Bloody Doomsday: I Became A Tyrannosaurus Rex

C861 Undead Dragon Clan

C861 Undead Dragon Clan

0As soon as the Five-claw Golden Dragon appeared, more dragons appeared.    


One after another, water dragons, fire dragons, earth dragons... floated in the air.    


The leader of the Supernova Smuggling Team was even happier. "This is great! We will get all the strange creatures on this planet! Hahaha, our smuggler team is going to be rich!"    


When the dragons saw the appearance of the Eastern Divine Dragon, they were slightly unhappy.    


Because everyone was on the same planet, they naturally knew the difference between each other.    


In terms of strength, they were inferior to the Eastern Divine Dragon.    


However, they were all dragons, so they were not convinced.    


However, in the eyes of more creatures, these dragons could not be considered dragons. They could only be considered giant lizards that could fly.    


"You came at the right time! We will fight side by side!" Dragon Mother Tiamat said.    


The Five-claw Golden Dragon shook its head. "No, you guys can go and break the anchor ropes that connect to Earth. We will deal with these extraterrestrial creatures!"    


The leader laughed like he had heard a joke. "Insects, are you guys looking down on us? Although our strength is not strong, after we put on the Supernova Armor, our strength is comparable to the same origin body! Our alloy beasts are even comparable to the only one. On the other hand, you guys don't even have a single one."    


"Buzz buzz buzz!"    


One after another, giant alloy beasts flew into the sky. There were three of them! That was equivalent to three unique ones!    


The Five-claw Golden Dragon chuckled, "It's comparable to the only one? Completely incomparable."    


"Captain, these long worms look down on us. Let me kill them!" A man wearing the Supernova Battle Armor said.    


"Alright, bring back a blood."    


After saying that, the person wearing the Super Nova Battle Armor quickly flew towards the Five-claw Golden Dragon.    




The Five-claw Golden Dragon opened its mouth and spat out a Dragon Emperor Breath.    


That person didn't even have the time to scream before he was directly annihilated by the Dragon Emperor Breath.    




The Five-claw Golden Dragon opened its mouth and spat out a large seal.    


It was a divine artifact, the Kongtong Seal!    


This thing's strength was even more terrifying than the only one!    


Back then in the Sword God Domain, if it wasn't for Chen Chu defeating the God Ranking and swallowing the self-gem, the Overlord Army might not have been able to win so easily.    


"Go! Go madly!" The Five-claw Golden Dragon ordered.    


In an instant, all the dragons rushed towards the Supernova Smuggling Team like they had gone crazy.    


In the sky, dragon breaths instantly appeared one after another.    


"Aooo!" After a furious roar that sounded like a machine, an alloy beast grabbed a fire dragon and pulled it with its claws.    


"Chi la!"    


The dragon's powerful body was directly torn into two.    


"Hahaha, this alloy beast is called Giant Strength. It has the most advanced system."    


After tearing the fire dragon into two, he casually threw it onto the ground.    


At this time, the people of Supernova did not notice that a golden light had flashed on the Kongtong Seal.    


After that, the two halves of the fire dragon were actually reconnected, and it fearlessly rushed towards the giant force.    


The giant force looked at it, then waved his fist and poured energy into it.    




With a single punch, the fire dragon's head exploded.    


After that, the fire dragon was resurrected again.    


Not only that, the dragons that were killed by the other two alloy beasts were also resurrected!    


This group of dragons was abnormally crazy and fearless of death!    


After being killed, they would be resurrected again.    


This was the terrifying characteristic of the Kongtong Seal, the undying characteristic!    


After Chen Chu gave the Kongtong Seal to the dragon race, the dragon race discovered that as long as their dragon souls were stored in the Kongtong Seal, they would be activated with the undying characteristic. They would be resurrected no matter how they died!    


The dragon race had truly become an undying dragon race!    


"Stop wasting time, let's end this quickly! We still have a lot of things to do." The Five-claw Golden Dragon said.    




A water dragon entangled a group of Supernova members.    


The huge strangling force actually couldn't break through the defense of the opponent's armor.    


"Water Dragon's Sorrow!"    


Unexpectedly, this water dragon actually used the ability to perish together with him! The Dragon's Sorrow!    


The reason why it was difficult to find dragons in this world was because he hid them well. But why couldn't they even find their corpses?    


It was because dragons were very proud creatures. When they were about to die, they would use the Dragon's Sorrow to disintegrate their bodies.    


Of course, when he encountered a powerful opponent and had no hope of survival, he would also use this kind of method to perish together with his opponent!    


The Sorrow of the Dragon used his own life to disintegrate everything!    


"What's going on? Ah! Save me! Save me! " When the super rookie gang saw that the water dragon that was twisting around them was disintegrating, their armor was also disintegrating, they panicked.    


However, at this time, there was nothing that could save him.    


After the armor was disintegrated, what was disintegrated was the body hidden in the armor.    


Very quickly, the water dragon and the super rookie gang turned into specks of light and disappeared from this space.    


"Fire Dragon's Sorrow!"    


Another fire dragon and his opponent perished together.    


Immediately after, sounds kept ringing out.    


"Dragon's Sorrow!"    


"Earth Dragon's Sorrow!"    


"Golden Dragon's Sorrow!"    




The super rookie members disappeared one after another.    


However, these dragons were resurrected!    


After they were resurrected, it was another round of the Sorrow of the Dragon.    


"Ah! Cheating! You guys are cheating! " The captain was about to go crazy.    


Weren't these dragons cheating?    


Endless revival! Endless expansion!    


Who could take this?    


"Exosavage! Stop it!"    


The Five-claw Golden Dragon laughed wildly and rushed straight towards an alloy beast.    


"Dragon Emperor's Sorrow!"    


Both sides perished together!    


"Emperor! I'm back!"    




"Dragon Emperor's Sorrow! "    




The alloy beast survived and lost one of its members.    


"This emperor! I'm back again!"    


"This emperor... Again!"    




"Damn it! I can't play anymore! Run! Run!"    


The two remaining alloy beasts and seventy to eighty members were their final capital.    


However, all the dragons had surrounded them in a circle in the air.    


"Come on! All of us mourn!"    




The group of giant dragons were all watching.    


"Fuck! They can still play like this!"    


"It's too awesome! But I still feel a little shameless."    


Mother Dragon Tiamat directly punched him. "Be careful with your language!"    


The captain of the Supernova was in despair.    


He wanted to use some method to block this kind of ability, but he realized that he couldn't resist it at all.    


The Dragon's Sorrow was actually a kind of death rule!    


The rules of death were not the Small Planet's rules of derivation!    


In the vast universe, death would appear at every moment!    


That was one of the supreme rules of the universe, one of the rules of the Death Rule!    


The body of the captain of the Supernova was constantly disintegrating. He thought of his second uncle, who had travelled the universe for many years.    


"Little pen, when you go out to catch goods in the future, don't provoke a creature with a slender body, a pair of horns on its head, four legs, and can fly."    


"Why? Big Uncle?"    


"Because it's very likely that he will die together with you."    




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