Awakening Of The Berserk System

C1343 Heading to the Capital

C1343 Heading to the Capital

0Looking at the wounds on Sunn Jie's body, his entire body was bathed in blood. God knows how much suffering he had experienced in the tunnel. This time, Zhang Tianhao also felt sincere admiration for Sunn Jie's will. Perhaps Sunn Jie was the only Half-step Martial Monarch who passed the test this time.    


"Alright, eat this healing Pill! Looking at your appearance, I reckon that other than your father and me, no one else will recognize you." Zhang Tianhao took out a Jade Spirit Pill and placed it into Sunn Jie's mouth.    


Sunn Jie chuckled as he ate the Jade Spirit Pill and sat cross-legged on the ground to heal his injuries.    


Soon, it was Zhang Tianhao's turn.    


These people made Sunn Jie suffer such a heavy injury. Later, he would blow up these hateful people and then walk out from the other end of the tunnel. Wouldn't that be very cool?    


Just as Zhang Tianhao was imagining whether he should really do that, the white-bearded old man who presided over the examination walked over and said indifferently, "Kid, you can't let my people be damaged!"    


What the hell is this?    


Zhang Tianhao looked at the white-bearded old man with some confusion.    


The white-bearded old man looked at Zhang Tianhao's confused expression and said, "What are you looking at? Just do as I say."    


Zhang Tianhao said to the white-bearded old man resentfully, "Sir, when you were talking about the rules earlier, there didn't seem to be such a rule."    


The white-bearded old man glared at Zhang Tianhao and said, "I didn't say that. It's because they don't have the ability, but you have …"    


Zhang Tianhao was slightly surprised. He looked at the white-bearded old man and thought to himself, "Could it be that this old man can tell that I'm at the Imperial Sovereign Stage?"    


"Kid, do as I say. Otherwise, I will disqualify you …" The white-bearded old man rolled his eyes at him.    


Zhang Tianhao was speechless. Forget it, I'll just use another method!    


Zhang Tianhao walked into the tunnel.    


Immediately, hundreds of powerful auras rushed towards him. They were all Mechanical Men with the cultivation of the Half-step Martial Monarch. With so many Mechanical Men with the cultivation of the half-step Martial Monarch, not to mention the Half-step Martial Monarch, even ordinary Martial Monarchs would feel their scalp going numb.    


Of course, those were ordinary Martial Monarchs. With Zhang Tianhao's cultivation at the Imperial Sovereign Stage, it was naturally not an exception.    


Zhang Tianhao started to use the Wave Soaring Small Step. His entire body turned into a light shadow, like a butterfly entering a flower. Although the Mechanical Men caught his aura at the first moment and crazily rushed towards Zhang Tianhao, they couldn't even touch his hair.    


Zhang Tianhao only used three breaths to reach the other end of the tunnel.    


This speed was quite astonishing. The fastest person had also used a quarter of an incense's time. Compared to Zhang Tianhao, he was simply too weak.    


The white-bearded old man looked at Zhang Tianhao with a little surprise. Although he had guessed that Zhang Tianhao's strength was extraordinary, he didn't expect him to be so strong. Fortunately, he had warned him earlier. Otherwise, his treasures might have been lost.    


"Number 137 has passed," the white-bearded old man announced.    


When Zhang Tianhao returned, Sunn Jie looked much better after taking the Jade Spirit Pill. He looked at Zhang Tianhao and said with a smile, "Although I know that you are very strong, I didn't expect you to pass so quickly. Compared to you, I am ashamed."    


"Alright, you passing this time has also surprised me." Zhang Tianhao patted Sunn Jie's shoulder.    


Sunn Jie said to Zhang Tianhao proudly, "Tianhao, you don't know, but every time I want to give up, I think of what you said to me last time."    


Zhang Tianhao looked at Sunn Jie curiously and asked, "What did you say?"    


Sunn Jie said to Zhang Tianhao, "That is what you said. From now on, I won't have the chance. You don't know, but the unwillingness in my heart turned into my strength. Then, miraculously, I didn't feel any pain when those people hit me. Then, I passed the trial in a daze."    




Zhang Tianhao gave Sunn Jie a thumbs up. Although Sunn Jie said it lightly, he knew that it was not as simple as he said.    


"Sunless Jie, you should learn from Young Master Zhang. If it wasn't for him, you probably wouldn't have passed the trial yesterday." Sunn Haofeng, who was at the side, said to Sunn Jie.    


Although his tone was filled with blame, his eyes were filled with love.    


"Alright, Young Master Zhang, you and your son can have a chat first. I'll go and talk to the Deacon Lord of the Carefree Sect."    


Sunn Haofeng smiled at Zhang Tianhao and turned around to leave.    


This time, only twenty martial cultivators stood out in the Spirit West City. There were hundreds of geniuses participating, but only twenty of them had the opportunity to go to the capital to participate in the final examination of the Carefree Sect. The ratio of elimination was indeed quite high.    


"Alright, Tianhao, we'll set off to the capital in three days. We'll go together then." Sunn Jie looked at Zhang Tianhao and said.    


"Could it be that the City Lord Mansion has sent someone to pick us up?" Zhang Tianhao looked at Sunn Jie and asked curiously.    


Sunn Jie shook his head and said, "That's not it. This time, we can form a team and go alone, but we don't have an official organization."    


Zhang Tianhao heard this and laughed mockingly, "What? Is this also a kind of test?"    


Sunn Jie smiled at Zhang Tianhao and said, "Mr. Tianhao, you're so smart. That's right, this is also a kind of test. Because the distance from here to the capital is more than ten thousand miles. The journey is filled with unknown dangers. However, we must reach the capital within a month, or we will be disqualified."    


"Hmm, I understand." Zhang Tianhao nodded.    


Three days later, Sunn Jie found Zhang Tianhao and looked at his carefree appearance. Sunn Jie shook his head and said speechlessly, "Young Master Zhang, you're too heartless. We're going to the capital to participate in the final examination, but you look like nothing has happened."    


Zhang Tianhao looked at himself and did not feel anything wrong. He said to Sunn Jie in a puzzled tone, "What else do you want me to do? Do you want me to kowtow and burn incense at home to pray?"    


Sunn Jie smiled and said, "Then there's no need. It's just that you don't seem to be nervous at all. I feel a little unhappy. You don't know, after I came back that day, I was in a bad mood. I couldn't sleep every night and was thinking about going to the capital."    


Zhang Tianhao said in a speechless manner, "Then your mental strength is too weak."    


"Who said that? Other than us, the other 18 martial artists who have advanced to the next level should have gone to the capital that day. Unlike us!" Sunn Jie shook his head and said.    


"Eh, didn't you tell me that I had to leave three days later? I thought I could only set off three days later! So it turns out that I can go on the road already?" Zhang Tianhao looked at Sunn Jie and asked.    


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