Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

An Unwritten Consensus

An Unwritten Consensus

1Eren was supposedly a blank slate. Nina was sexually inactive for years now. They were talking about sex and all the subjects related to it. And they were both alone, talking and laughing between them. This all contributed to the creation of a sexually charged atmosphere.      3

What Nina didn't know about was that Eren had also concocted a basic aphrodisiac targeting women while he was making his potions. Nina was busy with a lot of deliveries. Plus, the whole butt-staring contest in which Eren was a solo participant had made her avoid Eren's gaze and table.     

This lack of supervision helped Eren make a basic aphrodisiac from some of the ingredients available on the table. It wasn't much. Just a simple mixture of Maca, Tribulus, Ginkgo Biloba, and Red Ginseng added into the cocktail of Metabolic Booster and Higher Stamina potions.     

The added ingredients acted as the essential components for various potions individually. But they served as a strong female aphrodisiac when mixed. This mixture added into a typically used Higher Stamina potion would work on most ladies that were low ranked. But it wouldn't work on a C Rank hunter like Nina.     

Therefore, Eren had used the Metabolic Booster potion as a base before adding the rest. The Metabolic Booster potion would boost a person's metabolism. It was a supplementary potion meant to be taken with other potions to enhance their effects. Therefore the potion wouldn't create conflict when taken with various other mixtures.     

And Higher Stamina potion would naturally make the internal organs receive enhanced blood flow to grant its user elevated stamina recovery. The potions didn't cause any negative side effects to the body when taken in light quantities. Therefore, they wouldn't trigger the body's immunity response even in the case of high ranked personnel.     

Alone, none of them would work on Nina because her rank was too high for those basic ingredients. But combined, they could nudge Nina into experiencing a sexual high if the right kind of environment is created beforehand. An environment Eren was creating right now.     

Eren had his past life's potioneering experiences. Although his potion-making didn't earn him money, he could still make some potions for his use by hiring local labs for a day or two.     

When he came across this aphrodisiac recipe, Eren was already fallen in life. No good-looking girl would want to be romantically involved with him. But he didn't want to give up on experiencing the pleasures of being with women at the time.     

Therefore, he had used the potion on some occasions to gain sexual advances with the ladies. Of course, he did not force himself on them. The potions were only meant to help.     

But Eren could only gain one-night stands with these potions. The ladies would regret being with him the next day. They would demean him further, telling him that he had taken advantage of them. Eren couldn't outrightly refute their claims either, because deep down he knew that those claims were correct.     

An unwritten consensus had been passed in the hunters' and adventurers' communities that they wouldn't party with a guy like Eren after multiple such instances were seen to be happening with Eren. That's the reason Eren started solo-hunting and kept on doing it until he was dead by it.     

Eren had also stopped using the aphrodisiac on women after some of the cases popped up in the open. Not because he was ashamed of it. He knew there were many vile creatures out there doing many times worse deeds than him, being celebrated as great humans because they had money.     

Eren's only mistake in his previous life was that he didn't have a social standing. He didn't gain enough respect or have enough money to turn any of those one-night-stands into a meaningful relationship.     

The reason Eren had stopped using an aphrodisiac was that he didn't like to hear curses and cusses when the mornings arrived, after every such potion-induced pleasure night. Although he had developed a tolerance towards people damning him, he wasn't fond of it. Eren then chose to go the 'professional' way after that and never looked back. There was no use of potions, no pre-plannings, and no post abuses. Just a simple form of exchange. What was not to like?     

Eren intended to use the aphrodisiac here in aunt Nina's case because he knew the situation with aunt Nina was different. He needed some medicinal help to steer her in the right direction. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to get over the kin-and-guardian mentality. The age difference was one of the hurdles as well.     

Therefore, Eren concocted the aphrodisiac and mixed it into their lunch when he was making it. With the right kind of atmosphere created, the concoction had started showing some effects as Nina's cheeks were flushed red when he was asking questions to her. He could see her nipples making their presence known through her clothes.     

"So you are telling me…" Eren continued:     

"That only a man has to face such humiliation in public when he gets excited because there's a beautiful lady present in front of him? And ladies will go scot-free even when they feel equal excitement? This is so unfair."     

Nina started laughing some more. She was intrigued by Eren's unique point of view. That intrigue allowed her to spot a compliment for herself in his statement. He said: 'excited because there's a beautiful lady present in front of him.' Eren had unwittingly called her beautiful and that he was sexually excited by her beauty.     

It was a roundabout way of complimenting someone but Nina decided to take it anyway. Every one of them mattered to her these days. Like they say, she wasn't getting any younger. Although she would be able to maintain her youth for far longer and live for an extended amount of time than the rankless ladies, she still felt her younger days were behind her.     

Crossing the age of 40 without any solid relationship can put a strain on a woman's psyche, no matter how accomplished of a ranked entity she is. But when a young man indirectly calls you beautiful and irresistible, there's some part of the feminine side of you that gets soothed and excited at the same time. That was what Nina was experiencing. And the aphrodisiac only heightened that effect.     

"You big doofus. A capable man knows when a woman is getting excited in his presence. You are clearly not one of them. At least not yet."     

Tina decided to tease him a little. It was just some random thought that she decided to act on.     

"Hmph! What's so difficult about it? I just have to keep on looking at their crotch. If what you say is true, then there will be some wet spots there, right?"     

"Hmm. You are trying to use your brain. And indeed that can be done. But it is not practical. First, unlike you who still doesn't wear underpants, girls will start wearing them from a very young age. That will prevent the wet spot from being visible enough for you.     

Second, who stares at a girl's crotch for telltale signs? You are thinking like a beast. Not a human man. Look for other, subtler clues, kiddo. How will you feel if I stop pretending that I don't see your hard-on that you currently have and stare at it, hmm?"     

Nina admonished him lightly and teased him so more. She found Eren's statements to be too funny and cute to remain in silence. She also had to make him aware that staring at a girl's crotch or bosoms was not nice.     

"Whaaaaa… how did you know that?"     

Eren acted flustered and tried to hide his boner with his hands, moving away from facing her.. Nina broke into a loud cackling after seeing Eren's response.     

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