Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 43

Chapter 43

0Tree monster: (level 45)    

With a body approaching 5 meter and vines even longer, the monster is dancing its vines around making fwish sounds. The rocks and debris that touched it were wrapped and lord knows how the vines drilled into it but they crushed the big boulders like it’s nothing.    

Looking at this scene, Wu Yan’s a.n.u.s tightened, and he held Hinagiku and Mikoto even tighter while having a cold shiver.    

This tree monster who has skillful tentacle monster skills, is a great foe!    

He made an instant judgement as he observed the tree monster who’s still flailing around its tentacle, he decided it be best to end this with lightning speed.    

If he were to get caught in it then his innocence would be lost (Tl: author y u do dis to my imagination?). And if the girls were to get caught then he wouldn’t even have a place for him to cry, getting NTR by a tree monster, might as well kill him if it’s like that.    

While he’s off in his fantasyland he has forgotten a fact, Mikoto’s level 69…    

“So it is the king here?”    

Hinagiku popped her head out from his hold, she’s already pretty used being in pa.s.sionate contact with him, but since Mikoto’s at the other side of him, she’s a bit bashful at this. Glancing over at the tree monster she figured it might be best to divert their attention towards it.    

“I don’t know….”    

If one were to say Hinagiku’s a bit bashful then Mikoto’s even more embarra.s.sed, this is not the first time he has held her but her mental state during the time after the yokai army slaughter and the time when they were talking about sisters were not stable so excluding those this would be the first time she was held by him so brazenly…    

He didn’t think much about this, much less hug, he has already washed them through and through this much is nothing, he’s only preocupied with this tentacle tree monster thingy, and thinking up myriad of ways to end this m.o.f.o.    

Enemy of all males notwithstanding, even if it weren’t that m.o.f.o still remembers how that whip before would have sucked if it weren’t for his armor rendering all attacks below level 50 null. That’s plenty a reason for having so much hate for this thing.    

“You girls wait here, Imma cut this hoe into firewood!”    

Putting the two down he announced his intention making the two wonder.    

Why does he have such an axe to grind with the monster?…    

“Don’t you need my help?”    

She’s blushing and secretly furious at herself while having her head down, it’s just a little tremor, she could have used her electromagnetic powers to stablelise herself why did she just have to fall into his chest like that…    

“Together, let’s make this snappy!”    

He omitted to prevent NTR from the last line.    

She nodded in agreement after adjusting herself, a level 45 mob, compared to the youkai army, what’s there to be afraid about this particular one?    

“What about me?”    

She tried to make herself known to them hastily. (Tl: for gelatinous reasons of course)    

“You can stay by Mikoto’s side!”    

He motioned his left hand and a katana appeared inside his hand.    


A bit discontent about this, she knows because she’s weak she can’t contribute much during this fight, and it quite frankly bothers here but he has a point, in this situation she didn’t have Resplendent Breath, if she rushed up there she would only be sending herself to her death.    

Like a soul sister Mikoto just patted her shoulders while whispering to her.    

“After you have become a summon, your potential would become infinite, then, you can help him as much as you want!”    

A little more persuaded she resolutely nodded.    

“It’s coming!”    

A vine whipped at the trio, and he drew Nietono no Shana after warning them. A bright silver flash appeared against the vine and a vine as thick as an adult’s thigh dropped on the floor.    

“d.a.m.n! No wonder it’s the moe queen of ten thousand year’s (Tl:万年萌物, I swear it sounded better in the raws) weapon!”    

Moving his hand across the blade he’s impressed even though he knows the difference between each grade of weapon is huge. Nietono no Shana’s sharpness is better than expected.    

It’s no wonder than Mainstream Armament and Rare Armament though only a grade apart, they differentiate the low tier warriors and magicians from the ones that are of at least tier 7.    

While, still pleased with his weapon the tree monster who didn’t give a d.a.m.n about its broken vine flourished its vines and sent him flying with his armor blocking the impact once more.    


Seeing him getting lashed, the girls yelped.    

Groaning he got up to his feet and waved his hand to signal his state of being, he turned his eyes over to the tree monster, within them flames were burning.    

Motherf.u.c.ker (Tl:NN的, grandma’s     

), not even my mom has. .h.i.t me like that before, if you did it once then fine so be it but to hit moi twice, even if uncle can endure it aunt won’t stand for it!(tl:叔可忍婶不可忍, read most uncool)    

He’s fine because of his armor but to be forced into this state by some monster on the same level as him is a first for him. Thus, he’s very p.i.s.sed off right now!    

Turning his body, he dodged the vine lashes and like a gale he moved across the ground and slashed downwards with Nietono no Shana.    

As he was approaching the tree monster turned its leaves on its head into a round shield covering its body, so his slash only landed on a bunch of leaves.    

Seeing as his attack failed he stepped back and manoeuvred to its back before cutting down again. But before the slash even started the tree blocked with its leaves again.    

Pruning the tree like last time he felt helpless at this sight, at the same time, multiple vines stabbed downwards from overhead.    

He flinched before planning his dodge but a sounds from behind him stopped him and he continued slashing the tree.    

The vines reached his back and was about to do a triple whip before some black swords flew from afar shredding the vines to pieces. Meanwhile, he got through its defenses and landed a hit, lopping a log away.    


Finally wailing, he seized the moment and he executed his supreme skill: stone a poor f.u.c.k in a well, he hacked down Nietono no Shana which glowed red.    

“Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz!!!”    

As his shout fell, a red light arc came out from the sword, slicing against the monster’s face, the immense power shattered the stem to smithereens and bringing them along with its aftershock, breaking down all branches in its path and before him.    

Nietono no Shana continued to glow with searing heat, flame danced around the blade. He’s thrilled at the sight of this.    

Who would have thought Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz could bring forth the in the sword thereby enhancing its effects to such a degree, what a pleasant surprise!    

One hit kill!    

Caressing the blade he guffawed before sheating it.    

“Are you okay?”    

Seeing as the battle ended Mikoto and Hinagiku came to his side.    

“No problem, I should thank you for that support of iron sand swords just now, Mikoto.”    

As he beamed at her, she got shy and turned rosy. Doing what tsundere railgun does best.    

“It’s… it’s because you seem like you couldn’t handle it, so I intervened, don’t misunderstand me…”    

“clap clap clap!”    

A round of applause caused the trio to blanch. As they turned over in the direction of the sound their hairs stood on ends.    

A dude is sitting on the highest part of this place on the imperial throne, the male had super pale skin like a frozen corpse, he had long black hair and waist, his bangs covered one of his eyes, the only visible eye has snake like slit iris!    

Great snake king: (level 50)    

His serious face went into a daze.    

? Snake uncle, don’t tell me you also got transported, or perhaps you used your reincarnation jutsus to come to Hayate the combat butler? (Tl: he got so tired of kishimotroll he quit and came here, duh.)    

Looking at the great snake king sitting upon his throne, his suspicion of it being orochimaru is getting stronger and stronger. If not because he asked system and got a reply stating that no one transported other than him, he would have a.s.sumed him to be orochimaru.    

The snake king is still clapping his hand with a sinister smirk on him.    

“Marvelous, truly marvelous, to think you guys could destroy all my toys, it’s too bad this d.a.m.ned place didn’t have anything otherwise I would reward you all with something!”    

He’s speechless at the performance of snake king.    

It feels like, the p.r.i.c.k thinks he stands a chance against us?    

If it were just me then i would have died perhaps but at my side is a girl who’s unfathomable by this world’s standard.    

“Yan, look!”    

Pointing at the snake king’s neck Hinagiku shouted.    

“That’s the jewel of heavenly palace!”    

He confirmed that there is indeed a jewel hanging around the snake king’s neck, it’s dangling around his neck and it looks just like the picture shown by Isumi’s mom!    

“jewel of heavenly palace? I see, so this is your purpose of coming here…”    

Realizing this he muttered before laughing out of nowhere.    

“Are you the leader here?!”    

Mikoto stepped up and shouted at the annoying mob, just a level 50 monster and it’s being so obnoxious, she for one is not impressed.    

“That’s right!”    

Throwing his arms to his side like he’s about to embrace something he looked down on the trio.    

“I am the king here! The strongest dragon king!”    

“Dragon king! King!”    

Hinagiku flinched at this.    


Wu Yan’s mouth kept widening, Mikoto who can also use system’s probing function to look at his name is also rendered flabbergasted. She tried to hold back her laughter by pressing holding her mouth with her hands, she tried so hard to hold it in.    

After listening to that load of bull, he threw away his suspicion of him being Orochimaru because he could feel a heavy air of coming off of him, it almost made him laugh out loud at the guy.    

This big chuuni excuse for a snake claims he’s a dragon?….    

Sure, he’s heard that mythologically snake and dragons are often a.s.sociated together and he also saw in some xuanhuan novels and drama that snake can transform into dragons but this snake king before him says he’s a dragon, now that’s just amusing.    

It’s a f.u.c.king dragon, contrasted to dragons in lores and epics, do they look so pasty they’re have a foot in grave already? Would they be level 50? Even if it’s western styled dragons that look like lizards, they aren’t so disappointing no?    

He just a.s.sumed the great will of the universe (Tl: something related to this, not sure how it’s connected though) sent this jester here to entertain them, he didn’t hold this thought back either.    

“You here to play the joker?”    

Triggered by his retort Mikoto burst out laughing and her laugh chimed out so hard she had to hold her stomach with her hands and her tears almost, nope, her tears came out…    

Hinagiku meanwhile couldn’t figure out why Mikoto’s roflcoptering and Wu Yan has that stupid grin.    


The snake king roared.    

“You dare show impertinence to the great me, the dragon king!”    

Mikoto never laughed harder, and Wu Yan joined her on her roflcopter.    

Rustled by their behaviour, the king stuck out his tongue and licked his chin before training his snake irises on the trio.    

“I have decided, I’m going to turn you all into powder to be my dragon cave insect repellant!”    

“I have also decided!”    

Lifting Nietono no Shana, he declared while chuckling.    

“For the sake of all comedians’ development, I have decided to send you on a trip to showcase your talents, in h.e.l.l!”    


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