Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 49

Chapter 49

0Level 50 just like that?    

Looking at his hand Wu Yan still can’t handle the situation at hand.    

It’s not first time he bought abilities, ‘Kendo Master’ & ‘Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz’ are instances where he bought abilities but there’s no level up before.    

Why when faced with a lv4 ability there’s a sudden rise in level?    

“System, can one level up by getting abilities?”    

“Just buying abilities one can’t advance in levels!”    


Now he’s even more bewildered, why did he rise in level then? And what does the system mean by qualifying it with ‘just’? Does this implies that if it’s ‘not just’ buying abilities then he would rise in level?    

His head is hurting from the system employment of ‘technical jargon’.    

“Tell me then, why did I rise a level when I got the lv4 esper power?”    

“It’s an exception!”    


“Some powers that are powerful has level requirements and if the user does not fit it then when one obtains such a power the ability will give a negative feedback until the user is forcibly leveled up to reach its standard!”    

Understanding the gist of it he got excited.    

“Suppose I get a super ridiculously overpowered ability with a super high level requirement doesn’t that mean I would be able to rise quickly in level by using this route!”    

It goes like this: ama.s.s a f.u.c.k ton of Ability points buy a G.o.d tier ability, LOL as he approach G.o.d tier level !    

At this moment, he started daydreaming again, he even began to think up ways to ama.s.s said Ability points, but too bad this is but mere daydream, once his fantasy reached a point of utmost height the system came pouring cold water on him.    

“Reminder if the ability is too greaet and the user can’t handle the recoil then one’s body not being able to handle the load would disintegrate and therefore die!”    

His grin froze and he continued laughing like what’s just said doesn’t matter.    

“If the body can’t handle the load then the feedback will kill, is that what you’re saying?”    

“That is correct!”    

The system can’t read the mood, if it did it would have noticed the black air behind him, it just did its job of telling facts straight.    

He snapped and stomped his feet.    

“If that’s so why didn’t you remind me just now! I could have died from the recoil just now if my body can’t handle it, what if I die ah?! AH?!”    

Still stomping he patted his chest from the shocking realization post ex the fact. So that’s why his chest hurt just now, that must be the aforementioned feedback, if he can’t deal with it then…    

Shivering, his furious eyes became sobbish.    

A system that doesn’t screw people over isn’t system, as expected, all system that goes down in history are all trolls…    

“Why didn’t you remind me?!”    

Now he’s not just p.i.s.sed at the fact that system didn’t give him a note, but that that the system’s calm voice sound like the matter of him subjected to chance of mortality isn’t a big deal. He is not amused at this moment.    


“lv4 requires level 50, since the user was level 49 at the time and there’s only so much distance between 50 and 49 the recoil isn’t that bad, so going by system’s judgement the body of user at that time could deal with the risk with negligible mortality rate so it’s within the margin of tolerance and thus no notice or reminder were issued!”    

Resisting the urge to suicide along with the system he laid back down on the bed. His background went pitch black, dark aura came out of his body and his heart had the ‘washuawashua’ sfx.    

Within tolerable margins? Recoil not that high? Take that and shove it up your sister (Tl:你妹哦, lit your sister), that pain just now sent me to Hades and back and you say it’s not that high? It’s within tolerable range some more?    

Giving me the short end of the stick because the chance of my death happening is not likely, that’s your real tolerable margin isn’t it?! …    

Coach, I wanna sue!… (Tl: Your guess is as good as mine, probably a meme about injustice.)    

Forcibly increasing the level by 1 would result in this extent of agony, if the attempt didn’t succeed he would be in so much pain he can’t move no?    

And if the forcibly raised levels were too much then wouldn’t he have died for sure?    

Note to self: apply caveat emptor when buying abilities…    


Climbing up from his bed he stretched before walking out of his room.    

After sleeping for an entire day it’s about time they left this world for Silvaria!    

The sun just came out and Hinagiku’s mother is still sleeping so he just walk straight towards Hinagiku’s room. Mikoto and Hinagiku sleeps in the same room, one could just smell the yuri scent…    

He didn’t knock and opened the door before walking in like he owns the joint. With Mikoto’s ability opening locks and whatnot are so much more easier now than before, and as such the likeliness of seeing something good increases.    

Maintaining the his stance of opening a door he gazed at the two girls sleeping on the bed, he pondered over the appropriateness of his action for about 0.1 sec before walking over, of course he erased the sound of his walking over.    

Locking the door behind him with his back against it he found a seat and sat down. He can’t wait to set his sight upon the scene over at the bed, he nodded in satisfaction ever so often.    

He doesn’t know the reason but the girls that would normally sleep in pyjamas are not b.u.t.t naked!    

Well, strictly speaking it’s not b.u.t.t naked, the two wore their cute which he personally put on them before in the cave, so they are not naked in a technical sense.    

But they might as well be!    

He doesn’t know what fun games they played last night judging by their appearance but since he’s presented with this kind of chance he can’t let it go. He memorized the scene before him with ‘Impeccable Memory’, scanning over their breast he can’t help but feel intense emotions.    

There’s not much development here, if this situation were predicted, one would have helped their growth with some extra therapeutic ma.s.sage last time…    

Perhaps it’s because his gaze is too fearless, Mikoto woke up. As a level 69, seems far fetched that she can’t detect another person’s presence isn’t it? If not because she’s in a safe area and because she’s too tired as well she would have woke up ages ago.    


Snapping her eyes open she looked warily in Wu Yan’s direction. Noticing him she was momentarily stunned before she began frowning.    

“What are you doing here? And, how rude you didn’t even try to wake us up!”    

Seeing as she didn’t even noticed her exposed body and how she’s talking with him like this he flinched before realizing a short while later that he f.u.c.ked up, once again.    

The last time something like this happened was when he gave her a bath, as for how he got wrecked afterwards, let’s just say he’s still traumatized, it looks like he will die once more today.    

Already trembling a bit inside he tried to salvage whatever life he might still have, he tried to coax Mikoto, at least get her not to wake Kaichou-sama…    

With a serious face he looked at Mikoto.    

“Mikoto, whatever you do, you must listen carefully to me, do not move recklessly!”    

Yawning she sat up and her pristine body revealed all its glory upon his unworthy countenance, he however didn’t have the mood to appreciate the art that is this situation before him for…    

Stopping all motions Mikoto tried to comprehend the windy feeling touching her skin. Finally recalling the state she’s in…    

Eyes popping evevr so slightly she looked at him in a dumbfounded way, her body grew colder and her expression finally changed.    


Seeing that she’s getting even more panicky and her mouth started moving, he rushed towards her and closed her mouth with his hand.    

“Mikoto, it’s my fault, it most definitely is my fault but for the love of G.o.d don’t shout, at least don’t wake Hinagiku up otherwise everybody would find out that your body has been seen by me!”    

Startled by his actions again, some color began to return to her beautiful face, was it anger and embara.s.sment? coy? Who knows but sparks started dancing in a not so metaphorical way.    

If it were before then against the fate of being electrocuted like a perp getting tasered he would start praying but right now he has the same type of ability as her lv4 notwithstanding being at 1/10th of her power, some measly electricity can’t put him down.    

Ignoring the lightning dancing about, the only thing he’s concerned about is the scenario where her crackles stirred Hinagiku into consciousness, at that point in time he would die without doubt.    

Compared to Mikoto who’s stronger, for some reason he fears Kaichou-sama even more…    

“Please calm down!”    

Seeing as the intensity of lightning grew on her body and that the accompanying mini thunder got louder, he started becoming even more frantic like a dog jumping over wall in panic he pressed Mikoto down against the bed and shook his head to gesture her into silence.    

Alas, it slipped his mind that this series of motion look like some precursor to pushing down someone..    

Her lightning disappeared. Being pushed down on the bed with his body pressing down on her and his face mere inches away, her eyes started swirling and her mind went blank.    

He looked confused at her behaviour, seeing as she’s in a daze and unmoving he can’t help but consider the alternative of fleeing.    


And the electrical sound came again, her head going up in smoke her forehead crackling with electric, and her eyes as if looking at a dead man walking.    


In reality she wanted to kill him, no scratch that, she moved.    

Unleashing electricity at him, she directed all of it towards the one sticking close to her, the objective is to put this m.o.f.o down.    

The sudden surge took him by surprise but he recovered in seconds, she clearly held back with this surge, it’s not enough to harm normal person. He who holds the same power as her could receive her a.s.sault with nary a scratch, not even a hair on him stood up.    

“Hehe, little la.s.s (小妞), your powers are ineffective against me, it’s better if you obediently follow my demands!”    

Thinking that she can’t pose a threat to him anymore, he let the notion get to his head.    

She gave him a perplexed look, with her mouth gagged she can’t say anything and naturally ask anything, but questions and the like can wait after dishing out heavenly punishment on this perverted lycan.    

Electro attacks not working means she’s out of move?    

Nein, her time at his side has taught her well.    

Clenching her fist she sent him flying with one punch while blushing. Covering her body with a blanket she covered herself even going as far as burying her head.    

When the h.e.l.l? Did this Onee-sama always had such great strength?    

Twas his musing laying upon the floor.    

She had this much strength then why did she get molested by Shiroi Kuroko the yuri girl after she overused her powers?    

This is unscientific…    

Tl: regarding the . While some might disagree, I think they add a bit of schadenfreude to the anime. Why? I know she’s serious even though it’s made out to be comedic, and we know it’s not gonna happen no matter how hard she tries. Anyway, here’s her in action    


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