Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 9603

Chapter 9603

9603 Chapter 9602-the end    

The State of Chen raised his eyebrows slightly.”Miss Qiu is quite well-informed. Yes, we do have such a place, but I’m sorry that we can’t open it to the public. After all, it concerns the foundation of our career. I hope you can understand, unless …”    

“Unless what?”    

Chen Guo smiled.”Unless we become a family completely. There will be no distinction between us. Then, there will naturally be no need to have any scruples.”    

Shen Yifan, Qiu sanniang, and the others looked at each other and said,””I’m afraid that’s not very realistic. How can we, a group of new students, have the nerve to be on equal footing with a half-master?”    

In other words, the freshmen Alliance and the half-master faculty could only have a cooperative relationship of equal status.    


Chen Guo looked at Shen Yifan in surprise. He wouldn’t be surprised if Lin Yi said something like that, but Shen Yifan wasn’t Lin Yi.    

“Junior Shen, if that’s the case, then this matter will be difficult to handle.”    

Chen Guo’s face did not show much worry. He had enough patience to swallow up the newborn Alliance. Even without the cooperation of Shen Yifan and the others, it would only take a few more days.    

After all, no one could stop people from climbing higher.    

Shen Yifan muttered,”if that’s the case, then I’ll just say it. Our newborn Alliance indeed looks up to the demi-master, but it doesn’t mean that we will join him. We are allies who will advance and retreat together. Therefore, I’m afraid that the words and actions of your people these days are not appropriate.”    

“Why not? Since we’re going to advance and retreat together, we have to understand each other. Is there a problem with my people introducing the half-teacher’s deeds and philosophy to the new students?”    

The smile on Chen Guo’s face suddenly disappeared, and his domineering aura spread out. The entire scene suddenly became oppressive, making Shen Yifan and the others feel as if they were sitting on pins and needles.    

This person was even more terrifying than Han Qi and Ji Chi!    

However, Shen Yifan was not an easy person to deal with, so he instantly returned to normal and said,””Publicity and brainwashing are two different things. Everyone here knows what’s going on. Chief Chen, there’s no need for you to use such perfunctory words. It’s meaningless.”    

“Alright, since that’s the case, let’s be frank.”    

Chen Guo didn’t try to cover it up and said in a majestic manner,”With the current situation in the college, only our half-teacher Department can compete with the Dux Department. If we don’t send out our half-teacher Department, whether it’s Shen Qingnian or Zhang Shichang, they can only struggle on whilst at death’s door. As for your freshman Alliance, you don’t have the ability to be independent at all. You can only follow one side and become a vassal.”    

“Equal allies? You’re not three years old kids. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous to say such things when your strength is completely different?”    

Shen Yifan frowned.”When we came in, half-master personally promised to treat us as equals. This is also his promise to our boss. Could it be that half-Master’s words don’t count?”    

“Of course I mean what I say, but I’m afraid you don’t understand it completely.”    

Chen Guo smiled faintly.”The demi-master has always treated all of us brothers as equals. Naturally, he treats all of you the same. From the moment you stepped into the prison, you should have realized that you have already become a part of the demi-master faculty.”    

A sheep entering the Tiger’s mouth!    

The backbone of the newborn Alliance suddenly felt a chill run down their spines. If they had known this would happen, they would have resisted outside. They might have had a chance of survival if they joined forces with Shen Qingnian and Zhang Shichang!    

It was too late to regret now.    

“Since you don’t have any self-awareness, I’ll help you. I’ll let you learn self-awareness.”    

A smile reappeared on Chen Guo’s face, but it was even more creepy. “You’re welcome. We’re all one family. ”    

A team of prison experts immediately surrounded Shen Yifan and the others.    

These people were originally extremely vicious criminals. Not only were their realms extremely high, but their actual combat ability was also far beyond their peers. Now, they were all intimidated by the half-master and became the backbone of the half-master Department.    

“Chief Chen, are you planning to use force?” Shen Yifan looked at the other party coldly.    

Chen Guo laughed.”Don’t misunderstand. I’m just doing this out of practical consideration. I’m asking my people to help you train the freshmen. After all, time waits for no one. We have to quickly raise the strength of the freshmen. And you guys are really too weak, so I can only overstep my duties.”    

Qiu sanniang sneered,”what a good way to overstep your boundaries. I’m afraid that by the time you’re done with your training, the entire rookie Alliance would have been eaten up by you.”    

As he spoke, he rushed out.    

She was the only female among the core members, but her temper was the first in the newborn Alliance to be so strong!    

Qiu sanniang’s pair of long legs moved up and down. No matter when, her kicking skills were always as beautiful as a painting.    

Moreover, her current strength was no longer what it was in the past. A figure who was able to kick down a Big Shot at the peak of the middle stage of the consummate level two levels higher in a one-on-one battle would become the focus of attention no matter where she went!    

“She’s a pretty good woman. Even I’m a little moved. Maybe I’ll really have to discuss with Zhang Shichang later and give him a betrothal gift. Of course, the premise is that he has to come out alive from Xu Anshan’s hands.”    

Chen Guo’s eyes brightened. It was not that there were no powerful female cultivators at his level. The original owner of the Academy prison was one of them. Unfortunately, that person was not easy to get close to. However, Qiu sanniang’s image and temperament were more in line with his appetite.    

After all, she was the number two figure in the half-master Department. She couldn’t possibly not have a female cultivation partner.    


Qiu sanniang’s anger flared up immediately. Since her brother’s death, Zhang Shichang had been her blood-related brother. Anyone who dared to punish Zhang Shichang was stepping on her reverse scale!    

Qiu sanniang’s figure flickered as she pounced towards the State of Chen.    

I don’t care what bullsh * t chief you are, I don’t care what kind of number two figure you are, I don’t care how many levels your cultivation is higher than mine, if I want to cripple you, no one can stop me!    

At the same time, Shen Yifan and the others also tacitly made their move, ready to support Qiu sanniang at any time.    


The State of Chen remained unmoved as Qiu sanniang charged at him. Just as the tip of Qiu sanniang’s foot was about to land on his face, a pair of Iron Hands with a strong metallic luster suddenly reached out from the side.    

A short man with a terrifying aura appeared beside him.    

Qiu sanniang’s eyes twitched.    

This man had once run amuck in the Academy. His pair of iron fists had made countless Masters tremble in fear. Even after he had publicly committed a murder, even the Discipline Committee could not do anything to him. In the end, they had to find trouble with Zhang Shichang, which was why they had been defeated and captured.    

With Qiu sanniang’s relationship with Zhang Shichang, she had naturally heard of this matter, but she never thought that she would actually meet this person at this time!    

The fist and the leg collided, and a violent shock wave instantly swept across the entire field. Qiu sanniang was sent flying, unable to stand properly. It was obvious that she had suffered a serious injury.    

On Zhao Shanhe’s side, his iron hand was covered in ice crystals, and an extremely cold aura of ice was spreading from his palm to his wrist.    



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