Rich Daddy's Three Cuties

C1383 The Ye Family and Zhao Family Had Joined Hands to Fight a Beautiful Business War!

C1383 The Ye Family and Zhao Family Had Joined Hands to Fight a Beautiful Business War!

0At the Ye's.    


Ye Haoyu and Zhao Qiye were sitting together.    


The two of them had the same imposing manner.    


Ye Haoyu's thin lips curled up slightly.    


"Director Zhao."    


Zhao Qiye nodded politely.    


Ye Haoyu lowered his eyelids and pointed out the reason for this meeting.    


"Recently, the Country M has been in chaos. The stock prices have fallen. I wonder if Director Zhao is interested in joining hands with me."    


Zhao Qiye raised his eyebrows.    


"How do we play?"    


He was very interested.    


Zhao Qiye knew that Ye Haoyu had the capital of the world's number one family in his hands. He also had many good friends and the power of his family could not be underestimated.    


"What I am more interested in is why you chose me."    


A fight between experts was just a few glances.    


Zhao Qiye took the information that Ye Haoyu handed over and flipped through it page by page.    


"Wouldn't it be more convincing if I were to turn against you?"    


After saying that, Ye Haoyu rubbed his temples.    


Back then, he, the Huo family, the Shinto family, and the Edward family had joined hands to kill foreign capitals. These people had long learned how to be smart.    


That was why he had locked his gaze on Zhao Qiye.    


"I heard that the Zhao family's master knows how to act. He won't let me down, right?"    


Zhao Qiye smiled faintly.    




However, in the next moment, his eyes became a little more profound.    


"Then how did you spread the news that we were going to fight?"    


Ye Haoyu smiled lightly.    


"Some people are too arrogant."    


Zhao Qiye suppressed the doubt in his heart and raised his head. In the blink of an eye, his deep eyes were filled with anger!    


Zhao Qiye sneered.    


He stood up with a cold tone and entered the act.    


"Young Master Ye, don't forget that you are only acting as the proxy director of the Ye's. The real Yama Ye is not you!"    


A huge commotion broke out in Zhao Qiye's office.    


Ye Haoyu understood that Zhao Qiye had already started acting. He immediately snorted.    


"Are you questioning my ability?"    


"Let me tell you, I, Ye Haoyu, did not grow up eating shrimps. Do you think I was scared?"    


Zhao Qiye purposely slammed the cooperation proposal on the table.    


"Are you threatening me?"    


The two of them were arguing fiercely.    


Through the glass of the office, the situation inside could be seen clearly.    


At this time, a staff member of the office poked his head out and looked for Ye Haoyu's assistant, asking with concern.    


"What happened? Why are they quarreling?"    


The assistant wanted to send this person away.    


"Don't worry about Young Master Ye."    


Seeing that the assistant could not get any information, this person said with an anxious tone.    


"Shall we go in? I'm afraid that if we get into a fight, Director Ye will be at a disadvantage!"    


"What if these two people start fighting?"    


The assistant frowned.    


Seeing that the assistant was wavering, a hint of excitement flashed across the man's eyes.    


Finally, he had gotten the chance!    


Just as the staff member pulled the assistant to the CEO's office, Ye Haoyu, who was in the office, stood up angrily.    


He didn't seem to have seen what was going on outside. Instead, he opened the door with a dark expression.    


"Please, Director Zhao!"    


Ye Haoyu sneered.    


"It seems that our partnership with Director Zhao will end here."    


Zhao Qiye's face was gloomy.    


"Young Master Ye, having a friend is always good."    


Ye Haoyu's face was ashen.    




Zhao Qiye smiled coldly as he straightened his clothes. His eyes flashed with a cold light.    


"No need, I'll go out myself."    


"I hope Young Master Ye won't regret it!"    


The surrounding crowd had different expressions on their faces.    


The man who was the most concerned took the opportunity to sneak into the bathroom. He wanted to send the news to the big bosses in the outer circle as soon as possible!    


Ye Haoyu looked at the back of the spy that he had already found and raised his eyebrows with a complicated expression.    


Zhao Qiye was indeed worthy of being called the best actor. His acting skills were really good!    


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