Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 48

Chapter 48

0“Fuu… Beds are more comfortable afterall!…”    

Lying down on his bed Wu Yan snuggled his face against the cotton blanket, if this were a cute chick then that would have been refreshing. But since this is him, let’s just say he looked disgusting to say the least…    

He doesnt’ care if he look vulgar or not, stuck in that G.o.d forsaken place for slightly over a day, he missed his bed. In fact anyone would have behaved as he did after a day and night at such a place, sleeping the monsters and whatnot.    

Technically speaking however, this bed is not his, it’s Hinagiku’s family’s, he’s just a tenant so to speak…    

It’s not just him, Hinagiku and Mikoto are now catching some z’s in their room as well, they even ignored Hinagiku’s mum who tried asking their whereabouts, this is the extent of how tired they’re from the trip.    

Like a little brat he kept nuzzling on the bed before stopping that r.e.t.a.r.ded appearance. Lying on his back he motioned his hand and two crystal appeared on his hand.    

“Beep! 2 pieces of mysterious crystal fragment detected, merge?”    

This notification has rang once and many times more after receiving the last piece from Hatusho. Since this is Mission 3’s completion requirement: finding and merging the pieces of mysterious crystal fragment, then it’s reasonable that this happened.    

He didn’t know if he would be made to leave the world at once after finishing Mission 3 that’s why he chose not to merge yet. But during his journey home, he inquired the system and found out that one would only go back to Silvaria if one so chooses.    

With nothing much to worry about he chose to merge it as soon as possible. Mission 3’s reward sounds so tempting, one could pick a reward randomly from equipments, items, abilities and summons!    

It’s tempting because if one were to be lucky then it’s the jackpot baby. Haxxor items like S grade equipments, cheating items, , or a demiG.o.d tier shoujo, calling those rewards good would be far too much an understatement, if he got those he would quite happily jump off a building. (Tl: no idea why he would jump off a building either probably metaphoric rather than literal purpose.)    

If he struck out and got some chicken s.h.i.t item then he has to taste the salt and move on.    

Had the system not said that inside the summon there’s only demiG.o.d tier as the upper boundary and no G.o.d tier then he would probably have used the reward by now.    

Even now, he still wants to try it out…    

It has a kind of indescribable charm to it that one finds irresistible.    

Under the notion of ‘I don’t know what I will get’, he’s unsteady feeling in his opinion is a kind of thrill, and he likes it. (Author note: That’s why I said you’re an uke!) (Tl: uke as you recall is the bottom b.i.t.c.h in a yaoi relationship)    

Pondering with the gem in hand, he grew more and more tempted by the lucky draw, his hands are itching and he immediately chose to complete the mission!    

Right after he chose ‘merge’ option, the two mysterious crystal fragment left his hand and floated up in the air. Under his astonished sight the crystals collided together with a sudden burst of speed!    

There’s not much abnormal sound or sight after that, at the point of impact the mysterious crystal fragments merged as naturally as water, in an instant a completed mysterious crystal appeared before him and dropped into his hands.    

“Ding! Mission 3 completed! Random reward from equipment, items, abilities or summon! Please confirm!”    

The system menu didn’t even wait for his permission and opened up on its own, a projection appeared and a lit frame appeared below ‘status’ and above ‘equipment’, it had ‘begin’ written on it and it pique him very much indeed.    

Barring those with learning disabilities, one would know what to do at this point, he pressed ‘begin’ without further ado.    

The lighted frame then switched between equipment, items, abilities, summons in rapid fashion. He got excited just from seeing it as a weird tension set in.    

Once the frame stopped he’s a bit disappointed because it stopped on ‘items’!    

Are points precious? He can tell one with perfect resolve, h.e.l.l ya it’s precious!    

He only has 1000 Equipment points, 81’000Ability points, 11’000 Summoning points, and 8.25mil Item points!    

He’s lacking in everything but Item points, his point is enough to buy any one of a random half sample of the item population. Basically, the thing he needs most is definitely not Item points.    

And what is reward? An item from ‘item’ list? (Tl: i bet 10 internet cookies if system had a personification it would be singing trololol)    

This led to him being a bit glum, S grade equipments? Haxxor powers? DemiG.o.d shoujos? Nothing but ephemeral mackerel clouds…    

Facing the item list that popped out he pressed ‘begin’ without much care and just let it run its course. He went back into planning his next move when he gets back to Silvaria.    

At the start, he’s super weak and getting stronger was his main focus so he chose to stay around giant beast forest, doing mercenary missions and system’s mission, farming mobs and leveling up.    

Now, after a month of grinding in instance dungeon (Tl: suggested a.n.a.logy for transcript world as per a commentator whom I forgot the name, just mention yourself in the comment section so people can throw cookies at you will ya?) -esque Hayate, the combat butler coupled with the time ratio of 100:1 this world to Silvaria’s, computing would leave one with a result that since Lulu went home some two months plus minus has pa.s.sed! (Tl: someone check the author on his workings please)    

He doesn’t have anyone particular that is related or close to him. To go somewhere he must first have somewhere in mind, f.u.c.k it, let’s go visit Lulu.    

But would she welcome them?    

If it’s Lulu, she probably would, same should apply for Fei Fei. But if it’s her family… Perhaps they would have their guards up at people of undetermined origin?…    

If he were to go visit Lulu like this, is it really ?(Tl: 自己就这么去找露露,真的大丈夫?, in case anyone wonders.)    

Fei Fei already said it, the strongest one in their family is a tier 9 previous head, it follows that they should be tier 8, tier 7 and so forth as well, by his side however he only has Mikoto, if he were to rashly rush in he would only find himself knocking on death’s door!    

Wait, I’m not there to pick a fight no? Why did I even think about this? I am just going over there to hang out with Lulu..    

He retorted back at his own out of snc thought with a bitter laugh. Maybe he really fought too many battles until his mind has been conditioned to this mentality. This is unforgivable! I am an Otaku male, my sacred obligation is having thoughts about 2D shoujos!    

That’s correct, think carefully about who’s the next summon, that’s the most important thing!    

Er… I think it was Hinagiku or something…    

Letting his mind wander around again, a card fell on him surprising him from his musings. At the same time, the system rang.    

“Ding! obtained ‘ability get’!”    

Ability get? What’s zat?    

Bewildered at the card in his hand he looked it over. It’s all white with nothing on it, plain white. He used the system’s probing function to check its usage. That’s right the probing function is not limited to checking level, it can also be used to check the function of items and equipment like an appraisal.    

He was stunned by the result.    

Ability get (Tl:能力获取): After using it the user would be able to get one of the abilities of any one of his summons, the power of this ability would be 1/10 the original’s; Item points 300’000.    

Obtain one of the summon’s ability? There’s such an item inside the list?    

He opened the list once more and after a bunch of search he actually found ‘ability get’, a 300’000 Item points item, so expensive!    

But it’s worth its weight in gold that’s for sure.    

Holding the card in hand he grinned, didn’t really had much hope in the first place but to think he would get something worth 300’000 Item points, his luck is quite good this time, if he were to obtain this before the Item points landfall then he would be even more joyous.    

Maa, it is heavens apart from the S grade equipment in his mind but it could be exchanged for an ability so it’s acceptable.    

He only has Mikoto as his summon right now, and she only has one electromaster lv5 as her power so there’s only one logical outcome if he were to use this card now!    

1/10 of Mikoto’s power? That’s around the stage of a lv4 isn’t it! lv4 electromaster with 300’000 Item points, totally worth it.    

Mikoto’s ability is alsos old within the system at a price of 30’000 Ability points, alternatively one could progress from lv1 to lv3 and then lv4, summing up to 30’000 Ability points more or less as well.    

a 300’000 Item points points for a 30’000 Ability points ability, it would seem like a losing deal no?    

Actually that’s wrong, Item points and Ability points aren’t on the same scale, to put on them on the same scale one needs to weigh it by rarity. Out of the 4 types of points the rarest one would be Summoning points, because it’s the hardest to obtain, next would be Ability points with Equipment points following closely behind and then Item points the most easily obtained one.    

To ill.u.s.trate this, he beats a bunch of monster to level up yea? Shanking mobs, as long as he stabs em then they would leave bodies behind, once one were to sell this to the system then one could get Item points.    

Other things that could be sold ot the system for points fall under the same context, Item points are easily obtainable!    

So 300’000 Item points and 30’000 Ability points might seem too great a difference but that’s not actually true, it depends on how Wu Yan use them that’s all. If he used the points on some useless muggle then it’s a waste, use it on another op character and it’s cha-ching baby.    

Using it on Mikoto, would result in break-even.    

He used ‘ability get’ and clicked on Mikoto’s status.    

“Ding! obtained electromaster lv4!”    

Bluish white lightning bounced on his skin and flowed around him making ‘biribiri’ sounds, as the electric flowed he started feeling a bit of pain, the pain got stronger and stronger until it turned into agony much to his shock.    

“Beep! Because the user’s level is too low and can’t deal with the intensity of this ability, the ability has started to corrode the body, taking the initiative to forcibly rise the level of user!”    

“Beep! Body at a level which suits the requirement, leveling is sucesfful!”    

“”Ding! Congratulations on leveling up! Current level is 50!”    

Faced with the warm fuzzy feeling of leveling up and the ensuing strengthening feeling he felt even more baffled.    

Could it be that by obtaining ability one can also level up?    


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