Immortal Cultivating Dynasty

C1730 Rescue the Phoenix Ancestor

C1730 Rescue the Phoenix Ancestor

0Yang Xuan walked around the mountain, but he didn't find any signs of Phoenix Ancestor. He walked towards the top of the mountain and shouted as he walked, "Senior, Phoenix Ancestor, where are you?"    


The Beast Clan in the woods was startled by Yang Xuan, and they all looked at him. However, other than the sound of the fire beasts, no one on the island responded to Yang Xuan.    


Yang Xuan walked all the way to the top of the mountain, and only then did he sigh helplessly. Phoenix Ancestor had been locked up by Di Shitian for so many years, but he still couldn't escape. This could only mean that the formation used to lock Phoenix Ancestor up was very tight and well-hidden.    


If that was the case, it would be very troublesome to find Phoenix Ancestor.    


Yang Xuan arrived at the top of the volcano. Steam was coming from the mouth of the volcano. Most of the heat on the Kan Chong Island came from here.    


Yang Xuan kicked a stone into the volcano and said to himself in annoyance, "Such a big island, where can I find it? Instead of being a headless fly here, it was better to ask Di Shitian directly. It's faster like this. "    


Of course, this was only what he said. He definitely wouldn't take it seriously. Yang Xuan sat down around the crater of the volcano. His gaze fell on the entire island and he began to ponder.    


In the illusionary realm brought by the Phoenix Feather, Phoenix Ancestor didn't tell Yang Xuan where to find him. However, since he already knew that Phoenix Ancestor was sealed by the formation, he would have to start with the formation.    


However, on the island, Yang Xuan didn't find any trace of the formation other than the layer of restrictions surrounding the island.    


"Could it be that the formation is underground?" Yang Xuan said and looked around. "No, there's something strange about this island."    


A strange feeling lingered in Yang Xuan's heart, but he couldn't tell what was wrong. Suddenly, he stood up and patted his head. He said loudly, "That's right. Isn't this island called Kandong Island?"    


"The Kan hexagram is the Water hexagram in the Eight Trigrams. Phoenix Ancestor also said that this island is an island with heavy Yin Qi. Why are there so many Fire ferocious beast?"    


"Could it be that these are all Phoenix Ancestor's works?"    


Thinking of this, Yang Xuan finally could not sit still. He walked down the mountain and began searching in the woods.    


Sure enough, after making a mess on the island, Yang Xuan was finally able to confirm that the Beast Clan on this island wasn't a fire element. It was just that the island had been modified by some mysterious force into a fire element.    


Moreover, there was a shadow of the Phoenix Clan in this fire element. In other words, the person who had turned the island into a fire element was none other than Phoenix Ancestor.    


The way they accepted the change seemed to be a strange force that came from taking a stroll on this island. This kind of force... The force filled the entire island, and under Yang Xuan's Heavenly Eye... He was surprised to find that the source of this energy was the volcano he had left behind earlier.    


Yang Xuan quickly arrived at the mouth of the volcano and looked down.    


In the interior of the volcano, there was boiling magma below, and the Fire Type Spirit Energy was filling the entire volcano. But other than that, Yang Xuan didn't find any trace of Phoenix Ancestor.    


Right at this moment, a strong force came from his waist. Yang Xuan lost his balance and almost fell down. He swayed his body a few times before he regained his balance. When he turned around, he saw a monkey covered in flames behind him.    


Yang Xuan wanted to get angry, but at this moment, he caught a glimpse of something falling into the volcano from the corner of his eye. He took a closer look and saw that it was a small stone. However, this small stone made Yang Xuan's eyes flash with surprise.    


The small stone fell into the magma and disappeared in an instant. There was no movement, not even a splash.    


This made Yang Xuan alert. He stared at the magma for a while. Finally, he was sure that although the magma was boiling, it was still boiling. * Hong Long...... * Every once in a while, it would become exactly the same again.    


"This is an illusion formation?" Yang Xuan suddenly realized, but to be on the safe side, he still cut off a stone that was as tall as a person from the ground with his palm. He threw it into the magma. The big rock was silently swallowed by the magma, without any movement.    


This time, Yang Xuan was finally sure that this was a rock.    


Thinking of this, he jumped down. However, just as he was about to reach the top of the magma, a bubble burst and a few drops of magma fell on Yang Xuan's palm. Yang Xuan instantly felt a sharp pain.    


He quickly threw away the magma in his hand, and at the place where the magma fell, there were a few obvious scars.    


"This is the real magma pool?" Yang Xuan thought for a while and realized it was a strange spell. Usually, it was just an illusion to reduce the energy consumption of the formation. However, once it was discovered that someone was invading, it would become a trap full of danger.    


The temperature of the ocean of magma in front of him was unbearable even with Yang Xuan's strength. He believed that Di Shitian must have spent a lot of effort to set up this formation.    


However, Yang Xuan didn't worry about it. He had already encountered the same formation before.    


The Spirit Pagoda emerged from his sea of consciousness and stopped in front of Yang Xuan. It began to spin slowly. Yang Xuan stroked the pagoda with his hand and said softly, "My good friend, I'm counting on you."    


As he spoke, his body flashed and entered the Spirit Pagoda. A thick spiritual shield wrapped around the Spirit Pagoda. The Spirit Pagoda spun faster and rushed into the sea of flames.    


Due to the unique spatial magical equipment, the formation couldn't sense Yang Xuan's aura, so it could easily pass through.    


After passing through the illusion realm, the fiery red light emitted by the hot magma also disappeared and was replaced by darkness.    


Yang Xuan came out of the Spirit Pagoda and shivered. He didn't feel anything when he looked outside the Spirit Pagoda, but after leaving the pagoda... A wave of extreme yin and coldness flowed through his skin and entered his meridians.    


Yang Xuan felt that the Spiritual Force in his body had almost stopped moving, and his movements had also slowed down. After becoming a cultivator, this was one of the few situations where Yang Xuan would feel cold.    


A Phoenix Heavenly Fire appeared and wrapped around Yang Xuan, making him feel much better. However, Yang Xuan was stunned for a moment because he didn't use the Spiritual Force just now.    


"Little guy, you finally came." An old voice sounded, filled with excitement. Yang Xuan looked forward and saw a spark in the darkness in front of him.    


The spark burned quickly, and in the end, it turned into a raging flame. A beautiful bird with a crown on its head and a feather on its tail appeared in front of Yang Xuan.    


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