System: The Cultivation Expert In The Campus

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System: The Cultivation Expert In The Campus

*Pure and lovely campus belle, beautiful and lovely neighbor sister, A pure and beautiful goddess... To a scumbag like him, they were all yearning that he could only dream of. But ever since that golden light flashed in his mind, Every thing has changed! … 3 years ago, As a modern boy had experienced the pain of his family being torn apart and the complete loss of his life. Until today, the furious quarrel between his father and mother still lingered in his ears. Originally, he could have left with his father, but He did not do so. He could not bear the betrayal of his father towards his mother. Also he could not bear watching his mother suffer alone. So, he stayed behind and lived with his mother in poverty. … From that moment on, His values changed drastically. He went from a young man who study hard to get his parents' appreciation to become a synonym for school fighting and being ignorant. Because he thought no matter how good his studies were, he would only become scum like his father. If that was the case, he would rather be an ordinary worker and live with his mother for the rest of his life! But life is hard for him, at the moment when he had almost lost hope. The miracle happened! "System running complete." "Transmission of command data completed." "Begin improving the neurons at the back of the head." … From then on, for the first time he had the chance to change his fate! It is the time for him began his own path of counterattack!

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