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C1688 Heavy Damage to the Enemy Fleet(1)

C1688 Heavy Damage to the Enemy Fleet(1)

0Jin Minying looked at the crystal clear Imperial Ruler's Seal under the light and tentatively reached out to touch it. The coldness in her hand made her cry out in excitement, "It's true, it's true! Fann Binn, I'm not dead, and you're not dead either. We've succeeded! We've finally gotten the Imperial Jade Seal!"    


" Yes, Minying, this time you can return to C Nation to report. You can also live safely and continue to stay in H Country. Be with me! " Fann Binn hugged her slender waist and said excitedly, "Minying, my woman, come home with me, alright?"    


Jin Minying happily nodded her head and her pink lips directly touched Fann Binn's lips at this moment. She firmly and forcefully kissed him! Fann Binn quickly took the initiative and kissed with her, unable to extricate himself!    


At this time, the captain and the sniper smiled foolishly at each other. They consciously turned around to avoid seeing something they shouldn't have seen. The success of this operation was indeed not easy. They had sacrificed too many of their comrades. They had barely managed to survive. At this moment, the two of them could not help but sigh.    


If it wasn't for Fann Binn's determination and his unparalleled luck, perhaps the two of them would have already become a pile of corpses and sunk into the ocean.    


"Hu... Hu..." No one knew how long this kiss lasted. When the two of them separated, Jin Minying's face was flushed red as she gasped for breath. Her hands drew Fann Binn's neck. She was still very happy and said happily, "Fann Binn, thank you for letting me regain my freedom. I have to thank you even more for helping me obtain the Imperial Ruler's Seal. I can finally take the national treasure and return to C Nation to report. I believe that my dad will be very happy to know about this."    


"What are you thanking me for? You're my woman. I saved you. It's my responsibility to help you get what you want. That's what I should do, no need to thank me " Fann Binn smiled and said," If it wasn't for the fact that time is pressing, I really want to kiss you properly. "    


Jin Minying smiled happily and shyly. She looked extremely shy and pretty. Fann Binn felt a little itchy when he saw her. Of course, he also knew in his heart that now was not the time to celebrate victory and let his imagination run wild. The task at hand was to leave the Sejong the Great safely.    


"Boss, boss? Please answer when you hear me!" Just as Fann Binn restrained himself and was about to leave with his subordinates and Jin Minying, the walkie-talkie on his waist suddenly rang.    


Fann Binn immediately knew that it was Faang Xiang's voice. He could not help grinning at the walkie-talkie. "Old Fang, I'm listening. What instructions do you have? Hehe, I have good news for you. The Imperial Ruler's Seal is in your hands. Our thunderous operation has been completed. "    


"Is that so? That would be great. I was just about to tell you that the enemy seemed to have discovered that something was wrong with the Sejong the Great. They have already used the searchlights to signal us to inquire. I have already instructed my subordinates to deal with the formation. However, I don't know if some of the hidden messages were right or not, but there was no news after that. Two warships seem to have started moving towards us. I think we might be exposed. We have to leave this place immediately."    


Faang Xiang's voice came from the walkie-talkie. He sounded a little anxious. "Boss, since we have obtained the Imperial Ruler's Seal, we have achieved our objective. Let's hurry up and leave. If we are really surrounded after we are discovered later, it will be troublesome to retreat. "    


When Fann Binn heard that, he immediately nodded and said," Alright, then let's retreat according to the original plan. We will deal with these guys after we return to the submarine. Faang Xiang, take your people and retreat first. I'll also rush over to meet up with you guys. Don't worry, the Imperial Ruler's Seal is already in our hands. There's no point for us to stay here anymore."    


"Alright, then we will meet up at the place where we climbed up the ship. I'll wait for you there, boss!" Faang Xiang, who was in the walkie-talkie, stopped talking after he finished speaking. Fann Binn looked at the three people next to him and said. "There's no time to lose. Let's leave this place as soon as possible and stay here. Naturally, it is more dangerous. We can only wait for our submarine. That will truly be safe. "    


"A submarine? You guys... Did you come in a submarine? "Jin Minying was obviously surprised and said to Fann Binn," Fann Binn, where did this submarine come from? Could it be from the H Country's military? "    


"No, I can't use the H Country military." Fann Binn smiled at Jin Minying and said, "The submarine is mine. These subordinates are all my warriors. You should know that I have the military enterprise of Soaring Dragon Group, right? This submarine was secretly made by this company. It can be considered as a weapon and equipment specially provided for my army. Your father should have told you about the Dragonthorn Squad, right? The Dragonthorn is my army. It also has a secret base in C Country."    


" I know about the Dragonthorn Squad, but I didn't expect that this army could even own a large scale weapon like a submarine. " Jin Minying indeed felt that it was inconceivable, but she quickly understood. " But that's also true. If it wasn't for the submarine, how would you dare to seize treasures in this ocean? I didn't understand how you guys got here, but now I finally understand. "    


" Princess, there are still many things you don't know, with our boss here. What kind of advanced equipment can't you get? " The captain at the side proudly said, "Not to mention a submarine. We even have an invisible transport. Combat helicopters and other heavy weapons are all equipped, this is nothing "    


"Alright, if you have anything to say, go back and say it. You two be careful. Protect Minying's safety. Let's leave this place together. The sooner, the better. " Fann Binn held the precious case that was stored in the Imperial Ruler's Seal and quickly returned to the original path he came from. At this time, the captain and the sniper were on each side, following Fann Binn closely. Jin Minying was protected in the middle of the three people. This way, she would not be hurt by any unexpected situations.    


A group of people quickly walked out of the engine room and along the corridor of the cabin. They walked towards the outer area of the warship at the fastest speed. Along the way, they occasionally ran into enemies who missed their orders and easily disposed of them. As the navy soldiers and the warriors of Special Forces had almost been wiped out, this warship seemed especially empty. After Fann Binn and Faang Xiang left with the Dragonthorn's warriors, this place would become a ghost warship with almost no one there.    


When Fann Binn walked out of the warship cabin and came to the corridor outside the warship, ... He found Faang Xiang and his men waiting for him by the railing. At this moment, Faang Xiang naturally saw him. He couldn't help but run over. He said with slight excitement, "Boss, did you find the Imperial Jade Seal?"    


"Yes, I did." Fann Binn patted the box in his arms and said with a bitter smile, "In order to get this thing, I almost lost my life. Finally, I did not fail my mission. This mission was carried out perfectly. It was also done very well. Let's go, leave this warship. Right. You can withdraw from the bridge. Can the warship still move normally? After all, we haven't really returned to the submarine, so we're not really safe."    


" Don't worry, boss. This Sejong the Great is far more advanced than we imagined. This warship has an automated operating system, it just set the target properly. The computer will be able to control this warship and drive it all the way to the destination. We don't need to worry about that at all "    


Faang Xiang looked at the bright spot in the darkness in the distance and replied," When we left just now, the radar showed that the two warships on the right are gradually approaching us. We need to speed up and leave. When they arrive nearby and send the marines to investigate, we will be exposed before we leave. "    


" Mm, go back to the submarine as soon as possible, and start cleaning them up " Fann Binn nodded and said, "For this operation, how can we not take revenge for our dead brothers?"    


Faang Xiang showed a look of agreement. He waved his hand and started to instruct his men to climb up the rope that they had climbed up to the ship. They started to climb down to the bottom of the ship. The submersible drivers who had been contacted earlier had all surfaced the submersible that was originally fixed under the ship's hull, quietly waiting for their return.    


Warriors from the Dragonthorn followed the rope and fell into the submersible. They crawled into the dark shell of the submersible. Jin Minying's body was weak to begin with, so Fann Binn simply hugged her and landed in the submersible. Jin Minying was very curious about this high-tech product that she had never seen before. Her beautiful eyes kept looking at the incomparably narrow space within the submersible, and she could not help but ask curiously. "Fann Binn, this is the submarine you mentioned?"    


"Do you think it's possible?" Fann Binn smiled and shook his head. "Of course not. This is the invisible submersible, which is convenient to ride when moving. Could it be that you really let the submarine surface to pick us up? I'm afraid that once the submarine is exposed, the H Nation's fleet will have to launch all the torpedoes. Therefore, we need to use small submersible to enter and exit the submarine hidden in the deep water to avoid being discovered by the fleet."    


" Oh." Jin Minying finally reacted and stuck out her tongue in embarrassment. Regarding the contest between weapons, she clearly did not have any concept in her heart. Warships and submarines were life and death enemies. Once the submarines were exposed, before this, it was the opposite. Battleships that sailed on the surface of the ocean were the prey of submarines hidden deep in the ocean.    


After everyone boarded the submersible, Faang Xiang issued the order to return to the submarine. All the submersible immediately hid in the deep sea, not far away from the fleet. The hidden submarine in the depths of the sea pushed forward at high speed. The concealed submarine had always maintained a close connection with the submersible. So when the submersible advanced towards it, the gigantic submarine deep within the ocean was also quietly heading in this direction.    


Not long after, the submersible was received by the black submarine one by one. Returning to the drainage cabin. As the drainage system in the cabin started working, the water inside was quickly emptied. It was filled with air. The submersible was only opened at this moment, and Fann Binn, Faang Xiang, and the others walked out from inside.    


Jin Minying was curious about the surroundings. She looked left and right. She said with envy, "If only the soldiers of C Country could use this kind of equipment. That way, H Country, these capitalist dogs, would be able to use this kind of equipment. Must be the most violent blow."    


When Faang Xiang heard this, he could not help but laugh, "Your highness, don't say that your C Nation soldiers are not that lucky. Even the most powerful country in the world like M Country is unable to equip such advanced weapons. This invisible submersible and submarine are unique and separate. Special equipment exclusive to our Dragonthorn Squad, the cost is not ordinary."    


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