Chapter 14

Chapter 14

0Executioner Also Desire Immortality    

While passing through the fields of Profound Yang Fruit, Yang Chen came across another scene.    

This time no longer were there vast stretches of medicines, but rather just a few medicines, scattered on the side of a mountainous region. This medicinal farm in the center had truly different topological- and weather conditions for different drugs. In short, it was most suited for the growth of drug ingredients.    

These herbs, although they were few in number, just by a glance, Yang Chen could determine, that there were, at least, three six-leaves-ginseng. Although they only revealed the top of their surface so that only six leaves and the roots underneath were visible, Yang Chen using his years of experience could swiftly determine that the ginseng beneath that had, at least, surpassed two thousand years of age.    

At the time when these three ginsengs were transplanted into this medicine garden, they were already thousand year ginsengs. After passing a thousand years more in the medicine garden, these ginsengs already had an almost perfect essence.    

To step into the ranks of the gold pellet sect at foundation stage is a great accomplishment, refining the thousand year ginseng into a nature oil, such an opportunity could increase his chances by at least three times. These three ginsengs were enough for Yang Chen to make three nature pills. At that time, whether it is the teachers or the seniors who desire to breakthrough, all could be used to increase his chances.    

There still were four fleeceflower roots, as well as seven vital, large pieces of lingshi in the remaining piece of land. Not to speak of any other herbs, just these ginseng, rootweed and lingshi were already priceless.    

With a single look at these four thousand year matured fleeceflower roots, Yang Chen immediately recalled zhuyan pills prescription which he obtained from Cheng’e back then. The main drug of which was definitely this fleece flower root. Its maturity in the present year had already well exceeded the requirements, and the medicinal effect was also quite good. Presumably, if only Yang Chen was able to get the zhuyan pill, he could also cultivate frantically like those women.    

Not to mention the lingzhi, even though this drug ingredient is quite common, a lingzhi surpassing two thousand years is still quite rare. In a situation where someone is seriously injured, as long as he has a lingzhi gyokuro pill, even if he is an Yuanying stage expert, all of his internal and external injuries can be treated, with an almost miraculous recovery resembling as if raising someone from dead.    

In another direction, expanding widely in a large area are the wood-decay fungus, seven spirit resin, pseudoginseng, tall gastrodia and female ginseng. Unlike the Profound Yang Fruit fields this area had large discrepancies. Although they were only ordinary drug ingredients, all of them were matured for thousand years. Hence, when any of these herbs will be refined to make pills, their medicinal effects would all be increased by at least several times.    

Any drug which Yang Chen could think of, he was able to find almost all of them here. Thousand years of time, together with the spirit power nourishment can change even the most ordinary plantago into the most outstanding items.    

Yang Chen was stupefied at the sight of such a huge accumulation of wealth. No wonder the sect that discovered this medicine garden in his previous life was able to stand out. Having so many drug ingredients which can be refined to so many high level pills would help the cultivation a large number of experts! Even Yang Chen didn’t need to do anything, just by selling these drug ingredients in an auction house he could become a very rich and influential person.    

Unfortunately for Yang Chen, who had cultivated to the qi layer, even if he desired to concoct pills of immortality it was still not possible. The spirit power even at foundation level is incapable of fulfilling the requirements for concocting pills of immortality, as it is consumed too quickly. At least, until he reached fifth qi layer, he would not be capable of refining most of the simple medicine pills. Facing towards the land filled with herbs, the only thing Yang Chen could do was to eat them like the profound yang fruit and to make of use of his opposite five phases of yin yang together with condensing his own spirit power.    

At that moment, Yang Chen resolved to keep the medicine garden in his hands, admiring its messed up conditions. So many precious natural resources, if really discovered by other people, Yang Chen estimated they would lose their minds. Fortunately, the control over the medicine garden’s clean bottle was already in Yang Chen’s hand. He did not need to be so anxious anymore.    

With his heart set, Yang Chen immediately disappeared through the center of the medicine garden, that clean bottle again appearing in his hands. Just as he was about to set out, his heart was suddenly moved and he raised his hand towards the sky to receive the palace. The large palace began to shrink rapidly, changing into a small lid, able to cover the clean bottle seamlessly, with the lid’s form resembling that of a circular dome.    

The forty nine swords constituting the sword spell incessantly moved on the lid, like tails of forty nine agile fishes. The spell able to kill yuanying stage experts made Yang Chen drool with desire when just looking at it. Unfortunately, his cultivation was too low for this. Let alone the sword spell, even if he was given a flying sword, he could still not use it, so affected by his heart’s greed he could only eye it.    

Luckily all of this was already collected by Yang Chen though at present he could only look at it, but not use it, yet this still made Yang Chen abnormally happy. The clean bottle successfully combined with its lid, forming a pair, as if of heaven and earth, combining the medicine garden together with its defensive sword spell, henceforth looking as if the yang mountain medicine garden had become his own.    

After storing the bottle with its lid, Yang Chen’s silhouette immediately appeared on top of the Yang Mountain. That camouflaged large tree had already disappeared, and Yang Chen was standing still in its original place, holding that clean bottle with its lid in his hands.    

Having been immersed in the vast extent of the medicine garden, he would find it impossible to let go and even now Yang Chen did not dare to believe this large amount of riches together with those natural resources are within his hand. If he had these in his previous life, where even owning a vermillion fruit could be an offence for a low social standing person, he would be attracting series of extreme misfortunes.    

Thinking of this, a picture of his teacher’s beautiful eyes facing death’s door flashed in Yang Chen’s mind again, immediately afterwards, the scene of his teacher handing him his bright sword once again emerged, making Yang Chen feel incredibly warm.    

Bowing his head to look at the clean bottle with its lid in his hand, Yang Chen sensed a kind of feeling coming from the top of the clean bottle, finally confirming for himself, that he owned this wealth, which could make even the most unyielding man in this world feel tempted.    

Calmly storing the clean bottle and its lid in his Achievements Ring, Yang Chen finally felt relaxed in his heart. In mortal kingdoms, it was still not possible for someone to easily steal Yang Chen’s Achievement Ring and walk away, even if it was possible for experts to open others qiankun pouches, but it was impossible for them to see through objects from the heavens. These treasures have already changed their family name to Yang. *(Ed. Note: Changing family name can mean changing ownership in China)    

Thinking of something in his heart, Yang Chen did some actions and a large pile of dried up bones of animals suddenly appeared on the ground next to him, the densely packed bones almost filled the entire mountain forest. As for being discovered by someone, Yang Chen did not care.    

Calculating the time, the day when the sect of his master from his previous life will take disciple was approaching. If he started from here, following this route, he even had the time to return home once, to pay a visit to his parents and afterwards go to the Pure Yang Palace to formally become an apprentice.    

After taking a moment to decide, Yang Chen began to set off. This was a new road of cultivation, totally different from his previous life. The only identical thing was, that Yang Chen could pay his respect to the same master.    

Master, you just wait, I am coming.    

In the recent days, the Yang family manor had been decorated with lanterns and coloured banners and was a festive sight to behold. Be it the Yang family’s lord or be it the villages’ farmers and tenants, everyone had a cheerful look on their face.    

The young master of the Yang family, who had been away from home for six months, had returned two days ago to visit the main hall. The Yang family’s lord and madam were so happy, that they were jumping from joy. In happiness, they bestowed a reward on each and every tenant family. The entire manor had the feel of a great celebration.    

Naturally Yang Chen was unwilling to tell his father and mother about his personal matters, but he still left, at least, fifty kinds of talismans for them. All these talismans were upgraded by Yang Chen using the Universal Treasure Raising Arts. These talismans could be used for his father’s and mother’s safety. When torn apart, they would immediately attack.    

Certainly, Yang Chen did not forget to warn them repeatedly that in the following period of two years, there would be a rebellion in the country. He had already placed bewildering talismans on more than ten paths coming through the surroundings of the mountainous region. So long as an outsider intruded this area, he would immediately get confused and become disoriented due to the constant illusions and unconsciously leave the path to the manor. At least during this confusion, it is unlikely that anyone would be able to disturb the peaceful life here.    

Although Yang Chen’s bewildering talismans were quite low leveled, after constantly using the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets, their efficacy had a large increase. The leaking of spirit power was very minimal, so even if a Jiedan stage expert passed above it, he would at most see that this was just a piece of overgrown mountain wood. It would be quite unlikely that even he could discover this flourishing manor. Anyway, it could be assumed that for this kind of expert it would be below him to dispose of ordinary people. Thus, the Yang family would naturally be safe.    

In order to take care of his father’s and mother’s health, Yang Chen thought of the best means. This time he is incapable of refining any medicinal pills, but instead he could use the body refining pill given to him by Shi Fairy. Body pills, as the name implies, apart from stimulating people’s spirit roots, can hammer one’s body into shape. A rare product for ordinary people indeed.    

Yang Chen divided the body pill into two for the benefit of his parents. For them to eat the body pill at this age, it was already impossible to arouse their spirit roots, but nevertheless Yang Chen’s parents were already quite robust, due to being nursed by various drugs.    

Yang Chen carefully selected a batch of Profound Yang Fruit’s leaves and figured out a tea recipe to boil it and set it aside as an ordinary tea to be used by his parents. Profound Yang Fruit’s leaves contain a small amount of spirit power, suited for the slow absorption by ordinary people. Regularly drinking this kind of tea would increase the longevity of his parents as well as save them from various illnesses.    

After settling down his father and mother, Yang Chen once again departed from his home. After two months, Yang Chen appeared at the gate of the Pure Yang Palace, on Meiqing mountain.    

As he trod the Meiqing mountain on foot, familiar sceneries entered Yang Chen’s eyes, one by one. Along with these familiar scenes, cheerful memories from his previous life also appeared in his mind.    

There were still many days of time left for the Pure Yang Palace to recruit disciples, but the small town below the mountain was already fully packed with the people who had come to try their luck. Originally the population of this small town was only several hundred, but due to the sudden inflow of two thousand youngsters, together with their family members, all accommodations were jam packed.    

Every year the town would have these kind of circumstances, so the people of the small town were not surprised by it anymore, and even treated this time as a way to make some extra income. All houses had guest rooms to rent. As for safety, they didn’t have to care about it, with the Pure Yang Palace to receive disciples in near future, who would dare to infuriate the immortal teachers of the Pure Yang Palace by flouting its laws?    

For hastening his journey so he could rest for the remaining days, apart from the three purities secrets, he didn’t practice any other cultivation methods. Due to his misfortune with the Five Phases Arts, the spirit power in his body had already been suppressed to very low, while his energy had become extremely pure. In this case, even if it was an external disciple, conducting the ordinary disciples tests, he was unlikely to discover any spirit power on Yang Chen’s body. Moreover, Yang Chen was unlikely to meet the chief instructor.    

Amidst everyone’s expectations, the main gate of the Meiqing mountain’s lower monastery finally opened. Rows of ten uniformly dressed disciples appeared one after another. Inside of the monastery, a very small, square-shaped region appeared. A simple entrance test was being held in this square shaped region.    

Within a short moment, three males and three females, a total of six youngsters walked away from the gate and divided themselves into two rows on both each side and began to wait for youngsters to enter the small region in line, to test their spirit root and decide whether to include them as outer monastery disciples.    

Yang Chen was in the middle of the line, leisurely waiting for the people ahead of him to enter the monastery. Compared to the surrounding youngsters, Yang Chen was quite calm and not particularly anxious about anything.    

One by one, youngsters proceeded to test their spirit root. If someone was suitable, his name was immediately announced to become an outer disciple of the Pure Yang Palace. If he didn’t have the suitable spirit root, then he had to walk through the other side to leave. Ten outer  disciples were taking care of the two thousand youngsters, in perfect order, without even the slightest confusion.    

At last, it was Yang Chen’s turn. Yang Chen took a deep breath, suddenly feeling a little nervous. Then immediately he shook his head. He had already experienced the three disasters and nine tribulations. Feeling anxious for a small spirit root test, he would truly lose all face.    

Suppressing his nervousness, Yang Chen calmly entered the small region. Under the arrangements of the inner disciples, both hands should be pressed on the array to test the spirit root.    

After several breaths, the array began to reveal a blazing colour and at the same time a number appeared. After looking at the array for a moment, the disciple loudly said:    

“Fire spirit root, seventy one.”    

Suddenly several people started commenting:    

“Seventy one, fire spirit root, pretty good aptitude!”    

“Again, someone passed.”    


“What is your name?”    

Within those discussions, a familiar senior, who had looked after Yang Chen in his previous life, loudly asked.    

“Yang Chen!”    

Yang Chen hastily exclaimed his name, so that the experienced senior brother could make out the two words.    

“Yang Chen?”    

That familiar senior read Yang Chen’s name and suddenly his complexion became somewhat strange. He lowered his body a little and produced a piece of talisman jade in his hands. After sweeping it with his soul power, he looked at it one more time and suddenly his face showed surprise. He asked:    

”Are you an executioner?”.    

Yang Chen stared blankly.    

When had he become so famous that even the lower generations of the Pure Yang Palace knew of him being an executioner? Despite being amazed, Yang Chen nodded.    

“I am!”    

Yang Chen replied. As this was not a shameful identity, Yang Chen had not even thought of denying it.    

“In the previous few months, have you killed over a thousand?”    

The senior brother again asked in a breath. These words caused other disciples to cry out in surprise.    

“I did!”    

Since the other party already knew that he was an executioner, they should also know what he had done as an executioner. Yang Chen nevertheless nodded admittingly. Only, in his heart, he was becoming more doubtful. Who was so against him? Could it be the sect teacher of the guy who tried to get rid of him at the Yang mountain?    

“You, an executioner who kills, regardless of any concerns, actually dares to speak lies in order to cultivate? Are you not afraid of the heavens?”    

Suddenly, an exceptionally rude voice came loudly from another side of the room.    


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