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C9854 A Good Opportunity!

C9854 A Good Opportunity!

0Hua Yuankui didn't think so.    


If Qin Ming had only fought with the Golden Horn Clan for a short period of time, he wouldn't have said anything!    


There was only one possibility. Qin Ming and the Golden Horn Clan had fought intensely, and many people had died. There were even a few half-step Supreme Realm experts who died.    


That was why Qin Ming mentioned it.    


Seeing the Martial Cultivators worried about him, Qin Ming smiled and said, "I'm fine. I will stay here for a few days."    


"If anyone accumulates enough Contribution Points, you can exchange them for Heroic Spirit Energy when you are not busy."    


"However, I will only be staying in the Alliance for a few days. If you want to exchange for Heroic Spirit Energy, please go to the Elder's office to register."    


There were some Heroic Spirit Energy in his mind.    


Qin Ming planned to keep some of the Heroic Spirit Energy for his own recovery and for Qin Xixuan's cultivation. The rest of the Heroic Spirit Energy would be given to the Martial Cultivators.    


The sooner the Heroic Spirit Energy could be exchanged for strength, the more benefits it would bring to the Human Alliance.    


It had already been two months. The Alliance had sufficient cultivation resources. It was likely that some of the human Martial Cultivators had reached a bottleneck in their Martial Tao.    


After using the Heroic Spirit Energy, it could help them break through to the half-step Supreme Realm. It would not be a waste of time.    


One must know that if a Martial Cultivator was stuck at a bottleneck, no matter how many cultivation resources they had, they would not be able to break through the bottleneck.    


In the past, the only way for the Martial Cultivators was to wait.    


Just wait!    


Martial Cultivators with good talent in martial arts, if they were lucky, could break through their bottleneck in a few years.    


Martial Cultivators with bad luck, even in decades or even hundreds of years, they might not be able to break through.    


Some Martial Cultivators with bad talent in martial arts, would be stuck at the bottleneck for their entire life, unable to break through again.    


And with the help of the Hero Spirit Energy.    


No matter how talented a Martial Cultivator was in martial arts, or how long they had been stuck at the bottleneck, a little Hero Spirit Energy could help a Martial Cultivator break through.    


This was the best way to use the Hero Spirit Energy.    


Therefore, whenever Qin Ming had time, he would plan to use the Hero Spirit Energy to help the Martial Cultivators break through.    


Of course, he would also leave a portion of the Hero Spirit Energy for the Martial Cultivators who had reached the pinnacle of their martial arts realm to break through to the Half-Step Supreme Realm.    


He wanted to nurture a few Half-Step Supreme Realm experts so that they could help him hunt down the Half-Step Supreme Realm Vicious Beasts.    


Hearing that Qin Ming wanted to stay in the Alliance for a few days and give them the chance to exchange their Contribution Points for Hero Spirit Energy, the Martial Cultivators cheered excitedly.    


"The Alliance Master is too good. He actually gave us another chance to exchange Contribution Points for Hero Spirit Energy. My martial arts realm is only at the middle stage of the Saint Beast Realm. This was achieved two months ago when I used Contribution Points to exchange for Hero Spirit Energy to break through. Now that I have just reached the bottleneck, I can use the Hero Spirit Energy to break through again."    


"I didn't reach the bottleneck last time, so I didn't use Contribution Points to exchange for the Hero Spirit Energy. I thought that such an opportunity would be very rare. This time, I need to work hard to break through the bottleneck. I might not be able to break through for a long time. I didn't expect that the Alliance Master would give us another chance two months later. I will definitely cherish it!"    


"That's great! I have been stuck at the bottleneck for so many years, and now I can finally break through. Last time, I missed a good opportunity because I didn't have enough Contribution Points. Now, I will definitely not miss it again!"    


"I wonder if the Alliance Master's Heroic Spirit Energy is enough. You must know that our Human Alliance has two hundred million people. The Heroic Spirit Energy is so precious, and the Alliance Master will use it all for us!"    




While the Martial Cultivators were excited, they were also worried that Qin Ming's Heroic Spirit Energy was not enough.    


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