The Dissolute Evil Doctor

C1310 He must Have Gone Mad with Joy

C1310 He must Have Gone Mad with Joy

0Six Paths of Reincarnation!    


This term appeared in Lin Yi's mind. To be honest, he never thought that his Heavenly Dao Ancient Tree would be able to execute such a move. This really surprised him.    


Little Sapling laughed and said, "I forgot. I told master that when you perfected all the rules of your universe, the Tiantian will evolve once and obtain a lot of stronger power. However, I didn't expect that the Tiantian would awaken the Six Paths Reincarnations ahead of time. I thought you would have to wait until your cultivation base reaches that level!"    


When the Six Paths of Reincarnation was executed, the souls of the Seamless Hell immediately had an outlet to vent their anger.    


Tens of billions of souls! Lin Yi's hair stood on end when he thought about it. This Mosquito Demon was truly brutal to the extreme. Could this be the nature of an evil spirit creature?    


The Mosquito Demon became anxious. Once a large number of vengeful souls were extracted, his Heavenly Dao Ancient Tree would only become weaker and weaker. No matter how much energy he injected into it, it would only be a gift to others.    


He gritted his teeth and made up his mind. A vertical eye suddenly appeared between his brows. A black light shot out from the vertical eye and shot into the strange tree inside the Light Screen.    


After the strange tree was struck by the golden light, its Qi suddenly increased. It actually pulled out its roots from the void and turned into a pair of huge white bones legs. It then rushed towards Lin Yi with big steps.    


Mohao's eyes narrowed slightly, and he said with a smile, "Lin Yi, it seems like your trouble has come. That mosquito beast has gone crazy, and it's here to fight you to the death."    


Lin Yi chuckled and said, "I'm just afraid that he won't go crazy. It's best if he goes crazy. Mohao, since you have the Divine Spirit Strength, what do I have to be afraid of?"    


"Hmph, aren't you afraid that I won't help you?" Mohao said angrily.    


"You won't help me? Very good. Then I will let Taiyi and the others beat you up every day. I will beat you up three times a day for three meals. Anyway, they also like to beat you up, don't they?" Lin Yi said with a smile.    


Mohao's face instantly darkened. He snorted unhappily and said, "Consider yourself ruthless! Let's fight!"    


Of course, Lin Yi was full of confidence. Now he had recovered the situation. Whether it was in terms of quantity or quality, he had suppressed the Mosquito Demon. In this situation, there was nothing to be afraid of!    


But at this moment, he suddenly felt his golden body being attacked. His expression froze, and he immediately unleashed the Divine Spirit Strength. At this moment... It was only at this moment that he realized that there were many tiny mosquitoes in the air that he couldn't see clearly. It was the sneak attack of these mosquitoes!    


"Using poison again? Hehe, their methods are really despicable and childish." Lin Yi sneered and roared towards the sky.    


This roar was condensed by his Divine Spirit Strength and Mohao's powerful divine soul force. These two forces combined and killed all the mosquitoes in the vicinity, leaving no survivors.    


The Heavenly Punishment and the others kept slapping their ears. The loud roar just now had almost deafened them.    


"Kid Lin Yi, can you be a little more casual? What kind of behavior is it when you shout and shout?" The Heavenly Punishment said snappily.    


Lin Yi could not help rolling his eyes at him and said, "Heavenly Punishment Old Man, you'd better look around carefully. I don't need this move. All of you have been poisoned to death by the mosquitoes. All of you retreat to the side of the Heavenly Dao Ancient Tree. Leave that Mosquito Demon to me. If there are too many people, I'm afraid that I might accidentally get hurt."    


Lin Yi threw out these words and immediately rushed out. A thick killing intent burst out from his body, quickly enveloping the strange tree.    


The strange tree was now the Mosquito Demon's clone. The resentment on its body had been completely devoured by the Six Paths Reincarnation. If it wasn't for the Mosquito Demon's power, it would have been a piece of wood at the moment.    


Lin Yi slashed out with his saber. A huge and abnormal saber light slashed towards the strange tree, hitting the body of the strange tree and sending it flying.    


A crack appeared on the strange tree, but it was quickly repaired.    


Lin Yi licked his lips. His blood was boiling. He muttered to himself, "This feeling of killing makes me feel comfortable. It seems like I still can't change my killing intent."    


Lin Yi knew that this was the power of the God Killing Bloodline. No matter what he did, he would not be able to change it.    


The strange tree calmed down after being slashed by Lin Yi. Another face appeared on its trunk. It was the face of an old man. It was full of bumps and hollows, making people feel disgusted when they looked at it. Lin Yi knew that the face was definitely from the Mosquito Demon!    


"A very good smell. It smells very comfortable. If I can suck your blood dry... ___ said. So, little fellow, surrender obediently. If that was the case... At the very least, I can spare your soul and make you my demon slave." The Mosquito Demon's hoarse voice came from the trunk of the tree. Luo Qiuhan, who was standing under the tree, let out a strange laugh.    


"Junior disciple Lin Yi, listen to my master. Surrender now. Do you think you have the upper hand now? Hehe, what a joke! Master only displayed a small portion of his strength, this is just a small portion of his strength. It's not something you can resist. So..."    


"Heaven Seal, Killing God Slash!" Lin Yi said indifferently. He decisively merged the power of Heaven Seal into the Slaughter God's Slash. The target of this slash was very clear. It was Luo Qiuhan's face on the tree trunk.    


Luo Qiuhan's facial expression changed drastically. He was about to ask the strange tree to stop this attack when he realized that he couldn't control this strange tree at all.    


It was normal. Now that the Mosquito Demon had been attached to it, how could he have control over it? Furthermore, the Mosquito Demon didn't seem to want to defend itself at all. Wasn't this just sending him to his death?    


With a loud bang, the blade accurately struck Luo Qiuhan's face. Luo Qiuhan let out a miserable cry and his face was destroyed, leaving only a big hole in the strange tree.    


The strange tree healed very quickly, but Luo Qiuhan's face didn't recover.    


Lin Yi narrowed his eyes and smiled. "It seems that my attack has some effect. At least that annoying guy won't revive. It feels pretty good to be able to clean up the door. "    


"Does it feel good? Lin Yi, do you feel much better now that you have destroyed that face? Actually, I don't like to be in the same body as the other face, so I'm giving you a chance. I'll let you destroy him." The Mosquito Demon said with a strange smile. His words caused Lin Yi's smile to fade.    


The Mosquito Demon gave him a very strange feeling. Could it be that that fellow really had some sort of trick up his sleeve?    


He quickly threw this thought away from his mind. In a battle, if there was even the slightest bit of weakness or weakness, it could lead to a final defeat. His aura was very important. He could not be suppressed by that beast or mosquito.    


He sneered and said, "Since that's the case, shouldn't you give me a chance? Destroy that even more disgusting face of yours? To be honest, I don't think I need to do anything right now. As long as I give you a mirror, I can probably scare you to death. Do you want me to recommend you to have an entire face? I know an acquaintance who can give me a 20% discount, someone like you... They'll probably go crazy with joy when they see you."    


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