Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife

Chapter 333 - Ch. 333

Chapter 333 - Ch. 333

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“What’s the problem?” Yun Ting asked knowingly.    

Lin Mumu rolled her eyes at him and repeated: “Husband, if you received this text message from me, would you believe it?”    

“No.” Yun Ting was finally satisfied with Lin Mumu’s words this time. He just wanted to hear her call him husband two more times, it sounded so good to his ears!    

“Why?” Xiao Du was a little confused. Although he was excellent in other aspects, he was still very dull and simple emotionally.    

“I can only bring people back. You’ve already agreed to marry me and you still want to run away?” Yun Ting’s voice was a little domineering.    

But, boss, you seem to be off topic!    

Xiao Du looked at their boss with admiration and confusion.    

The boss is mighty and domineering, but does this have anything to do with him? Maybe not.    

Lin Mumu helplessly gave Xiao Du an analysis and explanation: “Since she can’t get through, it’s possible that her phone was lost or taken away. Didn’t you say that her mother doesn’t support you very much? Aren’t there any other possibilities? What if she took her phone on purpose? Or what if someone snatched her phone and tied her up? Maybe she is in danger and is waiting for you to save her, but you are feeling sorry for yourself here.”    

While talking, Xiao Du’s eyes were fixed on her face, looking into her eyes.    

Every time she said something, Xiao Du’s heart ached.    

Why was he such a bastard? If what Lin Mumu said was right, wouldn’t Xiulan be in danger?    

After Xiao Du heard this, he couldn’t help but turn his head to Yun Ting with a questioning look.    

Yun Ting yelled angrily: “If you are a man, you should find the answer by yourself, go find your mother-in-law!”    

“Yes, I will write a note and go back to take a look!”    

There was paper and pen in the car, and Xiao Du wrote as fast as he could leave.    

Even if he was extremely anxious and had strict military discipline, he would not dare to neglect the required procedures.    

Yun Ting approved the words and waved his hand: “Drive the car together.”    

“No, how can this be done? How can I leave you and sister-in-law on the side of the road when we are this out of the way?”    

“Just go, this is an order!” Yun Ting didn’t bother to talk nonsense to him, he just insisted.    

“Or, should I take you back to the city first?” Xiao Du was worried about his fiancée, but he was not in a hurry yet.    

He was Yun Ting’s subordinate, and it was his duty to often act as a driver for Major General Yun. Now that he asked Yun Ting to take leave, it was a huge kindness to lend him the car. It saved him a lot of time. How could he leave Yun Ting and Lin Mumu behind?    

“Stop talking nonsense and get out!” Yun Ting ordered coldly.    

Xiao Du, like Xiao Gao, were all soldiers under Yun Ting, and were used to obeying Yun Ting’s military orders.    

Yun Ting ordered, and Xiao Du, who was a little confused, stopped dawdling and drove away.    

What Xiao Du drove out was a military Hummer modified by Yun Ting’s command. It was much better than ordinary private cars in terms of speed, body defence and performance.    

Xiao Du’s hometown was not too far from Yanjing City, but his hometown was in a village and relatively remote. He may not have a ticket when he went out to walk, catch a bus, or wait for a train. If he bought a train ticket to go back, he probably could only buy it tomorrow.    

With this car, it would only take two hours to drive there. It could save a lot of time in going back and forth, and if there was an emergency, he could still catch up.    

As soon as he left, Yun Ting and Lin Mumu were left on the empty suburban road, and there was also a little white dog named Baozi.    

There was no village in front of them, no store in the back, and there was only some farmland around where autumn harvest crops such as potatoes and corn were grown.    



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