MMORPG: Rise of the Peerless Pumpkinmancer

Acquiring Tools!

Acquiring Tools!

0In a small beginner village, a pink-haired girl was staring at a small shop, feeling cheated. This wasn't what she had pictured, hearing about an expert killer that had slaughtered thousands!     

What was up with this name?     

"Are you going to stand outside?" Jack inquired. What a weird girl she was…     

"Coming!" She followed the man that kept trolling her.     

As they entered, she nearly choked from the heavy odor of blood. It seemed to permeate the wood. Meanwhile, madman Jack was breathing it in relaxedly: "How nostalgic…." He even murmured. What was wrong with this guy?!     

Footsteps were heard as a man wearing a surprisingly clean white butcher apron showed up. "Hello, braves! What brings you here today? I have flank, short plate, brisket, rib, chuck—"     

"I'll take a basic rib, one that's very juicy!" Jack instructed as he handed five silvers over, already knowing the price.     

"Great choice! I'm surprised that a brave is patronizing my shop, to be honest. Braves are really great, and…." He enthusiastically began.     

But, the NPC's lips were slightly pursed, and his hand was becoming white from gripping the counter. He was most definitely holding back his true thoughts. How would a butcher truly see Players? Jack opened his mouth.     

"Braves are the fucking worst, am I right! They're nothing but brutes that only know how to attack their victims brainlessly. They'll turn everything they touch to shit, any good meat to a bloody paste that's unusable!"     

The NPC recoiled in shock but soon began grinning then laughing out loud. "HAHAHA! You do get it! These Braves are so damn trashy! I didn't know there were decent braves out there! I like you!"     

"Meh, they are almost virtually all like that. Anyway, I need something else. Can you sell me a good knife?" Jack requested.     

"Are you sure? Knives are pretty expensive, my friend. I can sell you a decent one for one gold if you need."     

"1 Gold?!" Bubblegum was choking in surprise on the side.     

"One Gold? Sounds perfect to me. Here you go!" Without even batting an eye, Jack handed a gold coin and happily received a basic iron knife in exchange.     


Common Butcher Knife     

Rank F     

Level 5     


[Attack] 1-2     

[Speed] Very Fast     

[Range] Close Melee     

[Durability] Very High     

[Attribute] + Butcher     


"Right, friend! Are you heading into the forest? Do you want a good luck charm to help you in your endeavors?" The butcher amicably offered.     

"Of course!" Jack loved free stuff!     

A few minutes later, the butcher came back with a small emblem of a flame. "Here you go, this is the emblem of the Benevolent Lord! It will protect you."     

Jack picked it up but suddenly froze. The emblem he was now holding had the symbol of a torch illuminating the surrounding darkness. It was very simple but elegant and had a certain charm.     

But, there was an issue. The Benevolent Lord's torch was supposed to show 3 lines at the handle. It meant to be benevolent toward allies, strangers, and enemies. This one had 4 lines instead.     

Anyone unfamiliar with Infinite would have assumed it was a simple manufacturing error. However, would someone religious get their emblem wrong? Nope!     

Jack couldn't help but chuckle loudly. "A torch with 4 lines, I fucking love it!"     

Once more, the NPC was stunned, but then he too began laughing. The two of them just began cackling in the utmost evil-sounding manner.     

The poor Bubblegum felt like they were speaking another language entirely. Who fucking cared about how many lines there were on a trinket?! Seriously?!     

"May you be successful in your hunt. I will buy any meat that you bring me as long as the cuts are well made!" The butcher said.     

"Understood! I will bring you the best of the best! Take care, friend." On this note, Jack brought along a confused sidekick.     

As soon as they were out, she instantly burst into questions: "What the fuck was that?! Is the knife worth that much?! Why did you buy one steak?!"     

"Lore. Yes. Because I only need 1." Jack curtly replied.     

Such answers only made her more confused. Lore? Somehow 3 versus 4 was a big deal. Yes, just yes?! How was it good? He only needed 1? How could he be so sure?! Would it kill him to explain better?!     

She could only sigh. Jack was akin to an iceberg with only the very tip showing. No, perhaps the little he showed was nothing but bait to misdirect from all the other stuff that was happening underwater.     

"We have one more stop." Jack shared.     

"We do? There are only five silvers left, right? Do you have more money?" She questioned.     

"No need." Jack shook his head as he brought her to what was very evidently a florist: he pushed the door open with confidence. "Hello there!"     

The interior was filled to the brim with colorful flowers everywhere. There was also something very peculiar. On the tables were many magical circles drawn that were all inactive.     

A man wearing glasses and a long blue robe welcomed them: "Visitors, nice! How can I help you today?" This guy was probably the unofficial magical instructor of the village. Not that he'd be able to teach necromancy.     

"I—" Jack tried replying.     

"Ah, silly me. You're obviously here to buy flowers for your girlfriend! Give me a second, and I'll create the perfect bouquet for you lovebirds!" He gleefully went around the place.     

Bubblegum became even pinker as she slightly blushed. What was up with these peculiar NPCs?! Each was more quirky than the others. For instance, this one kept sniffing his products, trying to create the perfect floral arrangement.     

"Actually, I came here to buy a spade." Jack interrupted.     

Instantly the NPC turned hostile. He glared at them as if they had killed his parents. "Why would I ever sell you tools! Are my flowers not good enough for you, perhaps?!" He thundered furiously.     

"I need it to pursue magical excellence," Jack explained (?).     

What kind of reason was this?! Where had all his eloquence gone?! No, wait. Seraphine observed her surroundings. That's when she noticed the magic circles. Oh! Was this guy a mage?!     

The NPC froze and then smiled. "Oh, that makes sense! Alright, it will be 1 Gold."     

"I have something else to offer instead. I'm sure you'll be pleased with it." Jack confidently said.     


"Bubblegum, give him your rosewood weapon."     

"WHAT?! No fucking way! Why would I..?!…." Jack was just looking at her, frowning and gesturing her to hurry up. What kind of monster would force her to part with her beloved dagger?!     

"Rosewood weapons are only good at the very beginning of the game. Plus, we'll get some from the blacksmith anyway." Jack explained.     

"A-alright." She brought out her treasure and slowly handed it over. It felt like getting rid of a piece of herself. It was the worst and she felt like crying!     

The exchange happened quickly, Jack received a tiny shovel, and the NPC kicked them out because he wanted to examine the enchanted dagger.     

"Alright, with this, we are all set. Let's start this party, shall we?" Jack could be seen grinning.     

Hopefully, all these sacrifices would be worth it…     


Common Gathering Spade     

Rank F     

Level 5     


[Attack] 1-1     

[Speed] Very Fast     

[Range] Close Melee     

[Durability] Very High     

[Attribute] + Gather     


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