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C1646 Trade Fair(2)

C1646 Trade Fair(2)

0The Universe Furnace kept vibrating. A large amount of Mixed Yuan Pills were produced one after another. Soon, all the ingredients were used up.    


Chiang Zhan was in high spirits, and his blood was boiling. He unleashed his powerful Divine Sense to check the ingredients. He discovered that he had refined a total of more than three million Mixed Yuan Pills this time, although this amount was far from enough to satisfy his needs. But enough to solve the problem.    


More than three million Mixed Energy Pills. Each of them could allow a Year Moon Stage warrior to cultivate to the Peak of Tenth Layer. It was imaginable how powerful this was.    


Most importantly, in the pill formula that Pill Saint Heavenly Master taught him... Not only did he have the Mixed Energy Pill, but he also had the Heavenly Will Pill that could help a Peak of Tenth Layer of Year Moon Stage warrior break through to the Heavenly Heart Stage. In other words, Chiang Zhan could create three million Heavenly Heart realm warriors in one go. He believed that this energy was enough to activate the Whole God Hope Advanced Great Array for a few days and nights.    


This was not a speculation out of thin air, but was based on sufficient evidence. After all, back then, Chiang Zhan had used hundreds of Peak of Tenth Layer of Year Moon Stage Chaos and Qiong Qi. Tao Wu, the Taotie Beast, to the First Heavenly Layer of the Heavenly Heart Stage. This allowed the Whole God Hope Advanced Great Array to extend to the time it takes an incense stick to burn, and now there were three million Heavenly Heart Stage warriors. Naturally, they could operate the formation for a long period of time.    


"Myriad Devil True Lord, Ancient Devil True Lord, here are three million Mixed Yuan Pills. You guys can give them to all the Year Moon Stage demon beasts. Mutated Divine Beast, Chaos, Qiong Qi, Tao Wu and Gluttony. As well as the experts of Nine Nether Devil Sect, Myriad Devil Sect, and Ancient Devil Sect, ask them to refine them as soon as possible. Later on, there will be a Rank Three Dao Pill and Heavenly Will Pill that will help you all break through to the Heavenly Heart Stage."    


After Chiang Zhan handed the three million Mixed Yuan Pills to Myriad Devil True Lord and Ancient Devil True Lord, he immediately began explaining the taboo of concocting Heavenly Will Pills to Zhu. After that, he took out the flesh and blood left behind by the Qilin Tyrant Beast and prepared to start concocting the pills.    


However, before he started, Chiang Zhan erased all the marks on the Heavenly Will Law fragments. These Heavenly Will Law fragments were left behind by others. If the original owner's spiritual mark wasn't removed... Even if he could refine the Heaven's Will Pill, it would affect the quality too.    


This was also the reason why Chiang Zhan didn't refine the fragment of the Heavenly Will while he was cultivating. Although it was easy for him to remove the spiritual mark on the fragment with his strength, he couldn't be bothered to waste his time with the Heavenly Will Wood.    


At this moment, Chiang Zhan easily wiped away all the imprints on the Heavenly Will Fragment and threw all kinds of materials into the Universe Furnace. Zhu followed Chiang Zhan's reminder and focused all his attention on refining the Heavenly Will Pill.    


However, refining a Tier 3 Dao Pill this time was far more difficult than refining a Tier 2 Dao Pill, the Mixed Yuan Pill. Putting everything else aside, just the consumption of mental energy and skill alone was not something Zhu could withstand.    


This was not all. After only refining a few hundred cauldrons of Heavenly Will Pills, Zhu started to pant intensely. The aura emitted from his body had become extremely weak. It was obvious that he had reached the point of running out of oil.    


Due to this situation, Chiang Zhan immediately went into battle. Although he did not comprehend the power of all sorts of ordinary Laws, the array formation contained within the Universe Furnace could give birth to the power of all Laws.    


The array formation contained within a Dao Artifact could be activated by the Artifact Spirit, or by its owner. It could also be used by the Spirit Vein.    


As a Tier 3 Dao Artifact, the Universe Furnace contained countless array formations. There were dozens of array formations that could give birth to all sorts of Law energy. This was also to increase the success rate of refining the Dao Artifact.    


After Chiang Zhan refined the Universe Furnace, he could naturally activate all array formations. Moreover, because his own strength was unrivalled, he was far more powerful than Zhu. When he activated the array formation, he reached the pinnacle.    


A few hours later.    


All the ingredients for refining the Medicine Pill had turned into Heavenly Will Pills, golden red Medicine Pill. The size of a fist, the brilliance was magnificent and dazzling, like the stars and the sun. They continuously emitted the power of the Heavenly Will Laws, as if a great storm was rolling up in the ocean. It was vast and surging, and the atmosphere was majestic.    


Chiang Zhan put away all the Heavenly Will Pills and discovered that there were a total of 3.8 million of them. It was more than what he had imagined. It was enough to take all the Year Moon Stage mutated demon beasts. Mutated Divine Beast, Chaos, Qiong Qi, Tao Wu and Gluttonous Beast. As well as the experts of Nine Nether Devil Sect, Myriad Devil Sect, and Ancient Devil Sect to Heavenly Heart Stage.    


Finally, Chiang Zhan had completed his goal. He took a deep breath and handed all the Heavenly Will Pills to Myriad Devil True Lord and Ancient Devil True Lord. After that, he put away the Universe Furnace and rested on the cold jade bed with his eyes closed.    


"Young Hero Chiang, Master sent me to inform you that the trade fair is about to begin."    


Right at this moment, a cold voice was heard. Chiang Zhan opened his eyes immediately and saw a familiar figure. It was black-clothed youth, who had once provoked him.    


"Breaking through nine layers of barrier in just three days. Is he still human?" black-clothed youth's eyes were filled with shock when he saw Chiang Zhan. He couldn't believe his eyes. Three days ago, Chiang Zhan was still at the first level of the Heavenly Heart Stage. But now, he had reached the Peak of Tenth Layer. Such a heaven defying cultivation speed... It was unbelievable.    


Although he was deeply shocked by Chiang Zhan's abnormal cultivation speed, black-clothed youth's heart was filled with hatred when he thought about how he had lost face in front of everyone because of Chiang Zhan.    


"Bring me to the trade fair."    


Sensing a strong killing intent coming from black-clothed youth's body, Chiang Zhan sneered and strode out of the Independent Space with the Cold Jade Bed.    


Although he knew that black-clothed youth held a grudge against him, he didn't care because such a small figure wasn't worth his attention.    


In his heart, black-clothed youth wanted to shred Chiang Zhan into pieces, but on the surface, he didn't dare to act impudently. He silently brought Chiang Zhan through a long spatial corridor, and finally, they arrived at a huge Independent Space.    


Looking around, there were hundreds and thousands of Half-step to God Connecting Stage Experts and true God Connecting Stage Expert gathered in the vast spatial zone. Every one of them was emitting an invincible aura, and they looked down upon everything with disdain.    


With so many experts gathered together, although they didn't deliberately release a powerful force, the terrifying pressure was like the universe, shocking everyone.    


Chiang Zhan was shocked. The trade fair held by heaven had attracted over a thousand Half-step to God Connecting Stage Experts and true God Connecting Stage Expert. Each of these people was stronger than the last. Some of them were emitting auras as deep as the ocean. They were unfathomable, and any one of them was more terrifying than Jin Shengtian.    


There were as many experts as the clouds, and there were as many true experts as the clouds.    


Chiang Zhan swept his eyes across all the experts who were participating in the trade fair. His eyes were filled with anticipation.    


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