of those people had paid a visit to the new manager after their cultivation had ended, this kind of behaviour made manager Wang Yuan quite pleased. However, from his arrival until now, one individual had not appeared before him and that was precisely Yang Chen.    

With regards to Yang Chen, Wang Yuan had a huge headache. This time, Luminous Moon Hall’s Merit Transferring Disciple, Chu Heng had urged him repeatedly to use small tricks on Yang Chen and make sure that he would not be able to reach the first qi layer in these three years and be demoted to a servant. However, his predecessor and foundation stage expert Shangguan Feng had also already met with him and told him that he must treat Yang Chen very well, so that he would not suffer any grievances in any way.    

As soon as he took office, Wang Yuan clearly understood the attention Shangguan Feng paid towards Yang Chen. Not only did he live in the biggest residence, the Profound Pavilion, all by himself with the highest number of servants, he was also provided with the status of a third qi layer disciple. If this was not paying attention, then what was?    

But Wang Yuan quickly realized that the status of a third qi layer disciple was given by Chu Heng for his own benefit. Wang Yuan also quickly gained all of the information about the events how Yang Chen had offended him. Afterwards, Chu Heng wanted to get revenge but also feared that people would speak about his immoral character, so he had no choice but to use this kind of trick.    

But, since he had become aware that Yang Chen had received guidance from Shangguan Feng and had used the trick of ‘testing teachers’ to overcome Chu Heng’s obstructions, Wang Yuan already realized that those hindrances of Chu Heng were virtually non-existent for Yang Chen. Later, if Yang Chen was not stupid, becoming an outer disciple was already within his grasp.    

However, the way he would treat Yang Chen would still depend on how Yang Chen treated him. If Yang Chen was tactful and discreet while facing him, then everything would be fine, but if Yang Chen talked arrogantly, then it would not be a surprise if Wang Yuan used small tricks on him. An eight qi layer master like him, dealing with a preparatory disciple who had not even reached the first qi layer, even if Yang Chen had the support of ten thousand gods behind him it would still not be enough to save him.    

When he received news that Yang Chen had come out, Wang Yuan dashed throughout the whole journey to come there. Just as he was about to enter, he saw a scene which almost caused his soul to fall apart.    

Yang Chen was holding something which absolutely resembled a Profound Yang Fruit, pulling it apart with his hands, he put it into his mouth to eat, with juices still dripping. Wang Yuan didn’t even need to come closer, he could already sense the formidable spirit power accumulated in the peel thrown by Yang Chen.    

“This, this is…………”    

Wang Yuan scuttled forward with a big stride to catch the peel, that was conveniently thrown by Yang Chen in his direction, with his hands. He carefully observed it and determined that this was definitely a Profound Yang Fruit and not just an ordinary one, but a fully developed, thousand year matured Profound Yang Fruit.    

A thousand year old Profound Yang Fruit! Unexpectedly Yang Chen was treating it like it was nothing, pulling it apart with his hands and throwing it into his mouth. At this moment, Wang Yuan’s heart felt even more pain than if he had been cut by someone. What sort of wastrel would think of the eating the Profound Yang Fruit uncooked, and would even throw away its skin after peeling? This thousand year Profound Yang Fruit, if refined into a foundation pill could directly promote someone to the foundation stage and was also able to remove all of the likely and unlikely problems!    

Clasping both of his hands around the pulp of the fruit, Yang Chen still looked like before, with the juices still dripping from his mouth. At this moment Wang Yuan hated Yang Chen so much, he wanted to kick this wastrel from the mountain and see how far he would roll. Wang Yuan caught the two fruit peels and resentfully asked Yang Chen:    

“Do you know what this is?”    

“I don’t know, only it was quite delicious, Ah!”    

Yang Chen replied, seeming disappointed that nothing of the fruit was left. He even extended his tongue to lick his lips, as if trying to get the aftertaste of the sweet pulp of the Profound Yang Fruit.    

“You don’t?”    

Wang Yuan almost roared:    

“Don’t tell me you have not learned about different herbs?”    

“I haven’t learned anything, because nobody would teach me!”    

Yang Chen innocently replied to Wang Yuan. Using a kind of tone which could make people really angry, he leisurely said:    

“If I go to ask other people, they are not able to inform me. Oh wait, who are you?”    

Only then had Wang Yuan remembered his purpose for coming here and at the same time, when he heard Yang Chen’s words, in his heart he secretly became resentful towards Chu Heng for causing hindrances to trap Yang Chen. If it were not for him stopping Yang Chen from learning about different herbs, how could Yang Chen have destroyed this kind of precious herb? If he could have used this foundation pill for himself then he could have easily become an inner disciple!    

“I am Wang Yuan, Ye Xiu Manor’s newly appointed manager.”    

Wang Yuan finally pushed down his anger and told him of his identity. Even if he had not said it, Yang Chen would still have known. In the future this Wang Yuan would also become an inner disciple and he would then rise to become Luminous Moon Hall’s number two.    

“So this is actually the newly appointed manager, I feel so honored by your arrival, so disrespectful of me!”    

Yang Chen hastily cupped his hands, admitting his sin. Then he ordered:    

“Bring, Tea!”    

When Shen Da had finally brought the tea, Yang Chen directly threw the peel towards him and said:    

“Shen Da, put that peel away, don’t embarrass us in front of manager Wang Yuan!”    

Shen Da hesitated for a moment when seeing Wang Yuan’s reluctant expression, before finally letting go of the two fruit peels in his hands. When Shen Da put them on the tray and carried it inside, Yang Chen smilingly said:    

“I found this fruit on the road when I was coming to join the sect, it was nothing special, it just had a delicious taste. If Manager Wang also wants to eat some of this fruit, then give me the permission to go out. I will get some of these tasty fruits for Manager Wang again.”    

Hearing this, Wang Yuan’s eyes opened wide, unexpectedly there were more of this thousand year Profound Yang Fruit?    

Listening to Yang Chen’s tone, not only were there more of these thousand year Profound Yang Fruits, but it also seemed as if Yang Chen had been eating them incessantly. This time, Wang Yuan also understood the reason why Yang Chen’s brute force surpassed disciples at the third qi layer. Ah! Eating the pulp of these thousand years old Profound Yang Fruits, who knew what magical effects it would have?    

Although Shen Da was just a servant, he still had very good common knowledge. When he heard Yang Chen’s instructions, he believed it was some ordinary peel. But after seeing manager Wang Yuan’s broken hearted look, he thought more about it. Looking closely at the two peels, characteristics of different herbs flashed through his mind rapidly and after some time, he finally somewhat determined what this thing was. Although he did not dare to be sure, looking at Wang Yuan’s appearance, the remaining little bit of doubt disappeared.    

Compared with manager Wang Yuan’s appearance, Shen Da’s expression looked even more unbearable. This peel was definitely of the Profound Yang Fruit and this fruit had only been skinned a long time after it had matured, Shen Da lifelessly stood up. Carrying the tray he just stood at the same place, both eyes fixed on the peel, without moving an inch.    

This Profound Yang Fruit’s peel had three tenths of the medicinal power of a Profound Yang Fruit inside, even though it was not enough to manufacture foundation pills, the remaining medicinal power was still more than enough to manufacture a few extremely effective yang qi pills. Using these few yang qi pills, maybe he would be able to get past the third qi layer bottleneck and enter the fourth qi layer.    

Was such a thing really just given to him? Hearing Yang Chen’s opinion, it was obviously so. However, Shen Da did not dare to believe it. His mind went buzzing until he heard Yang Chen’s voice again.    

Ten thousand year Profound Yang Fruits, there were still more! Shen Da’s whole body shook on the spot and he blankly stood rooted to the ground, Wang Yuan was also stunned, not knowing what to say anymore. As for his original intentions for coming here, he had already locked and thrown them far away. What rebellious attitude, what consideration for elder brother Chu Heng’s honor? Where would such a truthful and honest deal for a Ten Thousand Year Profound Yang Fruit be then?    

Even if Wang Yuan was already at the eighth qi layer, he still had to stand up and gasp for breath several times, only then was he able to control his emotions, raising his head to look at Yang Chen he asked:    

“These words, are you really not joking?”    

Both happiness and alarm were spread across his face, yet he did not dare to be really convinced.    

“This is just a fruit, nothing more, getting more of it is not a big deal.”    

Yang Chen was laughing in his heart, but he nevertheless continued expertly:    

“Manager Wang, if you need them, I will again ask you provide me with the permission to set out on a journey. If I did not have the confidence, I would not have dared to promise Manager Wang to get these fruits.”    

After Yang Chen finished speaking, as if he was afraid that Wang Yuan would not trust him, he raised his hand to pledge:    

“After I swear on my heart’s devil, Manager will surely not doubt me anymore, right?”    

Hearing Yang Chen unexpectedly swear on his heart’s devil, Wang Yuan did not have any more doubts. What every cultivator feared most was an abnormal heart, especially this kind of a big oath. In case he made an oath on his heart’s devil and his journey had no results, then the devil in his heart would grow inside of him and his soul would have no more place to go. That’s why ordinary cultivators would generally not dare to swear an oath on their heart’s devil.    

In Yang Chen’s opinion, the value of one Profound Yang Fruit was incomparable, if, in return, this Wang Yuan was able to show as much consideration as Shangguan Feng. Then Yang Chen would be able to spend these days in the Ye Xiu Manor with ease. Also, Yang Chen did not mind giving him one fruit. Perhaps to other people it was quite precious, but Yang Chen had more than several thousands of them on his body and could obviously treat them just as a delicious fruits and nothing more.    

“Good! Younger Disciple Yang, if you have any problems in this Ye Xiu Manor, just find me!”    

Wang Yuan directly put his hand on his chest to pledge:    

“As long as your request is not too excessive, this Wang will not decline it.”    

“Manager Wang, can I ask something? What is this fruit in the end?”    

Yang Chen smiled and somewhat cunningly asked him.    

If Yang Chen had not sworn the oath on his heart’s devil, Wang Yuan could still find some means to keep the Profound Yang Fruit a secret, but now he absolutely could not do so, since the servant, Shen Da, was also present at the moment, so he started explaining:    

“This is a thousand year Profound Yang Fruit, which is used as the main ingredient to manufacture foundation stage pills. If this Wang had that ten thousand year Profound Yang Fruit, I would have been able to reach the foundation stage within the next ten years. Still, many thanks, Younger Disciple Yang, for your generosity!”    

“You are too kind!”    

Yang Chen pleasantly replied. Within his mind, he was already aware that if there was no accident, then as long as this Wang Yuan managed the Ye Xiu Manor, no one would disturb him. Also, under the guise of receiving guidance from Shangguan Feng and Wang Yuan, even if he cultivated rapidly, it would not raise doubt in other people. After all, not everyone could treat a thousand year Profound Yang Fruit as if it were just a fruit to eat.    

Wang Yuan quickly took his leave, but not before he gave some sort of guidance to Yang Chen. Even though he had rushed here in a rage, ultimately when he left, he had a large grin spread across his face. Yang Chen had just used a Profound Yang Fruit to achieve an effortless victory for himself. His initial plan to make a show of strength had instead turned into a joyous occasion.    

Chu Heng’s arrangements no longer had any significance, or at least within the Ye Xiu Manor they had no meaning. The manager had already fallen under Yang Chen and the rest of the people also did not dare to talk rudely to Yang Chen, regardless of Chu Heng’s instructions. Now Yang Chen was above all of the people in the Ye Xiu Manor and could do whatever he wanted.    

It was just that Yang Chen had no time to waste on these pointless affairs. The sooner he rose to the foundation stage, the sooner Yang Chan could pay his respects under his master and the sooner he could plan for a good way to deal with her matters, where did he have time to waste?    

Shen Da had been fortunate to the extreme, after receiving the two peels of the Profound Yang Fruit, he coincidently also found someone among the servants who could concoct basic pills and very low-level yang qi pills, but he could still concoct quite a few of them. Although he could not monopolize both of the peels just gaining one would still be an enormous profit, at least now they could both dream of reaching the fourth layer. Knowing that these benefits had come from Yang Chen and also seeing the behaviour of Wang Yuan towards Yang Chen, he, together with the other servants started serving Yang Chen more obediently to completely satisfy Yang Chen.    

After settling the dispute with manager Wang, Yang Chen once again immersed himself into his crazy cultivation schedule. Since he had the experience and the foundation of the Yang five phases, to simultaneously practice Yin five phases he merely had to spend a month’s time. But he had always failed to grasp the main points of practicing both Yin and Yang five phases simultaneously, so even if Yang Chen had formidable spirit power, he had still only succeeded once in the last three months because of a fluke.    

After the first few tries, Yang Chen understood that to run, he first had to learn how to walk. After that, he tried to seek experience and look for a way and eventually the number of times all five phases Yin and Yang could operate simultaneously increased and the duration also became longer and longer, while at the same time his cultivation became more and more stable. Finally, one and a half year after he had entered the Ye Xiu Manor, he had finally completed the introduction of the Yin and Yang five phases secrets.    

Now Yang Chen could honorably claim to have reached the first qi layer and could also sincerely become a genuine outer disciple of the Pure Yang Palace.    


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