Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 9602

Chapter 9602

09602 Chapter 9601-power    

“This is the horror of extreme concentration!”    

Lin Yi couldn’t help but feel excited for Yan Zhongyuan. Yan Zhongyuan’s cultivation philosophy was much purer than Lin Yi ‘s, who was destined to be in all fields from the beginning.    

He only focused on gravity.    

Not to mention other attributes, Yan Zhongyuan didn’t even know how to use the earth element. From the beginning to the end, he only knew how to use gravity.    

Other than that, he didn’t have any other thoughts. He didn’t ask about anything other than being Lin Yi’s fighter when it was necessary.    

This was a cultivator who was pure to the extreme.    

It was because of the pureness that he could go deep into enlightenment-even Lin Yi couldn’t hope for this!    

A few days later.    

In du wuhui’s bedroom, the four magnates, who were at the peak of the middle stage of the consummate level, were completely unaware of what was happening in the secret realm. They were still guarding the exit of the passage with great caution.    

“It’s been seven days. Will there be any problems?”    

Finally, someone could not help but ask.    

The other three looked at each other-it wasn’t unusual for a fight between Masters to last ten days and ten nights, and it wasn’t good news for them to have an absolute advantage over Lin Yi’s group for so long without any movement.    

However, they did not dare to enter the secret realm rashly. After discussing for a long time, they could only continue to stay outside and carefully set up the four-man absolute kill formation to ensure that nothing would go wrong.    

Finally, just as the four of them were about to run out of patience, there was finally some movement in the secret plane’s passageway.    

“They’re here!”    

With the appearance of the vague figure, a powerful spiritual awareness instantly attacked the four people’s sea of consciousness, causing them to fall into a temporary dizziness.    

At the same time, a familiar petrifying force emerged from under their feet and invaded their bodies in an instant.    

From the beginning to the end, they didn’t have any chance to fight back. Without a word, they were reduced to four human-shaped stone sculptures. As for the ultimate killing formation that they had carefully set up, it could be activated by itself, but before it could even start, it was suppressed by an unprecedented gravitational wave and couldn’t even let out a fart.    

“You didn’t even call for reinforcements. Are you looking down on us?”    

Wei baizhan casually shattered the stone sculpture into pieces, but he was secretly shocked.    

Four peak of the middle stage of the consummate level couldn’t even take a single blow from the three of them-following Lin Yi was the right choice!    

“It’s a pity,”    

Lin Yi turned around to take a look-it wasn’t the four elites who died with their eyes wide open, but the entire secret realm behind him.    

Since he had already absorbed the core of the mystic realm, he couldn’t spit it out again. Although the value of an independent Mystic realm was immeasurable, even if he took out the core of the mystic realm, he couldn’t put it back in one piece.    

When Lin Yi was in there, the secret realm was barely stable, but now that he was out, the whole place collapsed.    

Even du wuhui’s bedroom was destroyed, turning into ruins in the blink of an eye.    

This place could have been a good base for the newborn Alliance, and they could have used it to lie low during critical moments. However, it was all gone now.    

Wei baizhan chuckled.”It’s not a pity. With the strength of our newborn Alliance, wouldn’t it be a piece of cake to snatch a few independent Mystic realms in the future?”    

“Alright, I’ll leave this to you.” Lin Yi nodded.    

Wei baizhan was dumbfounded.    

The Academy’s prison.    

After a few days of interaction, the freshmen of the freshmen Alliance had begun to adapt to the rhythm of the prison.    

On one hand, after the series of big battles, the freshmen had already formed a strong sense of unity. No matter when and where they were, they could stay together for warmth. Their ability to adapt to the environment was naturally stronger.    

On the other hand, the Academy’s prison had deliberately infiltrated and absorbed the various members of the freshman Alliance under the instigation of the second-in-command, Chen Guo.    

“If this goes on, there will be a big problem. Although the loyalty of the freshmen to Lin jiuxi is high, they can’t afford to be infiltrated on such a large scale.”    

bai yuxuan was extremely worried about the current situation.    

based on the current situation, although it was already certain that the freshmen alliance and the half-master faculty would stand together, it was not to the point where they could not distinguish between each other. even if they were depending on someone else, they still had to maintain enough independence.    

especially now that lin yi wasn’t here, if they didn’t do anything to interfere, the half-master class’s powerful brainwashing ability would wipe out the entire new student alliance.    

in fact, many of du wuhui’s original subordinates had already wavered, and it wasn’t just one or two of them. the key was that they continued to stay in the team and became the new propagator of joining the semi-master department.    

if this continued, within these few days, there would probably be an organized change of allegiance.    

“we can’t go on like this. call sanniang and the others. we’ll go see banshi luo.”    

shen yifan made a prompt decision. he suddenly realized that this might be the most terrifying crisis the newborn alliance faced since its establishment!    

a group of core members quickly gathered. as the actual leaders of the freshmen alliance, they had a deeper understanding of this problem than shen yifan. some people had even brainwashed them.    

However, Shen Yifan and the others did not see Banshi Luo.    

It wasn’t that Banshi Luo was powerful, but that he had been stopped by someone.    

Chen Guo looked at the crowd with a smile,”what’s the matter for you to gather so many people?” Could it be that there was a problem with the logistics for the new students? Don’t worry, as long as you mention it, I’ll immediately resolve it. In any case, I’ll give priority to the freshmen. This is also the order that the half-master personally gave me. ”    

“Chief Chen, you have misunderstood. The logistics supply that you have provided us with is very thorough and there is no weakness. I represent the newborn Alliance to thank you.”    

Shen Yifan cupped his hands and went straight to the point, “We’ve taken the liberty to ask for an audience with the demi-master because we have a presumptuous request. We hope that the demi-master will allocate us an independent area for us to conduct closed-door training. Of course, we will also pay the corresponding remuneration.”    

“Closed training?”    

Chen Guo’s scrutinizing gaze swept across everyone’s faces. Suddenly, he curled his lips and smiled.”The space in the Academy’s prison is limited, and we have to take care of everyone’s activity space. I’m afraid this request is a bit too much.”    

“That might not be the case.”    

qiu sanniang stepped forward and said,”i’ve heard that banshi luo has an independent arcane realm, and it’s not a low level one either. it’s all thanks to that arcane realm that the academy’s prison could develop to its current size. it shouldn’t be that difficult to draw out a small area from it, right?”    

without the support of an independent arcane realm, no matter how powerful banshi luo was, it was impossible to manage the completely closed forgotten land to such a prosperous state.    

not to mention other things, just the logistics problem alone could not be solved.    



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