The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered Wife

Chapter 1666: I Will Kill You Myself

Chapter 1666: I Will Kill You Myself

Chapter 1666: I Will Kill You Myself    

Lou Wushuang’s face twisted, glaring fiercely at Xi Yue.    

The explosion of the Sealed Dragon Domain nearly wiped out the members of the Lou Family and the Green Vine Clan involved.    

Only Silver Fox, who was at the Void Darkness Stage, and Lou Wushuang, who possessed a life-saving treasure, barely managed to escape. However, they also sustained significant injuries, and her invaluable treasure was destroyed.    

The veil on Lou Wushuang’s face was long gone, leaving several scars on her face, making it look ferocious and terrifying.    

Even with the treatment using spiritual power, the scars could not disappear immediately. She had to endure this ugly face for several days. For Lou Wushuang, it was simply more unbearable than being cut a few times.    

And Xi Yue was the culprit of all of these.    

Just when she was in such an ugly state, that wretched Xi Yue dared to wear the Phoenix Feather Heavenly Dress, displaying a beauty that could topple cities and nations. How could she possibly tolerate this?!    

“Xi Yue, you bitch, I’m going to kill you! I’m going to tear you into pieces!”    

She cast aside thoughts about the wood source and the restriction against killing Xi Yue. At that moment, all she wanted was to scratch Xi Yue’s detestable face, wishing for her to die a most miserable death.    

In mid-air, Hexi’s face revealed a bloodthirsty smile. Her gaze swept over Silver Fox and Lou Wushuang. She said slowly, “So you didn’t die in the Sealed Dragon Domain. That’s great.”    

“If you had died, how would I have vented the hatred that burns my heart to the bone?! Now, being able to kill you with my own hands, that’s truly wonderful!”    

Lou Wushuang sneered, “You’re just a Gold Core Stage, but you actually want to kill me at the Soul Splitting Stage.     


, Xi Yue, have you lost your mind, or are you daydreaming?”    

As she spoke, a murderous intent flashed in Lou Wushuang’s eyes. Suddenly, a dark red light shot toward Hexi.    

When the dark red light reached Hexi, it surprisingly enlarged, turning into a crimson-backed voodoo as big as a human face.    

Along with the leading voodoo, there were countless small black voodoos following it.    

This was Lou Wushuang’s ultimate move. Once the voodoos entered the body, it was akin to being possessed. Not only would the victim suffer heart-gnawing pain, but also fall into the grasp of Lou Wushuang’s palm.    

Such a formidable technique, one that even experts in the Soul Splitting Stage might not be able to withstand, left Lou Wushuang completely unconcerned about Hexi’s ability to escape.    

However, there was not a trace of agitation or fear on Hexi’s face.    

She simply looked coldly at the voodoos as they approached her. Then, she gently raised her Li Shui Sword, striking out abruptly.    



” The Sinless Fire ignited, engulfing the voodoo. Then, it rushed toward Lou Wushuang through its remaining momentum after the impact.    

Lou Wushuang screamed in horror and backed away, narrowly avoiding the Sinless Fire.    

However, the voodoo insects she released were all annihilated, with every single one of them burned to a crisp.    

Hexi’s face was pale as if transparent, even her lips had lost their color. However, she retained a leisurely smile on her face, with a hint of bloodthirsty madness brewing in her eyes.    

When Lou Wushuang met those eyes, she felt an inexplicable fear in her heart and staggered backward.    

However, soon, her face became hideously distorted.    

This scum actually burned my voodoo. I had spent hundreds of years of hard work raising them.    

Scum! Bitch! I want you dead, I want to dismember you, leaving you with no place to be buried!    

Lou Wushuang went crazy. She incarnated seals as she mumbled.    

Soon, black skeletons emerged on the ground. Some skeletons could even fly into the sky, forcing Xi Yue down in mid-air and surrounding her.    

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