Martial Sovereign of Myriad Realms

C4825 The King Was Assassinated!

C4825 The King Was Assassinated!

0"Alright, Qiu Feng, you can do whatever you want."    


The Shocking Frost Monarch nodded and gave Ye Feng the greatest authority.    


After that, the Shocking Frost Monarch even gave Ye Feng a mansion in the palace so that Ye Feng could live in the palace.    


Even the Black-White Imperial Advisor did not have such treatment. It was enough to prove the Shocking Frost Monarch's respect and importance towards Ye Feng.    


Of course, the most important thing was that Ye Feng had the qualifications. His strength was worthy of the Shocking Frost Monarch's treatment. At the same time, the Shocking Frost Monarch was also worried that there would be spies around him who could threaten him. Ye Feng could protect him better in the palace.    


Ye Feng knew very well what the Shocking Frost Monarch was thinking about, but he did not refuse. He calmly stayed in the palace.    


The Shocking Frost Monarch also gave Ye Feng twenty maids and even four beautiful singers. Although they were called singers, Ye Feng really wanted to do something, and these singers would definitely cooperate.    


"All of you can leave. I don't need you to serve me."    


When Ye Feng arrived at the mansion, the maidservants were about to help him undress and wash up. Ye Feng directly refused and chased away the singers who were prepared to warm the bed. Then, he started cultivating in the mansion.    


At the same time, outside the palace, in an extremely luxurious mansion, Zhou Liangming, the Prime Minister of the Shocking Frost Monarch, smashed the teacup in his hand in anger.    


"The people that were planted all died? The Shocking Frost Monarch is a bastard. Does he want to fall out with the Everlasting Sect?!"    


Prime Minister Zhou Liangming stood in the study room and cursed loudly. There were two disciples of the Limitless Sect kneeling in the room.    


"Immediately send a message to Elder Wang and inform him of this matter!"    


Prime Minister Zhou Liangming shouted to the two disciples. He had only joined the Limitless Sect and obtained the title of Elder, but he did not have any real power. He only had two disciples of the Limitless Sect at the Divine Ability Realm by his side.    




One of the disciples quickly stood up and contacted Elder Wang.    


This Elder Wang was the guide of Prime Minister Zhou Liangming. His position in the Limitless Sect was also extraordinary, and he could mobilize most of the power of the Limitless Sect in the Zhen Shuang Kingdom.    


On the other side, in the Great General's Residence, the Great General's Residence was even more prosperous than the Prime Minister's Residence. At this moment, rolling Devil Qi was flowing in the Great General's study room, emitting endless killing intent, but it was all sealed in the study room.    


"Zhen Shuang Kingdom's King, you are truly stupid. You actually dare to attack my Devil Race. I can't wait any longer. Today, I will kill him!"    


The Great General's face was ferocious as he roared. If one were to observe carefully, one would discover that there were cracks on his skin, and the Devil Qi was flowing out from the cracks.    


This was not the Great General cultivating the Devil Arts, but a Great General disguised as the Great General by the skin of the Great General. The real Great General had long been devoured by the devil.    


"Order the Demon Evil Guards to go to the palace and kill the Zhen Shuang Kingdom's King!"    


With the Great General's order, the entire General's Residence began to move. One figure after another hid in the darkness and rushed towards the palace.    


Whether it was the Prime Minister Zhou Liangming or the Great General of the Demon Race, they did not know that the person who killed their subordinates was not the Lord of the Shocking Frost Country, but Ye Feng. They did not know of Ye Feng's existence, otherwise, they would have changed their minds.    


But at this moment, it was too late. When the disciples of the Everlasting Sect and the Demon Fiend Guards of the Demon Race broke into the palace and were about to kill the Lord of the Shocking Frost Country in the room, Ye Feng, who was cultivating in peace, suddenly opened his eyes.    


"Haha, can't wait any longer?"    


The corner of Ye Feng's mouth curled up into a cold smile. He knew that if he mercilessly killed the people who were planted by the two forces, he would definitely anger the two forces. Thus, he had released his Spiritual Sense to cover the entire palace. He would know if there was any movement.    


Sensing that the disciples of the Everlasting Sect were rushing towards the Lord of the Shocking Frost Country's residence, Ye Feng's expression was indifferent. He stood up unhurriedly and walked towards the door.    


For Ye Feng, there was no need to deal with the people of the two forces in a hurry. He should let the Lord of the Shocking Frost Country suffer a little before rescuing him. Only then would the Lord of the Shocking Frost Country trust him even more.    


Soon, the disciples of the Everlasting Sect led by the spies of the Everlasting Sect in the palace arrived at the Lord of the Shocking Frost Country.    




With a loud killing sound, the guards around the Lord of the Shocking Frost Country were all cut off at the neck by the cold blades, and died.    


Immediately after, the people of the Everlasting Sect rushed into the Lord of the Shocking Frost Country. The Lord of the Shocking Frost Country had already been woken up. He looked at the invading disciples of the Everlasting Sect with a face full of fear and immediately activated the golden dragon of fate.    




The golden dragon roared and rushed out from the ground, enveloping the Lord of Shocking Frost and protecting him as he fought with the disciples of the Wuji Sect.    


With the blessing of the golden dragon, the Lord of Shocking Frost was able to unleash the strength of the Qi Zong realm. However, there were three disciples of the Qi Zong Stage in the Wuji Sect who completely suppressed the Lord of Shocking Frost.    


The situation of the Lord of Shocking Frost became more and more dangerous. His expression was incomparably terrified, and he could only pray in his heart that Ye Feng would arrive soon.    


However, at this moment, the Demon Clan's Demon Fiend Guards also rushed out from the darkness. These demons all had two horns on their heads, wore Refined Iron armor, and held huge axes in their hands. A monstrous Devil Qi flowed through the sky, and a vast murderous aura surged.    


When they saw the Demon Fiend Guards, the disciples of the Wuji Sect were all shocked. Just as they were about to attack, they suddenly remembered Elder Wang's arrangements. As the opponents of the Demon Clan, the Demon Clan would work with them to kill the Lord of Shocking Frost.    


After that, the disciples of the Wuji Sect ignored the Demon Fiend Guards and continued to deal with the Lord of Shocking Frost. The Demon Fiend Guards with monstrous killing intent did not attack the disciples of the Wuji Sect. Instead, they decisively participated in the siege of the Lord of Shocking Frost.    


The Lord of Shocking Frost was already struggling to defend himself, and now that the Demon Fiend Guards had joined in, he was in a dangerous situation. He was fleeing in all directions, but he was still unlucky enough to be hit by a few attacks, causing blood to flow wildly from his body.    


Most of the guards in the palace had already been killed by the spies arranged by the two forces. Even if they managed to survive, they were blocked by the people from the two forces, and they could not help the Lord of Shocking Frost at all.    


"Qiu Feng, where are you?"    


The Shocking Frost King was extremely terrified, and he anxiously looked forward to Ye Feng's appearance.    


"The master of the secret door that the king has appointed is here. Let's see who dares to be impudent!"    


At this moment, Ye Feng's loud shout sounded out. The Shocking Frost King saw Ye Feng, who was covered in a dense fog, flying over from afar, and in an instant, he arrived in front of him.    


"Ah... My dear, you are here!"    


The Shocking Frost King wanted to call Ye Feng's name, but he suddenly remembered that Ye Feng's identity needed to be kept secret, so he quickly changed his name to 'My dear'.    


"Don't worry, king. With me here, no one can hurt you."    


Ye Feng turned around and gave the Shocking Frost King a firm gaze. With a wave of his hand, rolling Thunder Light poured out.    




As the thunder passed, space shattered, and the heavens and earth changed color. The disciples of the Limitless Sect and the Fiend Demon Guards all widened their eyes, and their faces were filled with fear. They turned around to escape, but it was already too late. In the blink of an eye, they were all enveloped by the thunder.    


Chapter 3 – The King of the Shocking Frost Country    


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