Super Student's Three-realms Army

C6865 He Is Better than Everyone else in the World!

C6865 He Is Better than Everyone else in the World!

0"Ying'er, don't blame me for talking too much about this matter!"    


"Think about it, how many years of our girls' youth can be wasted?"    


"It is basically a matter of life and death for us girls to choose our other half. It is fine if we don't look for one, but if we want to look for one, we must look for a dragon among men, the best among the best!"    


Speaking up to this point, Zhao Yingxuan's tone slightly paused, and then she changed the topic.    


"Also, look at your brother-in-law. He is the CEO of Qingyuan International Group, and he is also an inner disciple of the Yuantian Sect. He is a Cultivation Expert."    


"With your brother-in-law having these two identities, not only can he protect me for a lifetime of wealth, he can also protect me for a lifetime of peace."    


"Therefore, only a man with both wealth and power like him is the best partner for us women. There is no one else."    


"On the other hand, what can your boyfriend, Zhang Xiaofann, bring you? Ying'er, think about it carefully."    


"To be honest, how could I, the older sister, not think of this? You pick and choose, but in the end, you picked the wrong person. How could you bring such a boyfriend home?"    


When Zhao Ying'er heard her cousin sister's words to this point, her eyebrows couldn't help but tighten.    


She never thought that her cousin sister would invite her to her boudoir to discuss the matter of her and Zhang Xiaofann's relationship.    


After that, the smile on Zhao Ying'er's face disappeared. She became cold and indifferent.    


"Cousin, I feel that the two of us are like drinking water. We know the cold and the warm."    


"As long as I am happy with Xiaofann, it will be good. No matter if he is the CEO of a company or an inner disciple of a Cultivation Sect, it doesn't matter to me."    


"Over the years, I have been very happy and happy with Xiaofann. I love this man. I, Zhao Ying'er, will never marry him!"    


After saying that, Zhao Ying'er stood up and opened the door.    


"Sister Xuan, I will go and accompany Xiaofann. You can come down after you're done!"    


As soon as she stepped out of the bedroom, Zhao Ying'er turned around and said word by word.    


"Also, who said that my man is worse than my brother-in-law? Ridiculous!"    


"Even if all the young elites in the world were added together, they still can't compare to him!"    


After saying that, Zhao Yingxuan turned around and left, leaving Zhao Ying'er, who was still stunned, standing in place.    


She was stunned for a long time. The corner of her mouth rose, and a trace of ridicule could not help but appear on her face.    


"Ying'er, Ying'er, your thoughts are still too naive and too simple."    


"After all, you have yet to truly enter this society in the ivory tower of the university …"    


At this moment, Zhao Yingxuan had completely treated the words that Zhao Ying'er had just thrown at her as the imaginations of a little girl, especially that last sentence.    


"Even if all the young elites in this world were added together, it would still be inferior to him!" When she said this, Zhao Yingxuan did not take it to heart and directly turned her head to the side as if it was nothing.    


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