Treasure identifying Golden Eyes

C5887 Potential Power!

C5887 Potential Power!

0Yang Bo originally thought that the Golden Dragon and the others would fight intensely for a long time, but he didn't expect them to be back so soon.    


Seeing the Golden Dragon, Yang Bo couldn't help but be surprised, "Did you successfully get the cannon?"    


The Golden Dragon looked at Yang Bo and nodded with a smile, "All went well!"    


"The Paramita cultivators didn't notice our actions at all. We pincered them from both sides and quickly brought the cannon back!"    


Yang Bo asked, "Did the Paramita cultivators suffer any casualties?"    


The Golden Dragon said, "Something like this will definitely result in casualties. Could it be that we can't count on not a single one of them to be injured?"    


Yang Bo asked again, "The Paramita cultivators let you escape just like that. This is a bit strange."    


"Did they not chase after us?"    


The Golden Dragon nodded, "Yes, they did not!"    


"Fellow Taoist Yang, do you feel that there is something wrong with this matter?"    


Yang Bo looked at the Golden Dragon and said, "Originally, I had always thought that the Paramita cultivators had set up a trap to see us fight against Yao Mo."    


"But now, it seems that things are not as simple as they seem!"    


"The Paramita cultivators are likely to attack together. Have you made your preparations?"    


The Golden Dragon's body stiffened.    


Before this, everyone had deduced countless times that the Paramita cultivators would only send a small number of cultivators to participate in the trade. It was impossible for them to participate in the battle.    


However, Yang Bo reminded him that there was nothing impossible.    


The golden dragon's expression was ugly. "If such a situation occurs, what should we do?"    


"Our numbers aren't much more than theirs. If we add the cultivators from the other side, I'm afraid we won't have any chance of winning!"    


Yang Bo said, "If the other cultivators from the other side attack, they will definitely take away all the cultivators who are surrounding the mirage!"    


"Then the cultivators from the other side will be able to stand out and help!"    


"Fellow Taoist Gold Dragon, I'm afraid this time is going to be very dangerous!"    


The golden dragon frowned. "If that's the case, I'm afraid it will be dangerous next!"    


"Although the mirage has a certain level of strength, it's impossible to crush the other cultivators from the other side."    


"Fellow Taoist Yang, do you have any ideas?"    


Yang Bo shook his head. "At this point, there aren't many methods left."    


"If we want to defeat them, we will have to rely on your own strength!"    


"At this time, we can only rely on our own strength!"    


The golden dragon was stunned. He looked at Yang Bo and said helplessly, "Right now, we have basically roped in all the helpers that we can, but if we can't rope in the ones that we can't, there's basically no other way."    


"Fellow Taoist Yang, are you still thinking of something?"    


The golden dragon stared at Yang Bo. He felt that Yang Bo's strength was not shallow, and he had a wide network of friends. Perhaps he could think of a good idea.    


Yang Bo hesitated for a moment. He looked at the golden dragon and asked, "Is there any force in the Sage State that has yet to make a move?"    


"I have always felt that the Holy World is vast, and that there should be a large number of Saints. The number of Saints that have come out so far should be only a few!"    


The golden dragon nodded. "At present, less than half of the Saints have come out. However, it won't be easy to pull the rest of the cultivators out."    


"I'm afraid that this path won't work. Fellow Taoist Yang, if you have any other way, feel free to say it!"    


Yang Bo stared at the golden dragon and said, "Fellow Taoist Gold Dragon, have you thought of any other way?"    


The golden dragon was stunned. "What other way can we find a large number of cultivators?"    


Yang Bo looked into the distance and said, "Do you still remember the clone demon beasts?"    


The golden dragon was stunned as he stared at Yang Bo. "Didn't the clone demon beast group perish?"    


Yang Bo chuckled and did not reply to this question, but the golden dragon had already understood.    


The golden dragon was shocked. "Could it be that you can already clone a Great Luo Golden Immortal demon beast?"    


"That's impossible! How can you do this?"    


The golden dragon was truly shocked. He had long known that the Heaven Spill Dao Ancestor was cloning the divine beasts. The golden dragon, phoenix, and Qilin were all clones of the Heaven Spill Dao Ancestor.    


However, after the future world was opened up, the Heaven Spill Dao Ancestor was forced to stop his plan. The entire future world was under strict control and suppression, and he was unable to continue doing this.    


Golden Dragon had always thought that this matter would end here. He did not expect that this matter would continue, and that a Golden Immortal Realm cultivator would appear!    


Golden Dragon was first shocked, and then he became furious, "Fellow Taoist Yang, you have to explain this matter clearly to me!"    


"The blood essence of my Golden Dragon Clan is going to be wasted like this?"    


"How far have you all gone?"    


Yang Bo laughed, "Fellow Taoist Golden Dragon, don't be too angry. This matter has indeed been pushed forward, but it's not easy to get a Golden Immortal Realm cultivator."    


Golden Dragon was furious, "Fellow Taoist Yang, tell me, are you talking about the clones of the divine beasts that you have created? Are you talking about the Golden Dragon or the Qilin?"    


Yang Bo asked, "Which one do you want?"    


Golden Dragon hesitated slightly, "As long as it's not the Golden Dragon, it's fine!"    


Yang Bo laughed, "Fellow Taoist Gold Dragon, what do you think will happen if we use the phoenix and the Qilin's clone?"    


Golden Dragon's body stiffened, "Fellow Taoist Yang, what do you mean?"    


Yang Bo said, "I'm afraid that the Golden Dragon Clan will have to suffer some grievances in this matter!"    


"If the clones of the Qilin and the phoenix are created, I'm afraid that the two clans will be pushed to the opposite side!"    


"Up to this day, the battle between the two clans has yet to reach a conclusion. Although the two clans are no longer fighting each other, the process of unification within the Demon Clan has already completely stagnated!"    


The golden dragon nodded and began to ponder.    


It had to be said that what Yang Bo said made sense. If they were to clone the other two races, it was very likely that they would be pushed to the opposite side.    


However, if they were to clone the golden dragon, it would definitely cause a backlash within the golden dragon.    


The golden dragon raised its head and looked at Yang Bo, "How long has it been since you succeeded?"    


"How many golden dragons have you successfully cloned? What cultivation level are they at? What kind of effect can they have?"    


Yang Bo smiled, "I only received the news recently. It has been a while since I succeeded. If I want to clone more golden dragons, I will need a large amount of resources. This will require your help."    


"Although the golden dragons that are currently being cloned have the strength of a Golden Immortal, they are not completely at the Golden Immortal Realm."    


The golden dragon was a little puzzled, "Why haven't they reached the Golden Immortal Realm?"    


"Is there any difficulty in this?"    


Yang Bo said, "I don't know why, but all the cultivators at the Golden Immortal Realm have failed. They even encountered a heavenly tribulation!"    


"However, although the golden dragons that are cloned have not reached the Golden Immortal Realm, they are already able to contend with the Golden Immortal Realm!"    


The golden dragon asked, "Is there a big flaw?"    


Yang Bo nodded, "There is indeed a big flaw."    


The golden dragon said, "Tell me the materials you need, and I'll help you gather them."    


"However, the day of the final battle is very close. Even if I am able to gather enough materials, can you ensure that you can bring enough golden dragons in the shortest amount of time?"    




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