The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 1063: The Shallow Cloud Villa’s New Master

Chapter 1063: The Shallow Cloud Villa’s New Master

Chapter 1063: The Shallow Cloud Villa’s New Master    

“The Shallow Cloud Villa falls within the boundaries of the Treasured Stone Dao Court. If we start from here, we first need to reach Vanishing Thunder Sacred Dao City, which would take about 10 days. From there, we can teleport to Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City, then travel north for three days to enter the range of the Shallow Cloud Villa.” Xixi made an estimate based on the speed of Ning Cheng’s airship before replying.    

“It won’t take that long.” Ning Cheng took out the Starry Sky Wheel after finishing.    

The Starry Sky Wheel’s speed was several times faster than the airship Ning Cheng used just now. Thus, as Ning Cheng said, it only took the duo three days to arrive at Vanishing Thunder Sacred Dao City, from where they immediately took a teleportation array to Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City.    

Vanishing Thunder Sacred Dao City was at the edge of the Treasured Stone Dao Court and was relatively similar to the Abyssal Sacred Dao City, just slightly more crowded. On the other hand, Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City was a very important and strategic point for the Treasured Stone Dao Court. As such, not only did it have many strong cultivators passing through, but quite a few influential characters also resided in the city.    

“Brother Ning, the City Lord of Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City, Liu Fangzhen, is frighteningly strong. He had also participated in the slaughter of the Grand Change’s Ancient Giant Clan. This person is decisive in killing, and if it weren’t for Sister Xi’er back then, Big Brother Pan Qian would have also died at his hands.” After coming out of the teleportation tower of Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City, Xixi carefully transmitted a message to Ning Cheng.    

Ning Cheng understood what Xixi meant and gave her a reassuring look, “Don’t worry, we aren’t going to stay here and will leave right away.”    

“Xixi……” An abrupt voice called out before Ning Cheng and Xixi exited the city gate.    

The one who called out to Xixi was a late-stage Dao Raising cultivator, slightly thin in stature, and carried a somewhat strong dao rhythm with a harsh sharpness. At a glance, Ning Cheng understood that this fellow lived on the edge of life and death all year round.    

“Senior Brother Yuan. Why are you here?” Xixi also recognised the man in front of her and asked in a startled voice.    

After speaking, she immediately introduced him to Ning Cheng, “Big Brother Ning, this is Senior Brother Yuan Ji. We once teamed up together to explore the Underground Abyss.”    

Yuan Ji didn’t care about Ning Cheng and only nodded casually at him before re-focussing on Xixi in disbelief, “Xixi, back then, you and I were both at the middle-stage Dao Raising Realm. You were even stronger than me. How come you ended up like this? Plus, we haven’t seen you since that time in the Underground Abyss; where did you go?”    

Xixi understood the intent behind those words. That is how, after ten thousand years, your cultivation level dropped instead of rising, going from Dao Raising to Dao Sculpting.    

Xixi’s eyes dimmed as she replied in a low voice, “That time, I encountered some danger and almost died in the Underground Abyss. Plus, I had some other things happen to me over the years. It caused my cultivation to regress. By the way, are you, Zhang Chu, Wen Ze, and the others still exploring the Underground Abyss?”    

Yuan Ji shook his head, “Wen Ze fell long ago, and something happened to the Underground Abyss afterwards. I heard that the blood pillars suppressing the demonic creatures in the Underground Abyss had a problem…….”    

Hearing that the blood pillars had problems, Xixi asked, “What happened? How is it now?”    

Yuan Ji looked at Xixi in confusion but still explained, “After the problem with suppressed demonic creatures in the Underground Abyss came up, many experts from the Grand Change Realm decided to enter the Underground Abyss and forcefully suppress it again. Because of that, no one is allowed to enter the Underground Abyss. As for what’s going on right now, I have no idea. Wen Ze, who teamed up with us back then, also fell because of the problems with the blood pillars suppressing the Underground Abyss.”    

Seeing Xixi fall silent, Yuan Ji said again, “Xixi, why don’t you and I explore the Ice Forest Floating Island? Although it is slightly more dangerous, it’s better than not having enough spirit energy. I’m sure you’ll be able to recover your cultivation there in no time.”    

“I won’t go. Many thanks, Senior Brother Yuan, for the offer.” Xixi hastily refused.    

“I can’t let this go. Your cultivation has regressed too much. If you don’t work harder, there’s no telling what will happen in the end.” Yuan Ji hurriedly said.    

Ning Cheng looked at Xixi with suspicion.     

Were Xixi and Yuan Ji much closer than just normal teammates in a group?    

Xixi also felt puzzled. She and Yuan Ji were only teammates. Although some could consider them friends, they weren’t up to the level of caring about each other’s cultivation.    

Seeing the puzzled look on Xixi’s face, Ning Cheng instantly understood that Xixi and Yuan Ji didn’t have such a relationship. Yet, Yuan Ji seemed a little too enthusiastic.    

Yuan Ji also realised that he spoke out of line and sighed, “Back then, the four of us teamed up and explored the Underground Abyss together, helping each other out. Now that Zhang Chu has gone somewhere and Wen Ze died in the Underground Abyss, it made me feel sad. Now that I saw you, with your cultivation level fallen to the Dao Sculpting Realm, it makes me feel even worse.”    

When Xixi heard Yuan Ji say this, she instantly felt relief. Yuan Ji’s words also evoked some sadness, and she likewise sighed, “Senior Brother Yuan, I have some things that need immediate attention. After finishing up, I will perhaps go to the Ice Forest Floating Island.”    

Seeing that Xixi had said so, Yuan Ji couldn’t come up with anything else. He left a communication pearl with Xixi before seeing Ning Cheng and Xixi out of the city.    

“Are you and Yuan Ji close?” Only after the Starry Sky Wheel had moved away from the Crow Pavilion Sacred City did Ning Cheng ask Xixi.    

Xixi shook her head, “No, we just teamed up a few times before. I guess it was because he was the only one left of the four, which caused some suppressed emotions to emerge.”    

“Have you lived or frequently travelled to Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City?” Ning Cheng asked again.    

Xixi nodded, “Yes. Because Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City is suitable for me, it’s also quite close to the Shallow Cloud Villa, so I regularly travelled between the two.”    

Ning Cheng suspected that Yuan Ji had purposely stayed in Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City to wait for Xixi. However, he was only guessing at such things without proof. Regardless, waiting for ten thousand years was just the stuff of legends. Even if a real version existed of waiting ten thousand years for someone, Ning Cheng would still doubt the intentions. In other words, Yuan Ji had something crucial to do with Xixi. After all, it was a fact that after seeing Xixi, he only invited her to the Ice Forest Floating Island and said nothing else of significance.    


Ning Cheng and Xixi appeared outside the Shallow Cloud Villa in less than a day. As Xixi mentioned, this place felt like a cultivation paradise, surrounded by green mountains, flowing waters, and spirit energy just as thick as Crow Pavilion Sacred Dao City. Even from a distance, one could still see some buildings and pavilions faintly visible through the forbidden restrictions of the Shallow Cloud Villa.    

“Big Brother Ning, this is just the periphery of the Shallow Cloud Villa. Ever since Sister Xi’er forced me to leave and prepare for her reincarnation, I kept looking in its direction. I’ve never……”    

Xixi’s words suddenly paused, and her expression changed drastically.    

When Ning Cheng arrived, he understood that the Shallow Cloud Villa had people in it. However, he kept silent despite the puzzle in his heart. According to what Xixi said, since Xi’er had forcibly sent Xixi away, she wouldn’t have let anyone else stay there. But seeing Xixi’s changing expression, Ning Cheng immediately understood that a magpie had taken over the dove’s nest.     

Someone had taken over this place.    

“How could someone come in and live here?” Xixi muttered.    

Ning Cheng asked, “The Shallow Cloud Villa would have been empty once Xi’er left. In other words, it would be a masterless place, right? Since it’s a masterless place, why would it be a problem if someone else came and lived here?”    

Xixi shook her head, “There are many masterless places in the Grand Change Realms, but the Shallow Cloud Villa is not one. The fact is that this is a private property belonging solely to Sister Xi’er. Moreover, this place is protected by the Treasured Stone Dao Court. In other words, unless Sister Xi’er voluntarily gave it to others, it would remain empty and under the protection of the Treasured Stone Dao Court.”    

After saying that, Xi’er looked at Ning Cheng expectantly, eager for Ning Cheng to decide to take back the Shallow Cloud Villa.    

Ning Cheng remained silent for a long time before speaking, “Xixi, whether or not Shallow Cloud Villa can be taken back is of secondary importance. We can’t do anything right now, not even if we can retake it. Once we make a move, it will immediately alert others, making it even more difficult for us to enter the Underground Abyss to look for Xi’er. Since someone has used Xi’er to suppress those Underground Abyss’s demons, that person will also closely monitor this place. Therefore, I propose that we disguise ourselves and find an excuse to go in and take a look.”    

Xixi understood that Ning Cheng spoke correctly and could only do so as instructed. Truth be told, even going in under disguise wasn’t a good idea for her, but anxiety had already taken hold of her heart. She dreaded the damage those new owners might have inflicted on Sister Xi’er’s residence.    


A day later, someone touched the restriction outside the Shallow Cloud Villa. It was none other than Ning Cheng, disguised as a middle-aged man.    

Ning Cheng waited for half an incense stick before someone opened the restriction. A yellow-bearded old man appeared on the other side of the restriction; he just stared at Ning Cheng but didn’t speak.    

Ning Cheng frowned slightly before cupping his fists, “This Fellow Daoist, please, I’m Yin Xi’s brother, Yin Cheng.”    

“You have found the wrong place. There is no Yin Xi here.” After the old man finished speaking, he immediately moved to activate the restriction.    

Without waiting for the old man to activate the restriction, Ning Cheng stepped forward and forced himself into the restriction, asking straight-faced, “My sister, Yin Xi, has always been at the Shallow Cloud Villa. How can you say that? What the hell is going on here?”    

“How dare you enter someone’s private residence?” The old man’s face instantly turned cold and stern, his aura spilling around him as he spoke.    

He was only a Dao Sculpting cultivator and didn’t dare do anything to Ning Cheng. Rather, he only did it hoping it would scare Ning Cheng.    

Ning Cheng had heard from Xixi that any intrusion into a private residence was considered a serious provocation in Treasured Stone Dao Court. Therefore, to strengthen the cohesion and ruling authority of the Dao Court, once such things were discovered, all the intruding parties would be killed without mercy.    

In other words, Ning Cheng’s current actions, as long as the Treasured Stone Dao Court learned about it, would mean a death sentence for him.    

“Is this your private residence? How come I didn’t know about it? The Shallow Cloud Villa belong to Xi’er, Yin Xi has always been with Xi’er, and I have also been here a few times, yet I never heard of this place becoming someone else’s.” Ning Cheng sneered, and his aura pressed down on that old man.    

Sure enough, a trace of consternation flashed across this old man’s face after hearing Ning Cheng’s words, and for a moment, he couldn’t find the words to refute Ning Cheng.    

On the contrary, Ning Cheng felt a little surprised. He thought this man should have been allowed to stay here by the Dao Court if he dared to claim it as a private residence. Since they allowed it, this old man should have refuted it once he said the Shallow Cloud Villa belonged to Xi’er. Once the other party refuted, Ning Cheng could know whether the Treasured Stone Dao Court opened up the Shallow Cloud Villa and whether the Treasured Stone Dao Court had something to do with nailing Xi’er to that blood pillar.    

“I’m sorry. When we moved here, we didn’t know that this place already had a master. If the owner of this place returns, we will immediately move out.” A crisp voice emerged, followed by a woman in a long sky-blue dress walking over.    



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