Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 9604

Chapter 9604

09604 Chapter 9602-the end    

“Ice domain?”    

Zhao Shanhe raised an eyebrow as he looked at Qiu sanniang. A mere magnate at the peak of the early stage of the consummate level had not only not been killed on the spot, but had even injured him. This was truly surprising.    

Of course, this bit of freezing damage was nothing to him.    

With a wave of his hand, the ice crystal was swept away, leaving no trace behind.    

Shen Yifan and the others ‘eyelids twitched. They all knew the power of Qiu sanniang’s freezing domain. Even Lin Yi couldn’t stop praising her after sparring with her, but it was like a tickle to this person.    

In the next second, Zhao Shanhe’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Qiu sanniang and expressionlessly punched her in the face.    

“I remember now, you seem to call Zhang Shichang brother, right?”    

Qiu sanniang was once again sent flying.    

Although he managed to protect his face with his arms at the last moment, the bones in his arms were broken, and he lost consciousness.    

Zhao Shanhe did not have any intention of stopping. He turned and caught up again, throwing another punch.    

This cruel scene made everyone’s scalps tingle.    

If this hit landed, even if Qiu sanniang didn’t die, she would be crippled forever!    

At the crucial moment, mist filled the entire area, a light breeze blew past silently, and a colorless flame drew a mysterious arc and wrapped around Zhao Shanhe like a rope.    

Shen Yifan and Bao shaoyou attacked at the same time!    

however, zhao shanhe didn’t care at all. his pair of iron fists moved freely, completely ignoring the fierce attacks coming toward him. one on the left and one on the right, he directly landed on shen yifan and bao shaoyou.    

the two of them spat out blood at the same time, and together with the unconscious qiu sanniang, they were thrown a thousand feet away, crashing through two thick walls!    

everyone was dumbfounded.    

shen yifan and bao shaoyou could be said to be the strongest fighting force in the freshmen alliance apart from bai yuxuan, but they couldn’t even withstand one round of attacks!    

“you can’t even withstand a single blow. you’re all trash.”    

zhao shanhe’s taunting words caused everyone to feel suffocated, but they could not refute him at all. at least, from the short few exchanges, they really did not have any right to speak in front of this person.    

“we’ll be taking over the freshmen’s training. i think no one has any objections now, right?”    

Chen Guo looked at everyone with a smile.    

Under such circumstances, even if everyone wanted to resist, there was no possibility of success. As long as they were collectively controlled, even if the new students were suspicious and wanted to resist, they would not be able to organize themselves.    

In the end, they could only be forced to accept the recruitment, and then be separated and brainwashed separately.    

The State of Chen was already very familiar with this method. Previously, they had used this method on the criminals who were collectively locked up here, and it had worked time and time again.    

“Then, I’ll have to trouble all of you for a while. Of course, if anyone has thought it through, I’ll welcome them very much. Now is the time when we need people, and what we need are smart and capable new blood like you.”    

Chen Guo smiled and motioned for his men to take everyone away.    

At this time, a voice that everyone was extremely familiar with and missed suddenly came,””It doesn’t seem very appropriate to take my people away without even saying a word, right?”    

Shen Yifan and the others were overjoyed when they saw the figure walking over slowly.    

“Lin Yi?”    

Lin Yi smiled and looked at the expressionless Zhao Shanhe,”You were the one who attacked my people just now?”    

“So what if I am?”    

Zhao Shanhe raised his head and glanced at Lin Yi, his eyes still full of disdain.    

There were new students who were blown away every year, but not a single one could withstand a single punch from him. No matter how strong a Big Shot at the peak of the early stage of the consummate level was, he could only withstand a single punch from a true expert like him.    

“Nothing much, I just want to trouble you to kneel down and kowtow to my people as an apology.”    

Lin Yi’s words had just left his mouth when Wei baizhan, who was ready to give it a try, pressed down on him with a sinister smile. In front of a giant like Lin Yi who was over two meters tall, the short Zhao Shanhe was reduced to a dwarf.    

In terms of height and image, he was completely crushed.    

However, after seeing this person’s brutal performance just now, no one present dared to underestimate him. If he wasn’t tall enough, he would make up for it with his aura!    

“Yet another piece of trash who doesn’t know death.”    

Zhao Shanhe’s figure flashed, and he took the initiative to meet Wei baizhan. His speed surprised Wei baizhan.    

Back then, he was able to make a name for himself as the fist devil not only because of his pair of iron fists, but also because of the Academy’s top speed and movement technique. Otherwise, no matter how strong his Iron Fists were, he would only be a kite.    

A punch was thrown!    

However, Wei baizhan didn’t fly backward as everyone had expected. Instead, he met the attack with a punch of his own, and he didn’t even move an inch. He actually blocked the attack directly!    

“Petrifying domain? What’s your relationship with that damn Crow?”    

Zhao Shanhe looked at his fist that had been petrified and was shocked. As an expert of the same generation, he naturally knew of Wu Ya’s existence. Especially for his Iron Fist, the petrification domain was the natural counter!    

The essence of an Iron Fist was the indestructible profound meaning of metal. However, once it was petrified, it would lose its sharpness and become extremely fragile.    

He was forced to withdraw his fist.    

If he really continued to forcefully smash this fist down, Wei baizhan would definitely not feel good, but his own fist would probably be crippled.    

Once the stone was completely shattered, his entire palm would disappear.    

“Relationship? He was killed by my boss. What relationship do you think we have?”    

Wei baizhan laughed wildly. He continued to press forward with his petrifying domain. At the same time, he released his Thunder Dragon Kingdom. After the two domains overlapped, they became even more ferocious. For a moment, he actually managed to suppress Zhao Shanhe.    

Zhao Shanhe couldn’t help but be shocked. On one hand, he was shocked by Wei baizhan’s strength, but on the other hand, he was afraid of Lin Yi.    

Wu Ya was an expert of the same level as him. Back then, he had relied on the petrification domain’s restraining advantage to make him helpless. He knew all too well how terrifying that fellow was. It might not be accurate to say that he was invincible among those of the same level.    

However, there was no doubt that Wu Ya was definitely able to challenge those of higher cultivation levels and even reach the top of the Academy.    

Even Xu Anshan had failed to kill such a person back then. How could he die at the hands of a mere freshman?    

He wasn’t the only one who was shocked-all the prison Masters present, including state Chen, looked at Lin Yi with fear.    

However, Zhao Shanhe was still Zhao Shanhe. Even though he was restrained by the petrification domain, he was only moved for a moment. Once the iron fist domain was activated, he immediately turned the situation around.    

Even if, in theory, lightning-type moves had an additional effect on a metal-type domain expert like him, the numerous lightning dragons that landed on his head didn’t cause any waves.    

On the other hand, Wei baizhan would not be able to withstand a punch from him.    

In the end, there was still a huge gap between their realms!    



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