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C4075 If I Drink Again I will be a Pig!!

C4075 If I Drink Again I will be a Pig!!

0In the middle of the night, it was another hearty feast.    


Gu Xuan never thought that he would actually be able to see the ugly side of a brush in a feast.    


The Dragon Painting Brush drank to its heart's content, and they exchanged cups of wine. They became close friends, and it was almost as if they were sworn brothers.    


Gu Xuan, the main character, had not even reached the latter half of the night, and he had already become a peripheral person.    


The next morning, Gu Xuan left the hall and made up his mind to leave the Gold-Silver Tree Realm today.    


"I will abstain from drinking for a year. If I drink again in a year, I will be a pig!" Gu Xuan secretly swore.    


If he drank like this, who would be able to bear it?    


He was about to laugh until his face turned stiff!    


Furthermore, he did not want to see the Dragon Painting Brush's ugly side again.    


Gu Xuan bid farewell to Long Gui and planned to leave the Gold-Silver Tree Realm; he would continue to head to the Seven Stars Ridge Region.    


Since there was already a space route between the Gold-Silver Tree Realm and the Seven Stars Ridge Region, the road behind would be much easier.    


Long Gui did not persuade him for a long time, and was very disappointed. After giving the Dragon Painting Brush a hundred jugs of wine, he planned to personally send the two out of the Gold-Silver Tree Realm.    


Just as the three of them were about to leave, a Light of Escape landed in front of the sect and entered the sect.    


Long Gui's eyes were sharp, and he said in surprise, "It's the Sixth Elder of the Seven Willow Holy Sect, Mo Tingchui!    


He must have come to pick up Wang Tong and the others. Cough, cough, Brother Gu Xuan, Elder Long, I can't send you out of the Gold-Silver Tree Realm; I have to go and welcome Fellow Daoist Mo Tingchui!"    


Gu Xuan laughed.    


Mo Tingchui?    


Upon hearing this name, he knew that it was another person who loved drinking. It was normal for Long Gui to be so excited.    


"It's fine. It's not like we don't know the way. We can leave by ourselves. See you later, Brother Long Gui!"    


The Dragon Brush cupped his hands.    


Gu Xuan and Long Gui also bid farewell.    




Long Gui could not wait to fly away, but just as he flew into the air, he flew back.    


"You are..." Gu Xuan was a little confused.    


Long Gui smiled faintly, "Brother Gu Xuan, Wang Tong and the other two seem to have mentioned Mo Tingchui to you. He sent me a voice transmission and said that he wants to invite you over to personally thank you..."    


Gu Xuan shook his head. "There's no need to thank me for a great favor. It's even more so for a small favor. So, please tell him on my behalf..."    


"What a pity. He even brought a gift. It seems that we can only..."    


"Hahaha, Mo Tingchui, Mo Tingchui. The more I think about it, the more interesting this name is. Forget it, I really want to meet this wonderful person! Brother Long Gui, lead the way!"    


Long Gui, "..."    


"This way please!"    


Long Gui brought Gu Xuan and the Dragon Brush to a small courtyard.    


When Wang Tong, Miao Yao'er, and Sun Tao saw Gu Xuan, their eyes revealed a hint of joy.    


They were really afraid that Gu Xuan would not come.    


After all, they had only met by chance and did not have much of a friendship.    


At least, from Gu Xuan's perspective, that was the case.    


From their perspective, Gu Xuan had done them a great favor.    


In front of the three of them stood a muscular man with thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a square face. He was wearing a long gray robe, and he looked like a martial artist, but also like a scholar.    


However, the two temperaments should have been contradictory, but they were perfectly combined on his body, and it did not seem to be out of place at all.    


Long Gui wanted to introduce them to each other.    


Gu Xuan had already walked up to them and cupped his hands repeatedly.    


"This must be Fellow Daoist Mo Tingchui. I've heard a lot about you!"    


Mo Tingchui had heard from the three of them that Gu Xuan was a rather arrogant person, and he had the demeanor of a gentleman. Although he was easy-going, he still felt a faint sense of alienation between him and others.    


He was just worried about how to deal with Gu Xuan, but this was not something he was good at. He never thought that what Gu Xuan and the three of them said would be completely different.    


Such a passionate person, how could he be arrogant? How could he have a sense of alienation?    


Long Gui was stunned.    


When you and I first met, it was not like this, right?    


I even called you Brother Gu Xuan, but you actually treated me differently?    


Wait a minute!    


Gu Xuan did not seem to plan to meet Mo Tingchui until he said that Mo Tingchui had prepared a gift!    


Long Gui's eyes widened as he felt that he had discovered the truth!    


But very quickly, he frowned and became suspicious.    


On the first night that Gu Xuan came to the Silver Willow Holy Sect, the Great Elder also prepared a gift for Gu Xuan, but Gu Xuan refused it again and again.    


Logically speaking, Gu Xuan and his brother were not that talented, right?    


Or could it be that human nature is complicated? Brother Gu Xuan, are you a person who changes easily?    


Only the Dragon Brush could see through the truth.    


Gu Xuan came to the Silver Willow Holy sect to ask them for a favor. He already felt that it was a good deal to not give him a gift, so how could he accept a gift?    


As the saying goes, one thing is one thing. If he accepted the gift because he saved the people of the Silver Willow Holy Sect, wouldn't he have to give a gift when he asked for a favor?    


So, he decided not to accept it.    


After that, he naturally didn't need to give it to him.    


The two offset each other, and Gu Xuan was the winner in the end!    


It had to be said that the Dragon Brush understood Gu Xuan well.    


However, it was clear that it didn't understand him well enough.    


Gu Xuan secretly looked at the things in the Space Ring that the Great Elder of the Silver Willow Holy Sect gave him, and then he decided not to accept it.    


Regarding the gift from the Great Elder, Gu Xuan only had one sentence to say, "Which cadre can't withstand such a test?"    


If there really was a heavy gift inside, he would accept it or not.    


As for Mo Tingchui, no matter what gift it was, Gu Xuan would just take it. He didn't need to give it to him at all.    


Regarding this kind of gift, he also had a sentence to say, "Another hundred portions! Don't stop!"    


Gu Xuan even felt that it was too late to meet him. Mo Tingchui's impression of Gu Xuan naturally increased greatly. He immediately increased the amount of the gift, and as he expressed his gratitude, he handed over a Space Ring.    


Gu Xuan pretended to decline, but in the end, he accepted it.    


After probing the things in the Space Ring for a while, Gu Xuan laughed so hard that his mouth could not close.    


After laughing for a while, he felt that it was boring. He bid farewell to Mo Tingchui and planned to leave.    


When Mo Tingchui heard that Gu Xuan was leaving the Silver Tree Realm, he was a little reluctant. It had been a long time since he met someone who could chat with him so well.    


He immediately expressed that he would personally send Gu Xuan and Master Long away.    


Gu Xuan naturally did not refuse.    


After a quarter of an hour, Long Gui personally drove a huge warship into the sky from the Silver Willow Sacred Sect and flew towards the barrier of the realm.    


Halfway there, a square table was set up on the deck of the warship.    


Gu Xuan, Dragon Brush, Long Gui, and Mo Tingchui sat on each side and started a new round of drinking.    


Wang Tong and the other two became waiters to pour wine.    


Of the seven people, six of them were willing.    


Only Gu Xuan stared at the wine cup in his hand in a daze.    


How did things develop?    


Why did he drink it again?    


That's right, how did the pig come to be?    


I didn't swear in the morning that I would become a pig if I drank again, right?    


It seemed that he was drunk and his memories were in a mess.    


Brothers, drink!"    


Gu Xuan took the initiative to toast.    


No one noticed that when he was toasting, a light flashed in his eyes!    


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