Peerless War God

C4587 Again!

C4587 Again!

0The Third Prince glanced at Li Qian and did not waste any more words. Right now, the important matter was more important.    


He took out a green talisman and held it in his hand. He quickly stuck it all over his body. This was the Divine Speed Talisman, which could increase his own speed by a large amount. At the same time, his left hand was tightly holding a Teleportation Talisman, ready to use it at any time.    


When Li Qian saw this, he followed suit and did the same thing.    


Then, the Third Prince took out a fiery red talisman and held it in his hand with a cold face. "Since you want to do it, then do it big."    


Li Qian was startled, "This is a Fire Dragon Talisman, an offensive talisman. If it is used, the sound will be extremely loud, and it will definitely attract all the Wind Bats over. Third Brother, are you crazy?"    


The Third Prince chuckled and said, "Don't worry, I have confidence in Chen Xiao. He won't just sit by and do nothing."    


"What do you mean?" Li Qian was confused.    


The Third Prince was too lazy to explain anything. He glanced at Li Qian and said, "We're going to attack."    


Li Qian's face sank, and he nodded. Since he was going to do it, he could not hesitate. He had to be straightforward.    




Immediately, the Third Prince waved his hand and removed the barrier. His right hand began to cast a spell. The Fire Dragon Talisman was instantly activated, and a dragon roar was emitted. A fire dragon that was nearly ten thousand feet long pounced towards the Wind Bats not far away.    


In an instant, the entire Wind Bat crowd was alarmed, and they let out ear-piercing and unpleasant cries.    


The Third Prince looked uncomfortable as he endured the sound wave attack. He said angrily, "What a nasty sound! Die!"    


The Fire Dragon Talisman danced and swept across. Hundreds of low-level Wind Bats were burned to ashes. Some of the Wind Bats in the Tribulation Transcender Realm were not spared.    




"Roar! Roar!"    


Suddenly, the entire flock of Wind Bats was enraged. They gathered from all directions and pounced towards the Fire Dragon Talisman.    


Li Qian became anxious when he saw this. "Not good, they are all coming over. Your Fire Dragon Talisman is going to be finished."    


The Third Prince was not anxious at all. He said indifferently, "It's just right for me to explode."    


In the air, thousands of Wind Bats turned into a sea of darkness and surged towards the Fire Dragon Talisman. However, at this moment, the Fire Dragon Talisman self-destructed.    




With a loud sound, the blazing flames rolled over and engulfed the entire sky. Thousands of Wind Bats were enveloped within. The smell of roasted meat wafted through the air, and the charred corpses of the Wind Bats fell like raindrops.    


With just this strike, over a thousand Wind Bats died under the explosion of the Fire Dragon Talisman.    


It could be said that the Third Prince had put in a lot of effort to complete the mission that Chen Xiao had given him.    


Seeing this, the two immortal-level Wind Bats who had been quietly lying on the peak of the mountain and resting with their eyes closed opened their eyes. They were blood-red and angry.    


"Roar ~"    


One of the immortal-level Wind Bats opened its mouth and let out a shocking sound wave. It was sharp and terrifying.    


Instantly, the countless Wind Bats in the air seemed to have received an order. They pounced toward the Third Prince and Li Qian in an orderly fashion.    


Obviously, this immortal-level Wind Bat was the one commanding the entire flock of Wind Bats.    


“Oh no, we’ve been discovered.” The Third Prince was shocked as he looked at Li Qian.    


Li Qian chuckled when he saw this. He had a proud look on his face as a green talisman treasure flew toward the countless Wind Bats.    


“Wind Cut Hell, explode~”    


Li Qian was furious. The green talisman treasure in the air immediately shot out a brilliant green glow that exploded.    


In an instant, countless Wind Blades shot out, covering an area of more than 3,000 feet. It was like hell. All the Wind Bats that were affected were sliced into countless pieces as they fell toward the ground.    


A rain of flesh and blood fell from the sky. The scene was extremely horrifying.    


The Third Prince’s eyes widened. He was shocked as he said, “You’re quite capable. Let’s go.”    


The Divine Speed Talisman on his body was activated, causing his speed to increase by two to three times. He fled quickly, escaping from this dangerous place.    


Li Qian did not dare to be careless. He did not even have time to check the results of his attack. He hurriedly followed.    


At this moment, escaping was of utmost importance. One could imagine how furious the Wind Bats that were ambushed by the two of them would be. They would chase after the two of them.    




"Quack! Quack!"    


As expected, the flock of wind bats became enraged. Their eyes turned bloodshot as they chased after the two of them. They saw a dense flock of wind bats covering the sky, and there were tens of thousands of them, chasing after the two of them.    


Not far away, behind a concealed rock, Chen Xiao glanced at Tang Yan, who was standing at the side, and couldn't help but say, "Tsk, such a big commotion. You did well to create such a big commotion."    


In his heart, he couldn't help but think highly of the Third Prince and the Second Prince. They were indeed from the royal family. At such a critical moment, they still wouldn't fall short.    


However, Tang Yan's face darkened, and he looked at the mountain peak of the wind bat nest with a gloomy expression.    


"Despite such a big commotion, we still didn't lure away these two immortal-level wind bats. Heh, it seems that these two beasts have some intelligence. We have to be more careful."    


"Yeah, these two immortal-level wind bats are quite careful. The one that was a little bigger just now roared. It should be the one that is commanding the entire flock of wind bats."    


Chen Xiao agreed.    


Seeing this, Tang Yan became a little impatient and said, "Although most of the wind bats have been lured away, the two of them probably won't be able to hold on for long. There isn't much time left for us. What should we do? Do we force our way through? Kill these two wind bats to get the Wind Stone?"    


Chen Xiao thought for a moment and said, "How about we use the same trick again?"    


"Oh, what do you mean?"    


"It's very simple. Since the Third Prince and the Second Prince are unable to lure away these two immortal-level wind bats, they must think that the threat is not enough. If we take action and lure away one of the immortal-level wind bats, then we can join hands and break them one by one. Then, we will have a chance."    


Chen Xiao said in a deep voice, revealing his plan.    


"Good idea. Who will go and lure it away? You?" Tang Yan squinted his eyes and looked at Chen Xiao.    


Chen Xiao smiled faintly. "I will go."    


He had the Teleportation Divine Ability and the Tower of Void to protect him. He was not afraid of facing an immortal-level wind bat. It was perfect for him to be in charge of luring away one of the immortal-level wind bats.    


Tang Yan looked at him deeply and said, "Alright, I will attack from behind and help you get it."    


"Yes." Chen Xiao nodded and did not say anything else.    


This kind of old trick, if he used it again against a cultivator, there might be some flaws. However, the opponent was only a wind bat, a beast. It was not intelligent, so it would most likely not be able to react in time.    


Thinking of this, Chen Xiao held the Shadow Bearing Sword and rushed out, pouncing towards the wind bat nest. The immortal-level aura on his body was not concealed at all, and he released it without holding back.    




The sudden strong aura caused the two immortal-level wind bats on the mountain to immediately raise their heads and stare at him with vigilance.    


In the air, the other low-level wind bats that were roaming around also paused for a moment, and then they pounced towards Chen Xiao with astonishing auras.    


"Heh, you came at the right time."    


Chen Xiao smiled and raised the Shadow Bearing Sword in his hand.    




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