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C2442 CHAPTER2442

C2442 CHAPTER2442

0"Zhang Xue Er, why are you talking nonsense with these two guys!"    


At this moment, another burly man with an impatient expression walked out of the small town.    


He stared at Peter Parker with a face full of killing intent. "Kid, let's see if you can easily take out a thousand yuan stones. You must be worth a lot. Hand over all your valuables. I might consider sparing your lives. "    


A thousand Primary Stones was not a small amount to the Nascent Soul Stage cultivators.    


These two Golden Core cultivators could easily take it out, so they were obviously very rich.    


With these two fat sheep taking the initiative to deliver it in front of them, how could they easily miss it?    




The corner of Peter Parker's mouth could not help but curve slightly. "Looking at your stance, do you want to rob us?"    


The burly man grinned and said, "People like us who live in the Silent Blood Plains make a living through this kind of shady business. Unfortunately, you seem to know a little too late now."    


" Originally I only came to ask for directions and did not want to cause any more trouble, but you all insisted on taking the initiative to deliver yourself to me "    


Peter Parker shook his head and then said indifferently to the Bloody Massacre Path, "Since they insisted on courting death, you should satisfy their wishes."    


"Yes, Master."    


Xue Qiansha said and took a step forward from behind Peter Parker.    


When he saw that Xue Qiansha was about to attack, the burly man's face turned cold. Without further ado, the sharp blade in his hand carried a ferocious True Yuan fluctuation as it slashed towards Xue Qianshan.    




His body instantly turned from extremely fast to motionless the moment the blade was slashed out. After which, his entire body fell into a pool of blood with a 'plop' sound. There was no longer any movement.    


"How... How is this possible?"    


The blood clothed man from earlier immediately stiffened on the spot when he saw this strange scene in front of him. He looked as though he had seen a ghost.    


One must know.    


The tall and sturdy man was a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator that was even stronger than him.    


The blood-red-clothed man had never expected this.    


With the burly man's cultivation base, facing this fellow whose aura was only at the Golden Core stage, he had unexpectedly died just like that.    


Could it be...    


These two people in front of him were Golden Core geniuses from Immortal sects and possessed the terrifying ability to kill Nascent Soul cultivators?    


The blood robed man was instantly terrified.    


How could he dare to stay any longer? He turned around and was about to escape into the small town.    




However, before the man in blood-red clothes could do anything, a bloody light pierced through his chest, leaving a huge hole in his body.    


The blood red-clothed man instantly had a face of despair and terror. He could only watch helplessly as his life continued to flow away. Finally, everything before his eyes turned black, and he directly fell down.    


"Master, are you going to slaughter this small town in front of you?"    


After casually taking care of the two people in the blood-red-clothed man's group, Xue Qiansha's eyes, which were suffused with a cold bloody glow, could not help but look towards the inside of the small town.    


Xue Qiansha was born in Danilo Lujan Sect. Later, he mingled in the universe and became a space pirate. Naturally, he wasn't a kind person.    


"Forget it, let's go."    


Peter Parker shook his head. Then, he prepared to continue heading towards the direction of Qing Yuan Heaven Domain.    


"Friends, wait."    


At this moment, a slightly fat figure suddenly walked out of the town and looked at Peter Parker and his friend with a smile on his face.    


Peter Parker glanced sideways at this strange fatty and raised his eyebrows slightly. "What do you want?"    


The fat man in front of him looked ordinary on the surface, but his cultivation level was not low at all. He had already reached the peak of the Dao Integration Stage and was only a step away from the Tribulation Stage.    


In this small town of Gold Core and Nascent Soul cultivators, such a Dao Integration Stage cultivator suddenly appeared.    


It was obvious that the fat man in front of him did not have a simple identity.    


"Young friend, I heard that you're heading to the Qing Yuan Heaven Domain."    


The fatty said with a smile, "Although this place is not far from the Qing Yuan Realm, the environment is extremely harsh. Sometimes, there will even be bloodthirsty storms. It is not easy to get out of here."    


Peter Parker said faintly, "I don't think you are just here to remind us, right? Please tell us what you want to know. "    


"Since little friend has already guessed it, then I won't beat around the bush with you."    


The fatty didn't waste any time and directly said: "I am Xu Fei of the Green Essence Chamber of Commerce, you can also call me Fatty Xu. If you want to go to the Qing-Yun Realm, you can come with my team. As a reward for taking you to the Green Essence Heavenly Realm, you only need to go when my team is in trouble. That will do."    


This fatty is actually a member of the Qing Yuan Chamber of Commerce?    


Peter Parker's eyes involuntarily revealed a stunned expression when he heard the fatty's words.    


The Green Essence Trading Company was a renowned trading company in the Shattering Immortal Universe. Behind it was one of the ten great immortal sects, the Green Essence Sect.    


It was said that the auction of the Green Yuan Horizon Region was held in the Green Yuan Merchant Guild. Even the legendary Tribulation Transformation Pill would appear in the auction held by the Green Yuan Merchant Guild.    


Peter Parker obviously didn't expect that he would meet the people of the Green Yuan Merchant Guild in the Silent Blood Heavenly Domain.    


"Alright, thank you for your help."    


Peter Parker nodded without hesitation and agreed to travel with Xu Fei's team.    


Although Xue Qiansha came from Danilo Lujan's Heavenly Domain, he had been cultivating in Danilo Lujan's sect all year round, so he didn't know much about the Silent Blood Heavenly Domain, let alone Qing Yuan's Heavenly Domain, which was adjacent to the Silent Blood Heavenly Domain.    


Now that he had met the team of the Green Yuan Merchant Guild, how could he refuse?    


His purpose of going to the Qing Yuan Heaven Domain was to go to the Green Yuan Chamber of Commerce to participate in the auction and try to obtain the legendary Tribulation Transformation Pill.    


If he went with the group from the Qing Yuan Chamber of Commerce, it would undoubtedly save him a lot of unnecessary trouble.    


"You're too kind, little friend."    


Seeing Peter Parker nod his head in agreement, Xu Fei could not help but let out a sigh of relief.    


The things he had obtained from the Silent Blood Plains were extremely important to the Green Yuan Merchant Guild.    


Xu Fei even had a premonition that they might encounter some very troublesome problems in the future.    


Although the two people in front of him looked like they were only at the Golden Core stage, Xu Fei was certain that the strength of these two people was far beyond that.    


Even with his cultivation at the peak of the Dao Integration Stage, he was utterly unable to see through the depths of these two people. He could even faintly sense an extremely dangerous aura from these two people.    


Xu Fei had only sensed such a dangerous aura from some Tribulation Passing Stage cultivators before.    


If he could obtain the assistance of these two people, their following journey would undoubtedly be much smoother.    


Although traveling with two strangers was also a bit risky, Xu Fei couldn't care less about it.    


After the two finished their discussion.    


Xu Fei didn't stay in the town for long. He directly led the caravan and Peter Parker towards the direction of the Qing Yuan Realm.    


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