Sword Emperor

C5674 Level Up!

C5674 Level Up!

0Because he was unable to use the Tree of Dao to save his life, the Nirvana Dao Lotus was using all of its power.    


In the vast heaven and earth, countless black gas spread out and finally condensed into a purple lotus in the void.    


However, before he could heave a sigh of relief, the Buzhou Seal fell.    


Now, the mountain peak of Buzhou Mountain had appeared. It was hundreds of millions of miles tall. As for the weight of the mountain, it was impossible to estimate.    


In front of such a magnificent mountain, even the purple lotus formed by the Nirvana Dao Lotus was insignificant.    




With a dull sound, the purple lotus collided with the mountain peak.    


Endless power erupted. In front of such a mighty force, the purple lotus could only withstand for a moment before it exploded.    


However, no matter how terrifying the aftermath was, it could not stop the Buzhou Seal at all. The majestic mountain peak continued to slowly descend.    


Although the movement was very slow, the power contained within it was incomparably shocking. After crushing the purple lotus, the entire mountain peak landed on the Nirvana Dao Lotus.    


After receiving such a mighty force, it was almost unable to maintain its human form. One could even vaguely see the phantom of the lotus.    


However, in the next moment, the Nirvana Dao Lotus immediately circulated all the power it could control and forcefully maintained its human form.    


At the same time, it took a deep breath and its gaze suddenly became sharp.    


"Immeasurable Divine Might!"    


As he spoke, a dense Great Dao of Nirvana surged out from his body and forcefully resisted the mountain peak of Buzhou Mountain. Even his originally erect body became straighter.    


"Previously, it was just an incarnation with 70% of my strength. Even you were unable to deal with it, let alone my true body."    


"Just the two of you are unable to do anything to me."    


In the next moment, the hand of the Nirvana Dao Lotus swung out and forcefully resisted the Chaotic Cyan Lotus with its bare hands.    


Accompanied by a dull sound, the arm exploded, but the Great Dao of Nirvana continued to clash with the thousands of Great Daos.    


This was no longer a simple battle between Sun Bing and the Nirvana Dao Lotus. It was a true clash between two Chaos Spiritual Roots.    


The aftershock of the clash could create many worlds, and the Chaotic Storms could even distort space and time.    


Even so, the Nirvana Dao Lotus was still able to handle it with ease. In fact, as time passed, it had gradually become accustomed to its current situation.    


After noticing this, Sun Bing's mind moved, and the Chaos Pearl immediately turned into a ray of light and flew towards the other party.    


The Nirvana Dao Lotus instantly reacted to this. The Great Daos around it surged, and it actually manifested thousands of Great Daos with the Great Dao of Nirvana.    


At the same time, an arrogant and heroic voice could be heard.    


"Good, good, good. Ever since the Cataclysm, I have not made any progress in the endless years. Now that I am under such pressure, I actually made obvious progress.    


"Hahahaha, this is not enough. Stronger."    


The moment he finished speaking, his hand suddenly slammed down, and the Chaotic Cyan Lotus was flung away.    


Taking this opportunity, the palm opened and appeared in front of the Chaotic Pearl.    


Just like before, the Nirvana Dao Lotus was carrying the Buzhou Seal. It held the Chaotic Pearl in one hand, and its seemingly small figure appeared to be exceptionally tall in the air.    


As the saying went, 'one who does not reciprocate is impolite.' After such a long period of adaptation, it had gradually gotten used to the surrounding environment.    


It coldly looked at Sun Bing and the Wisdom Tree, and then it heard a cold snort.    


"Wisdom, you are indeed powerful. You can almost be considered omniscient. However, do you really think that I am unprepared?    


After countless years of investigation, I have already noticed your weakness. Now that you have appeared so rashly, it is your biggest mistake."    


Hearing this, a sense of crisis simultaneously appeared in the Wisdom Tree and Sun Bing's hearts.    


It was because of this that they acted decisively. With a thought, the Mirror of Kunlun immediately appeared in the sky.    


The mirror was overflowing with color, and then it forcefully summoned the river of time, gathering endless energy and enveloping the Nirvana Dao Lotus.    


Taking this opportunity, the Chaotic Cyan Lotus also expanded by a hundred million times. Its heaven-blocking figure suppressed all directions, and it crushed the void with endless Great Dao.    


Even the Wisdom Tree was forcibly circulating the Great Dao of knowledge it had mastered.    


Immediately, many books appeared in the vast world. Some were ancient beast skins, some were ancient bamboo slips, some were books, jade slips, stone inscriptions, and so on.    


From ancient times until now, regardless of whether it was immortals, gods, mortals, insects, fish, birds, beasts, and so on, all of them had gathered together and turned into meteors that flew towards the Nirvana Dao Lotus.    


Facing such a vast momentum, the Nirvana Dao Lotus was not afraid but happy. It could not help but laugh out loud.    


"Good, good, good. Ever since the Immeasurable Calamity, I have cultivated bitterly for countless years, but I have not advanced in the slightest. Now, I finally have a sliver of transformation.    


"It's precisely because of this that I hope that the two Fellow Daoists can continue!"    


As his words fell, the originally suppressed Nirvana Dao Lotus suddenly changed. Its entire body was filled with an extremely obscure aura.    


This situation caused Sun Bing's expression to change, and he could not help but cry out in alarm.    


"How is this possible?"    


Because at this moment, he could keenly sense an aura similar to the Roc of the Universe from the other party's body. Although this aura was extremely weak.    


However, this was still an aura of a higher dimension. Could it be that the Nirvana Dao Lotus had already ascended to a higher dimension?    


Thinking of this, his expression became even uglier, and even his back was filled with cold sweat.    


It wasn't just Sun Bing, the Wisdom Tree's expression also changed. Many spiritual lights flickered around its body.    


The illusory images of thousands of ancient scrolls immediately circled around it, and it could vaguely sense a higher dimension energy descending.    


After that, an astonished voice was heard.    


“You, you, you, what exactly did you do? Why are you still absorbing the energy of the Infinite Stones at this moment?”    


“Hahahaha, I never expected that you would still discover it in the end. However, I believe that you must have paid a great price for it, right?”    


The Nirvana Dao Lotus could not help but laugh out loud when it heard this, and then it spoke slowly.    


“Ever since I found out that you were able to see through the world, I have been searching for a way to resolve it. Fortunately, hard work pays off. I have finally found a way.    


“Even though your divine ability is extremely formidable, it is still difficult to see through the scenes of the Infinite Cataclysm.    


“In the past, I directly sacrificed half of my original body into the Infinite Cataclysm. Now, that half of my body has practically become the same as my original body.    


“At this moment, this half of my body is absorbing the energy of the Infinite Stones.    


“When it completely refines the Infinite Stones, it will be the time for me to ascend to a higher dimension.”    


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