Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil



1Eren had given Julie enough to make her see Dom and his backer as the real culprit.     

But just in case, the Osan Woods' Butcher decided to leave more breadcrumbs for his pursuers. Therefore he led those two ladies who were following the fake Dom into an inn.     

The fake Dom made the two ladies drink a lot of booze to dull their senses once they all got into their reserved room. Eren had already given a lot of stuff to store in the ID stone Reen was using. The strong booze was included in that storage.     

Eren had booked another room to enter the inn. Then entered Dom's room after he opened the door for him. Both the ladies had already gotten delirious by then.     

Eren didn't want to kill these two ladies. They would serve as the breadcrumbs/proofs for Dom's supposed involvement in Isaac's murder.     

Eren needed to perform sexual acts on these ladies that would serve as proof of them spending the night with Dom. But Eren didn't want to lose his newly gained virginity on these cheap thots. He wanted Nina to do that honour.     

So penetration was out of the question. These ladies wouldn't remember what had happened to them tonight either. Only their sore bodies would make them remember they had been through a lot with some guy named Dom.     

Eren immediately got to work. He told Reen to become a coffee mug first. Then he made her retract her mana sense and stopped his mental connection with her for the time being.     

Eren didn't want Reen to experience the sexual appetite just yet. First, he thought of her as a child who is just learning to walk. Second, he didn't know what physiological changes it would bring to the demon beast.     

Perhaps Reen will go berserk if her sexual needs aren't met properly. This happens with even rankless animals. And with ranked animals, the state of berserk can only get enhanced.     

Therefore, Eren turned Reen into a complete coffee mug before starting his business with the ladies.     

Eren started rough. He didn't give the same care to the ladies as he did to Nina. He needed the proof of his rough play to be shown on the ladies' bodies the next day.     

When Eren was done, both the ladies were naked and writhing in pain-induced ecstasy. They also had come a lot. Even without the penetration, Eren was thorough with his hands.     

Eren just kept his mouth away from getting involved in the play. In this life, he would only taste the finest of ladies with his mouth.     

The musky after-sex scent had filled the room. Bothe ladies soon fell into a deep slumber together. Eren left four Extols, this time stored inside Dom's original ID stone. Plus, he left some equipment he had received from Isaac's party stored in the same ID stone.     

The breadcrumbs had been planted. Eren knew, by tomorrow, the location of these ladies will be found. And all their possessions so far will be analysed.     

What will they find after checking the stuff that's inside Dom's ID stone?     


The next day.     

Things happened as Eren had predicted. The two ladies were tracked even before they woke up. They were both sleeping soundly. And wouldn't open the door when it had been knocked multiple times.     

The pursuers had to barge in by breaking the door. The environment quickly got awkward when the team of pursuers' male populace started intensely looking at two naked ladies in front of them.     

The female members of the team had to take the lead and chase the males out of the room. They gave these horny men the job to secure the area. Then they woke the two sleeping beauties up and made them wear their clothes.     

The female members talked to what seemed like their superior over their ID stones. A trio entered the room shortly after. It was Lin, Peter, and Ela from Lin's party. Julie followed them soon after.     

Julie Ekheart was a regular member of Lin's party, serving as an E Rank huntress in the OB. Peter and Ela were her usual superiors but for this case, she reported to Lin who was in charge of their entire team and this investigation.     

"What did you find?"     

"We have confirmed their identities. They are the same person who had exited the bar with suspected Dom Walker." One of the ladies of the investigation team reported to Lin.     

"Julie, confirm their identities a second time. You were there after all."     

Julie came forward and gave a short bow to Lin before proceeding to look at the barely clothed ladies. She confirmed their identities and stepped back.     

"Alright. Let's go with the standard practice. Take everything in the room as an object of interest in the investigation and seize it. Let the historians do their work. And make the arrangements to secure these ladies as potential eyewitnesses."     

The ladies were taken to a secure warehouse. Lin wouldn't have treated the case with such sensitivity had it not been indicated by Dom's previous statements that there was kingdom politics involved in this case.     

"Hello. My name is Lin Karr. I'm a regulatory officer of the OB. We are currently investigating a man named Dom Walker who you two ladies met yesterday. We want details regarding your interactions with the same man."     

The ladies blushed after hearing Lin's request. Eren had done a number on them. Their bodies were sore and they didn't remember many things post the booze and the bong. But they knew they had the best time of their lives with Dom Walker.     

"Sir, might we know what crimes the guy committed for you to bring us here against our will?"     

One of the ladies asked while mustering her courage. They wouldn't want to rat out the guy who had kept his word and left them four Extols each like he had promised unless they could help it. Lin lit a dark green gasper, inhaled the smoke, and took a huge puff before replying:     

"Where do I begin? We suspect that the man you know has killed his party members willingly by putting them in harm's way. He has colluded with a third party to cause Osan woods disturbance. He is suspected of nurturing an untamed demon beast of C Rank.     

There are some more crimes we suspect him for. But it would be too immature for me to comment on those at this point. So tell me, what do you know about the guy you met yesterday and what did you do together?"     

The ladies realized the guy was even more of bad news than they gave him credit for. They decided to come clean and told him everything they knew about him and what took place after they got into the inn's room.     

Lin had creases on his forehead after hearing the ladies' statements. Although they confirmed that they had spent the night with Dom doing the sexual activities, when he asked them about the details through Ela and Julie, they said that they were too drunk and high at the time to remember. Matt had given them a crucial detail that Dom had a small scar just below his right pectoral. But the ladies couldn't confirm seeing that.     

Lin was just about to grill them some more before the historian's report came in. They said that the suspect named Dom Walker had a very faint aura of a demon beast on him, meaning that he was in close contact with the beast or he was a demon beast himself. Lin immediately discarded the second idea.     

The historian also confirmed that the room had another visitor at midnight. The reports indicated that he was rankless. But that only confirmed Lin's guess that it was the same man who had accompanied Dom during his second trip to the woods. His backer.     

Lin was thinking about his next set of plans when he got another report. One of the objects collected from the room was confirmed to be Dom's ID stone. And it had some stuff remaining in its storage space that belonged to Isaac's party.     

"So it WAS him. Killing his party members wasn't enough. The bastard and his damn backer killed the kids as well and ruined everything for me. We need to skin these cold-blooded criminals alive after capturing them."     


Author's Note: Brace yourself for the 12-chapter mass release. Decided to end volume one of VEH in one go. Hope you like the volume 1's conclusion. Actively comment on the chapters and paragraphs starting from this chapter. Enjoy the long ride! :)     

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