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C1658 Kill Zhang Chun

C1658 Kill Zhang Chun

0"Second Boss, where are you going?"    


At this moment, a voice with a faint smile sounded.    


Zhang Chun's body instantly stiffened, then he turned his head to look. When he saw that it was actually Lin Yi, his facial expression changed instantly. He had seen the strength of the opponent earlier. To put it bluntly, even if there were ten of him attacking at the same time... The two of them weren't on the same level at all.    


"Who exactly are you?"    


Zhang Chun asked while gnashing his teeth in anger. He looked at Lin Yi as if he was looking at his father's murderer. He felt that it was all because of this shameless bastard that his plan today failed.    


Otherwise, First Boss and Xia Yang would have been killed long ago, and Zhang Chun would have been able to dominate the sun and become the supreme leader.    


However, what Zhang Chun didn't know was that even if Lin Yi wasn't here today, even if he could sweep away Xia Yang and the others, he wouldn't be able to become the leader of the group. The Red Viper Martial Arts House had put in so much effort and effort, it wasn't to let a useless idiot like him take advantage of them.    


Of course, just like what a great man had said, it was a pity that there were no 'ifs' in this world. Because of Lin Yi's participation, all these ideas weren't valid. As for Zhang Chun, he was destined to be unlucky today.    


"You don't need to know who I am because the person who is about to die doesn't need to know who I am. You just need to know that today is the day you die."    


Lin Yi said in a flat tone.    


Just like what Xia Yang had said, this Zhang Chun was indeed an idiot. If he secretly slipped away when he saw the experts of Red Viper Martial Arts House leaving, perhaps Lin Yi really wouldn't be able to find him. But now that he found out that the outcome of the battle had been decided, he thought of escaping. Wasn't it a little too late?    


"You dare to kill me? Do you know who I am?"    


Zhang Chun's expression was very ferocious, "I am one of the higher ups of Red Viper Martial Arts House. It was House Master who sent me here. If you dare to kill me, you are going against House Master. You are going against House Master. Do you know the consequences of doing so? We, House Master, are high and mighty, and we are one of the most powerful people in Azure Dragon City. If you offend him, you will die for sure."    


"I know who you are, you are one of them... until now, I thought that I wouldn't dare to kill you, but now, I still think that the name of Red Viper Martial Arts House is enough to save your life."    


Lin Yi shook his head and said in a flat tone, "You are right about one thing. Looking at the entire Azure Dragon City, House Master could be considered one of the most powerful people in Red Viper Martial Arts House, but unfortunately... In my eyes, it is just a normal situation. "    


After that, Lin Yi didn't bother to chat with Zhang Chun. He glanced at the three ghosts, then turned around and left.    


If it was an expert, Lin Yi would think more highly of them. If they were ambitious schemers, Lin Yi might take a few more glances at them. However, if it was someone like Zhang Chun who had neither strength nor brains... However, Lin Yi wouldn't put them in his eyes.    


"Hehe, Second Boss, long time no see. I never thought that the last time we met was for cooperation, but this time, we are going to be at loggerheads. Speaking of which, I really feel a little emotional."    


The three ghosts chuckled and said shamelessly.    


"Three Ghosts of Hong Sect, we agreed to cooperate. Why do you want to rely on that kid? What benefits can he give you? How can he be worth it?"    


Zhang Chun couldn't figure out what benefits Lin Yi had given the Three Ghosts of Hong Sect. How could it cause these three men to betray him and cooperate with him?    


"He is the only one who can let us live."    


The three ghosts said in a flat tone.    


Under such circumstances, they had no other choice. They could either listen to Lin Yi and respectfully become his servants. Or they would become one of the resentful souls in hell. With such a choice, as long as one wasn't a fool, they would know how to choose.    


Furthermore, Three Ghosts of Hong Sect had also seen hope from Lin Yi. The reason why the three of them had betrayed the Hong Sect was because they had many secrets, but it wasn't something that outsiders could know about.    


"In a place like Azure Dragon City, the strong are the ones who deserve to be followed. Only by following the strong can one have a way out, and only then can one be above everyone else. It's not that you don't understand this rule, Second Boss."    


The three ghosts smiled coldly, making Zhang Chun speechless.    


Of course, he understood. Back then, it was precisely for the sake of climbing up. That was why he came out of Red Viper Martial Arts House and became Second Boss in the Fiery Sun. His goal was to one day gain complete control of the Sun, and then be able to gain a high position in the Red Viper Martial Arts House.    


"Second Boss, don't blame me. Don't worry, I will collect your corpse. After all, we have known each other for a long time."    


The three ghosts sighed. Right at this moment, Zhang Chun was the first to turn around and escape. However, he saw that the three ghosts were not in a hurry. They attacked with lightning speed and stabbed their opponent's chest with the short knife in their hands.    


"No matter what, I'm still a first-rate expert. If you can escape so easily, what am I supposed to do? I might as well just kill myself with a headbutt."    


The three ghosts sneered, then they went forward and stabbed their opponent a few more times. In order to prevent this fellow from not dying completely, they waved their hands. They asked one of their underlings to come over and clean up the corpse, and even emphasized one more thing: Let the other party bury it properly.    


After the battle, the overall strength of the Fiery Sun had indeed suffered a great loss. However, it was fortunate that Lin Yi had intervened, forcing the experts of Red Viper Martial Arts House to retreat without fighting. Adding on the fact that Xia Yang and the Great Elder had recovered the strength of their top experts, they were able to defeat and kill the people of Second Boss's bloodline with an overwhelming advantage.    


After the war ended, Han Qing and the others started to clean up the mess. As for Lin Yi, he entered a tall building and went into seclusion at the first possible moment. He also informed everyone that no one was allowed to disturb him.    


Lin Yi had established an absolute prestige in this war. Furthermore, the latter was now the true controller of the backstage. Therefore, even Xia Yang and the Great Elder had to follow his orders in the face of his prohibition.    


In the room, Lin Yi was cultivating with his legs crossed. He was holding a purple-green pebble in his hand, which was very smooth. The color was quite strange. As Lin Yi exerted force in his palm, this purple and green pebble also strangely burst out with light. It followed Lin Yi's arm and slowly entered his body.    




Lin Yi exhaled a breath of turbid air and immediately opened his eyes. He looked at the pebble in his hand. A trace of fanaticism flashed across his eyes, "This is the power of the soul. It's worthy of being a treasure that countless experts in the ancient era fought over. Merely an hour of cultivation is equivalent to half a month of bitter cultivation. It's truly unbelievable. "    


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