MMORPG: Rise of the Peerless Pumpkinmancer

One Crazy Bitch!

One Crazy Bitch!

1White hair, white eyes, white skin, and clothes that would have made an immoral temptress blush. As soon as Jack saw her, he knew she'd be trouble. That's what his instinct told him.     

She glanced his way with her mesmerizing gaze, one that could entice any man— or so she thought. Jack barely glanced at her and even seemed to be about to leave, startling her.     

She was used to people avoiding her gaze while feeling insecure. She was used to people looking at her with a lustful gaze. She was used to all types of reactions— all except being ignored.     

For her, his calm was surprising, intriguing even. In her mystifying eyes, there was now a hint of amusement as she slowly moved toward him, imperceptibly swaying her full hips and placing a slender arm under her full bosom, "inadvertently" raising it upward.     

She then slowly raised her dainty hand toward the night sky with longing: "Isn't the moon stunning tonight? Such splendor was definitely worth scaling this precipitous peak. Did the moon also guide you here, mister?" Her voice was as clear as gentle.     

"No, my restless thoughts and a need for peace did. I'll be going now, enjoy moon gazing." Jack murmured, but she wasn't done.     

"The most beautiful of sights are wasted if kept to oneself. The world's marvels can only be truly appreciated in good company. Would you stay a few more minutes and enjoy this beautiful night with me?" She pleaded softly.     

Jack's bad feeling had somehow gone away. Had he been too on edge lately? This girl was a weirdo for sure, and her appearance here was unsettling, but perhaps she didn't mean any harm.     

She slowly approached, so lightly as if afraid to disturb the quiet with her footsteps. She then sat next to him with an innocent smile. She looked so pure under the moonlight, enchanting even.     

"Do you often come here, brother?" She curiously asked.     

"Not these days. I usually keep myself busy."     

"I heard there are many desperate people that come here. Is it true, brother?"     

"Yes, far too many." Jack sighed.     

"I've always wanted to visit this place. Legends say this mountain was once a magical land, a place of worship. Did you know, brother?"     

"I'm afraid now it's a land of ugly mutated animals." Jack chuckled lightly.     

"People used to worship the god of renewal here. He would bless his believers and bring them happiness, for a price, of course."     

"A price?" Jack raised an eyebrow.     

"Yes, people would offer him sacrifices in exchange for prosperity. The greater the anguish, regrets, and rage of the sacrificed targets and the greater the blessings. Can you believe it, brother?"     

"People can believe in anything when they are desperate enough." Jack knew that firsthand.     

"They say that this god could travel through time and even revive the dead. How amazing is that?"     

"Every good story includes miracles." Especially religions, Jack thought.     

"True. Still, the power of time sounds so amazing! Over the years, this place slowly became a suicide trail. To think that the god would be forgotten but that the sacrifices would continue!" She lamented.     

"No, a sacrifice is giving up something. That's impossible when one's life has lost all meaning already. If it wasn't the case, they wouldn't be here." Jack explained.     

"How wise, brother! You know, I'm happy that you're here with me. It must be fate that we met. You can call me Lilly." She whispered gently.     

Lilly? Was she really? It was such a beautiful name, the most beautiful in existence. No. No, she wasn't. She wasn't Lilly! Her using that name was no coincidence! That's when Jack returned to his senses. Pure and innocent? She wasn't. She had never been. Enchanting? Not!     

They had been having a pleasant conversation all this time, but there was something wrong, so very wrong. As he turned toward her once more, there was no trace of this 'innocent' side of hers.     

She was gazing at him with the gaze of a predator, eyes glowing in the darkness. Her smile was anything but pure. It was a perverse smile, one that knew she had entranced him but one that was slowly becoming distorted.     

"Who are you?!" Jack growled     

"I-I'm Lilly…" She replied meekly as if a terrified rabbit.     

Jack decisively got up. He wouldn't stay here. How had she even done that earlier? An entrancing chemical perhaps? He didn't know, but he also didn't want to know. He wouldn't fall in whatever scheme this was.     

Just as he was about to leave, he heard her voice once more. This time there was no timidity, only a tempting tone. She playfully chuckled: "Ah, the jig is up, eh? You know, you're a very hard man to track, Herald of Light Jack."     

Jack almost froze. She perfectly knew who he was. She had known since the beginning. What did she want from him? He couldn't feel any killing intent. This felt worse as her motives were cryptic. He kept walking away, she was throwing bait, but he wouldn't bite.     

"Are you just going to ignore me? Please stay, I'm so lonely! I could use a valiant man to comfort me all night long. Please, pretty please!" She was caressing herself as she said that, giving him a very suggestive smile.     

"I don't care." Jack remained unfazed.     

"Tch—You're no fun. What if I told you I know who made you fail that raid? You've sacrificed so much for it, haven't you? Isn't it a shame? Aren't you angry? Don't you want revenge?" She whispered akin to a devil.     

"No thanks. I'll do without your help." He remained steady.     

"Are you sure? I'll even throw in a freebie! Back when you avenged your sister, you missed someone. The Black Hand wasn't working alone, you know. He had a partner: I have proof." She threw a bomb at him.     

What?! Was this even possible? Was it just bait?! It wasn't that hard to research his past. For the first time, Jack turned back and stared straight into the woman's eyes. He kept gazing until she began to shudder. He hadn't detected any falsehood in her eyes, but he felt that this was only a game to her.     

"Fine, talk." He relented.     

"Come sit next to me." She said while patting the rock. He slowly complied, remaining on his guard. She then leaned over him with her entire body as she hugged him. He was about to push her away, but she spoke again.     

"Here, listen to this!" She played a recording on her phone. One that instantly chilled him to the bone with fury.     

"No— please, why are you doing this?!" Came a voice he knew far too well, one that had been silenced forever. This was the recording of a murder. What followed were muffled screams that pierced his soul directly, screams that still haunted his nightmares.     

There was also the sound of not one but two baritone voices. How could that be?! Fake or real?! He thought he had avenged her, but what if he truly missed one. He couldn't live with that. He'd find the guy and...     

"How does it feel to know your sister's true murderer is still at large? Do you feel hate? Do you feel regret? Will you kill him? Of course, you want to! But, can you?!" She laughed, reminding him of her existence.     

"Why are you doing this?" Jack sternly asked.     

"I just need a little favor from you." She shyly spoke.     


"Will you die for me?" She grinned.     

What the fuck?!     

Suddenly, she emitted killing intent. She grabbed a dagger and plunged it toward his heart. Jack was in bad shape, but he had experience. He grabbed her wrist, stopping the dagger, the sharp tip barely penetrating his skin. Then he twisted.     

*CRACK*      2

But he didn't stop at breaking her wrist. He raised his hands and wrapped them around her slender neck. Jack exerted enough pressure for her to turn blue.     

Would she repent? Would she confess? Who was she even?! But she showed a twisted smile as she repeated:     

"Will you die for me? Pretty please!" She began emitting killing intent once more.     

"No, and fuck you." Jack exerted as much pressure as he could.     


With this, it was over...     

Jack began coughing his lungs out. He really wasn't in shape to fight. Fuck that crazy white bitch, fuck her games, and fuck the Black Hand's associate if real! But that's when he felt something terrifying. The head in front of him rose up akin to a puppet, and it showed a nightmarish grimace.     

"You don't want to die? Good. Regret and despair. Scream like your sister. Will watching you die be as entertaining?" This thing's voice was so grating!     

That's when the girl with the broken neck pushed him...How?! Jack fell off the cliff, followed all the way down by that ugly smile and these white eyes.     


The trees barely cushioned his fall. The impact was harsh. He felt many bones shatter, his blood slowly leaving his body,     

But, it was already too late...     





The ducks were smart. They knew he'd never jump, not again anyway. They wouldn't miss the opportunity. The human that had taunted them all those years had finally fallen.     

It was time for a feast....     

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