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C1674 The Information Center Has Been Destroyed

C1674 The Information Center Has Been Destroyed

0Right now, the place in front of Gu Yuan was a very deserted place.    


On the surface, it looked like an abandoned factory.    


However, in reality, there was a highly developed organization ten meters below this abandoned factory.    


The leading bodyguard used the access card to lure Gu Yuan into the elevator.    


The more he walked, the more his heart trembled.    


Seeing this guy trembling so much, Gu Yuan still asked.    


"What's wrong? Is there a need to be scared like this?"    


"Gu... Mr. Gu, I am really scared. I did not expect to bring you to this place. I really did not expect it."    


"It's fine. I'm used to doing similar things."    


"Then Mr. Gu, can I ask for a favor?"    


"Go ahead."    


"That is... that is... I hope you can give me a way out. I really don't want to die." said Wang Yao.    


This leader is really interesting.    


He was actually begging Gu Yuan not to kill him.    


But thinking about it carefully, it made sense.    


Gu Yuan had already prepared for a big event. Wouldn't it be normal for someone to die?    


Therefore, this person hoped that the one who died wasn't him.    


He really couldn't take it anymore.    


Just thinking about Gu Yuan's combat strength and the situation that happened was enough to make him feel uncomfortable.    


Of course, what he wanted to do next was to protect his own life as soon as possible.    


No matter what, he hoped that he could obtain Gu Yuan's amnesty.    


Therefore, he begged again.    


"Mr. Gu, for the sake of the fact that I have betrayed the headquarters, please let me live. I'm really begging you."    


This guy's eyes were sincere and pleading.    


He was basically in despair.    


That's right, if a person did not despair to a certain extent, he would not use such an attitude to say such words.    


Gu Yuan smiled as he walked. He was too lazy to answer.    


However, Gu Yuan's refusal to answer made him feel worse than death.    


That's right.    


The more unpredictable and unpredictable his attitude was, the more uncomfortable he felt.    


If he were to be more specific, he probably wouldn't feel so uncomfortable.    


However, Gu Yuan did not give him a clear path.    


Gu Yuan said.    


"As for whether you can live or not, it will depend on your performance from now on."    


What he said was very impressive.    


It would depend on his performance.    


If he performed well, he would definitely spare his life.    


If he didn't perform well, he would be killed.    


Of course, Gu Yuan might not remember such a small figure.    


But as long as he said that, the other party would only have to work hard.    


It was almost like this.    


The leading bodyguard was very helpless.    


But he knew that he only had one way left to perform well.    


"Yes, Mr. Gu. I will do my best. I will definitely not let you down."    


Putting aside whether he could do it or not, he had to at least say it out loud.    


He did not want Gu Yuan to die because of a single sentence.    


Not long after, this guy received a piece of news.    


"Mr. Gu, according to the news I got, Kong Debiao has returned. Are you going to teach him a lesson?"    


"Alright. Since Kong Debiao has returned, then teach him a lesson."    


After a pause, Gu Yuan said again.    


"But before we meet him, we need to show off our strength to your bodyguard department."    


"Ah? Show off our strength?"    


This guy still didn't fully understand what Gu Yuan meant, but he felt that Gu Yuan was going to do something earth-shattering again.    


As they walked, they walked to the door of a room called the Information Center.    


"What is this place?" Gu Yuan asked.    


The leader of the bodyguards said, "It is information about our goods and the people who are escorting them on the way."    


"Oh, it's similar to the logistics company's information center, right?"    


"Yes, it's more or less the same. We are monitoring what we are going to do at any time here."    


"Okay, then let's burn it down."    


"Huh? What?" Wang Yao asked.    


The guy was still very surprised, but he suddenly heard a boom.    


Gu Yuan kicked open the door and set a fire to the information center, as if he didn't care about that at all.    


There were still people working inside.    


However, Gu Yuan didn't want to care anymore.    


With Gu Yuan's current attitude, the entire Sancai Escort Agency deserved to die.    


It wasn't just Kong Debiao who deserved to die.    


"Argh! Who is this person! Extinguish the fire! Extinguish the fire!"    


The people in the information center naturally did not know what they were facing.    


They really did not know what they should do.    


Instantly, this news spread to the entire Sancai Escort Agency.    


Kong Debiao had just returned, and he was preparing to rest for a while.    


In the end, he suddenly heard a loud noise.    


Kong Debiao asked hastily.    


"What's going on? Why are you shouting? What's going on?"    


"Mr. Kong, something bad has happened. Our headquarters has been attacked!"    


"What? They have been attacked? No outsider in our headquarters knows about it. How could he be attacked all of a sudden? "    


That could be said.    


But did Kong Debiao really forget who he had offended just now?    


In fact, Kong Debiao couldn't possibly forget who he had offended just now.    


It was just that he didn't expect Gu Yuan to take revenge in such a way.    


According to the information he had received, hadn't Gu Yuan left angrily?    


Could Gu Yuan do anything other than leave in anger?    


He felt that it was impossible.    


No matter how powerful Gu Yuan was, it was impossible for him to find the headquarters of Sancai's Escort Agency.    


Kong Debiao was that confident.    


However, this kind of confidence could really harm him.    


At this moment, Kong Debiao started to ask someone.    


"Have you found out who is causing trouble in our Sancai Escort Agency?"    


"Report, Mr. Kong. The information center has been completely destroyed. Our most important database has been lost!"    




Kong Debiao was furious.    


As a leader, how could he not know the importance of the information center?    


Since it was so important, how could security fail?    


Since security was qualified, how could it be destroyed?!    


All of this was something Kong Debiao could not understand.    


Because in his understanding, these were all things that were impossible to happen.    


However, what should have happened still happened.    


Kong Debiao was so angry that his three corpse gods jumped up and down.    


"Hurry up and investigate! Hurry up and find out who it is!"    


Very quickly, Kong Debiao received another piece of news.    


"Report, Mr. Kong. According to our surveillance video, we have already found the image of this person's face."    


"Alright, quickly bring it over for me to take a look."    


Originally, Kong Debiao was very angry.    


However, when he saw the face, he was stunned.    


"Gu, Gu... Gu Yulin..."    


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