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Chapter 979: Envy, abdication

Chapter 979: Envy, abdication

Chapter 979: Envy, abdication    

Secular war?    

Where do the secular and non-secular come from in this world? Can those Martial Gods and Supreme Martial Gods hiding in Martial God Mountain avoid secular disputes?    

Those families that have Martial Gods and Supreme Martial Gods, which one was not prominent and majestic? If they don’t have the support of Martial Gods and Supreme Martial Gods behind them, where would they be?    


What was secular?    

Of those super martial gods and supreme martial gods who take refuge in the Martial God Mountain, which one doesn’t need secular support?    

Without secular support, how can they go further?    

Without the support of secular support, how would they show off their martial arts in Martial God Mountain? How would they concentrate on studying martial arts in Martial God Mountain without worrying about life?    

The so-called escaping from the world and not intervening in worldly disputes was nothing more than deceiving the world. Who would take it seriously?    

Were the emperors of the three countries joking with him?    

Xiao Tianyao casually threw aside the letter of the jointly signed by the emperors of the Western, Northern, and Southern countries, pretending that he had not seen them.    

“Are the three countries planning to join forces?” Lin Chujiu came in with a bowl of hot soup. She glanced at Xiao Tianyao’s casually discarded letter and asked.    

“They have no way to survive without joining forces.” This was the reason why he didn’t dare to act rashly before. He was just afraid of disturbing others and causing the three countries to unite against him.    

He was not afraid of confronting the three countries at the same time, but……    

He was afraid that after confronting the three countries at the same time, he would have to face pressure from the Central Empire again.    

It was already very difficult to resist the three countries by himself. If the Central Empire joined in, he would have no chance of success.    

“With the east’s national strength, it will be very difficult to fight against the three countries at the same time.” Under Xiao Tianyao’s intentional or unintentional teaching, Lin Chujiu was no longer the novice she was back then. She already has a clear understanding of the national strength of the four countries.    

“They will not confront each other at the same time. The civil strife of the Southern Barbarians continues, the Western internal dispute hasn’t subsided, and the people of the Northern Li are uneasy. All of them are in crisis. They don’t have time to take care of themselves. So even if the three countries ally now, it will not last long.” He has been in the three countries for more than ten years. He knows the situation of each country very well and has many people stationed in each country. As long as he wanted to, he could provoke civil strife in a country at any time.    

“So you have already planned it, but what about tomorrow? Do you want to succeed to the throne?” The Emperor of the East was a smart man. Seeing Xiao Tianyao’s strong return, he knew that the situation was over. After struggling for a few days, he decisively offered to give up the throne. He also wrote a letter to Xiao Tianyao, saying that on the day Xiao Tianyao enters the capital, he will go to the city gate to welcome him personally, and at the same time abdicate his throne in favor of someone worthy of his honor.    

“Of course not.” Xiao Tianyao took the soup from Lin Chujiu’s hand, and at the same time opened his hand to make way for Lin Chujiu to sit in his arms.    

“Be serious.” Lin Chujiu rolled his eyes at Xiao Tianyao angrily and did not sit down, but……    

However, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t tolerate her rejection, so he stretched out his hand and directly pulled her into his arms: “I am very serious.” He put down the soup and did what a man should do.    

Lin Chujiu half-push, but in the end, did not refuse.    

Since entering the East territory, she and Xiao Tianyao didn’t stop on their journey. She was also busy recuperating her body. The two of them have not been intimate for a long time.    

There were no outsiders in the house, so the intimacy between the couple was nothing at all.    

“Don’t worry, the eastern’s affairs are nothing.” They can come back alive from the Central Empire, the land of tigers and wolves, so what does the Eastern mean?    

Before he left the East, he had already held all the rights in the country. Even if he wanted to ascend the throne, it would be easy.    

“I’m still worried. The East is just the beginning, and there is still a long way to go.” After winning the East, Xiao Tianyao will never stop. Xiao Tianyao will fight everywhere for a long time.    

Even though Xiao Tianyao’s ability was beyond that of a martial artist, ordinary people cannot hurt him. However, no matter how strong Xiao Tianyao is, he is still a human, not an immortal. When humans become careless, accidents will happen.    

“10 years, you wait for me for another 10 years, and in 10 years I will give you a peaceful and prosperous age.” Ten years was the ultimate goal he had set for himself. Within ten years, he will conquer the four countries and create an empire that can compete with the Central Empire.    

“10 years later, I will be almost 30, and I will be old by then.” In this era when the average life expectancy was more than 50 years old, thirty was already very old.    

“You stay with me these 10 years, and I’ll stay with you in 10 years.” Xiao Tianyao hugged Lin Chujiu and pressed his head on her shoulder, with a hint of coquettishness, and blew hot air into his ears. Lin Chujiu kept dodging and pushing away his head: “Don’t make trouble, let’s talk about serious business. The Lin Family said they would pick me up tomorrow and asked me if I wanted to stay for a few days. My cheap father is sick and wants me to go to him.”    

In the past, Lin Chujiu wouldn’t mind being a filial daughter, but now she knows that she is not Prime Minister Lin’s daughter, and she doesn’t want to go to the Lin Family.    

But the world doesn’t know this. The Eastern people still knew that she was Prime Minister Lin’s daughter. Prime Minister Lin was ill. If she doesn’t go back to see him, she will be scolded for being unfilial.    

Xiao Tianyao was in a critical period at this time. As her princess, she has to maintain her image at all times and cannot be singled out.    

“I am very serious. You tell me…I’m listening.” Xiao Tianyao lay on Lin Chujiu’s neck and remained motionless.    

Lin Chujiu was powerless and couldn’t push him anymore after several times, so she could only let him go: “How do we deal with the Lin Family’s affairs?” Originally, she planned to pretend that the Lin Family did not exist, but as soon as they came back, the Lin Family came to cause trouble and harm her. They don’t want to let her go.    

Xiao Tianyao hated the Lin Family so much. Especially since she fainted from exhaustion while operating on the Eldest Young Master of the Dongyang Family, Xiao Tianyao was even more unwilling to let go of the Lin Family.    

“Since they came to our door, we will welcome them tomorrow.” There were some things that Lin Chujiu didn’t know, but he knew it very well.    

How did the Lin Family of the Central Empire know about Lin Chujiu’s life experience?    

He doesn’t believe that it was the Lin Family of the Central Empire who found out about it. If the Lin Family wanted to find out, they would have done so a long time ago. They had taken away Lin Chujiu, the sacrifice bloodline, and would not have allowed her to live outside at all.    

As soon as he and Lin Chujiu arrived in the Central Empire, the Lin Family came to recognize their relatives. It can be seen that the Lin Family had just received the news, and the Lin Family was so sure about it. Someone in the East betrayed Lin Chujiu.    

Even he hasn’t found out about Lin Chujiu’s life experience. So who else besides the Lin Family of the East can sell Lin Chujiu?    

“You want to go to Lin Family? Are we going tomorrow?” Lin Chujiu was startled and turned around to look at Xiao Tianyao, almost bumping into Xiao Tianyao’s lips.    

Xiao Tianyao pursed his lips regretfully: “Wouldn’t it be better to go tomorrow? Doesn’t the Lin Family want you to go tomorrow? We will fulfill his wish.”    

The Lin Family wanted a face. If they wanted his help, it depended on whether they could afford it.    

“The Lin Family only wants me to go, they don’t dare to ask you to go with me.” What day is tomorrow? It was Xiao Tianyao’s first day of return from the Central Empire. Xiao Tianyao will go directly to the Lin Family without entering the palace, this will put the Lin Family on fire!    

It would be fine if the Lin Family and Lin Chujiu were close, but the Lin Family tricked Lin Chujiu more than once. Xiao Tianyao will go to the Lin family tomorrow. People who don’t know will envy the Lin family, but Prime Minister Lin will probably be scared to death……    

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