Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

0The winds bellowed and a sharp katana br.i.m.m.i.n.g with cold brillance slashed the youkai leader’s body.    

Abruptly, the sword coming down on its body stopped just a centimeter away from its body.    

With clenched teeth, he placed more strength into Kusanagi sword but it just won’t reach its body made of bones.    

He can see clearlly that close to the point of contact, black gas is seething there. This gas is only about as thick a strand of hair, but its tensile strength is like that of a copper wall iron barrier (Tl: basically super tough), blocking his attack from connecting.    

Without given a chance for surprise, a bony hand bigger than a fan slapped towards him. He dodged by leaping and took some distance. The bony hand slapped the floor with a hard ‘Peng”, making a small crater in the floor.    

Stopping his backward momentum, he swooped forward with blade dancing in his hands, he slashed at the youkai leader’s chest while it haven’t retrieved its bony hand.    

Right before the attack went through, black gas began to ripple on its body once more, turning into black strands rapidly and coiling around the sword.    

He felt like he wasn’t slashing at just any gas, more like he’s slashing against some kind of spongy leather. Every force exerted by his sword is lost in just a few moments. Stopping just a centimeter away, he can’t move another inch forward.    

What the? This black gas….    

Ducking, he dodged a slap from the enemy, turning his sword, he stabbed right at in its shoulder. Just like before, his stab was stopped by the black gas.    


He cursed while thrusting the sword with all his might, pushing the youkai leader away.    

Stroking his sword, he glared at it the enemy, or more accurately its black gas churning around its body.    

In his simulation, he thought that under the circ.u.mstances of holding a mainstream weapon, having ‘kendo master’ to enhance his attacks, ‘impeccable memory’ to locate the weak points and ‘Chaotic return to horizon waltz’ as a surekill method, he could beat it despite it being one tier higher. It should have been an even match in any case.    

Looking at the attacks which the youkai leader can’t respond to in time, this would prove that his a.s.sumptions weren’t off by much. What isn’t expected, is that those black gas have protective properties to them!    

Rather than a shield, it acts more like a defensive layer, completely resisting his attack force.    

He’s getting a little bit furious from the fruitless a.s.saults. He’s faster than the opponent but his attacks might as well have been decorations, at this rate, he’s going to tire himself out in a battle of attrition.    

As one would expect of someone from the skeleton and corpse spirit party, even when he’s alone he’s still planning to play the game of attrition. Wretched piece of vulgarite…. (真TM猥琐… really vulgar like his mother, yeah changed it)    

“Ah ah ah ah….”    

It chuckled while t.i.tlitng its neck. Opening and closing its jaw rapidly letting out ‘kakakaka’, it floated up and sweeped towards him.    

Moving his body to the side, he dodged its a.s.sault. while it’s brushing pa.s.s his body, he slashed his sword down and hacked at its back which is instantly blocked by the black gas.    

Twisting its body rapidly, it swooped at him like a missile, he can only dodge with little margin before it proceeded to reverse its body one again…    

The youkai looked like a homing missile, incessantly ramming against him while he’s on the defensive side, turning and dodging. The tables have turned and he who once held the attacking front became the one focused on dodging and defending.    

Dealing with the endless onslaught, his face became more and more discolored.    

Put in a position when one can’t attack and not attacking isn’t an option either (Tl: redundant double negatives, just read as between a rock and a hard place). What is one supposed to do in this case?…    

Scrutinizing its body, he is tring to use ‘impeccable memory’ to note down its attack pattern and look for its weakness. As the onslaught went on, the holes on the ground started to increase with loud booms occurring all over the hall with dust flew all over the place.    

“Hah… hah…”    

Once again doding the missile like attack, he began to heave lightly. The hostile is not afraid of his attacks, add that with its unpredictable marionette-esque movement, had he not remembered its movement with ‘impeccable memory’, he would have been hit by now.    

And from the looks of the crater on the floor, if it really connected, it’s not laughing matter.”    

Holding his sword tighter in his hand, the atmosphere around it began to stir. A slight breeze began to stir, it coiled up the sword, and as the wind condensed, it started to become more and more impressive finally becoming a light circle swirling around the sword.    

Using his leg as a pivot he bolted towards the oncoming enemy. Right before coming in contact with it, he lifted the sword and chopped towards it.    

“Chaotic return to horizon waltz!!!”    


Circular arc enveloped the youkai leader with sword qi and at the same time a dull explosion resounded. Carried by the sword qi, it was slammed against the wall buried by countless rockd ebris…    

Was it effective?…    

With a slight pant, he stabbed the sword into the ground while looking at the rock mound that’s slowly growing larger.    

Honestly, if this didn’t work then he’s out of ideas. Besides running, there’s only the choice of looking for a solution in the system.    

Too bad though, he tried searching already but either the items aren’t fit for purpose or he didn’t have enough points for it. So this attack carried a gambling notion…    

He’s spotting a hopeful expression, but he knows, perhaps this strike didn’t have any effect. This stemmed from the pressure that hasn’t reduced much since the battle started…    

Suddenly, narrowing his pupil he bitterly laughed.    

From the rubbles, it crawled out gradually like a worm. Going ah ah with its head raised up, it slowly crawled towards him.    

Tensing up, he raised his sword and resolutely faced the enemy once more.    

There’s n.o.body who’s not afraid of death, he’s afraid as well, very afraid in fact. But, for the sake of surviving, for the sake of one day stepping his foot once more on that piece of land known as Silvaria and for the sake of going home to make dinner for Kaichou sama…    

He must fight!    

Leaning over slightly, he prepared to rush. But focusing his gaze, a hint of surprised flashed across his face before it turned into excitement.    

“Ah ah ah ah”    

Ignoring the law of universal gravitation, its limbs flipped and like a machine it transformed its bony form into a standing position, the black gas rustling intensely on its body.    

There’s no observable change on its body compared to before, but with ‘impeccable memory’ he remembers….    

Before the strike, and after, the enemy’s black gas has thinned a bit!    

In other words, this black gas has limits!    

Smirking he raised his chest, grabbed his sword, and charged out with a powerful stride…    

In a blink of an eye, he reached the youkai leader, a cold glint flashed in his eyes before his blade brightened and shot out an arc.    

“Chaotic return to horizon waltz!!!”    

An intense collision rang, the youkai leader was blasted away by the aftershock, before it is about to collide with the wall, he appeared once more in front of the still flying enemy, his shining sword swung down once more!    

“Chaotic return to horizon waltz!!!”    

The arc carried it crashing into the wall, giving off a weird wail it was embedded into the wall leaving only its skeleton head visible.    

Appearing above its head with a shining katana, just as the youkai leader lifted his head the katana came down on its head…    

“Chaotic return to horizon waltz!!!”    

The wall was smashed to smithereens with big and small pieces dancing about in the air, the pieces came raining down on the floor once again raising a dust storm and making craters all over the floor. The poor floor which got riddled with holes became even more desolate and demolished.    

Gasping for air, he looked at the skeleton who is without harm but had its black air reduced to nothing. He tiredly laughed at it.    

In a mere 5 seconds, he consecutively used 3 times ‘Chaotic return to horizon waltz’. Although ‘Chaotic return to horizon waltz’ is nothing more than a pure slashing skill, it doesn’t need any dou qi or supporting skill, but it does consume a lot of stamina.    

However, it isn’t for nothing, the spongy defense has been eliminated, it’s totally worthed it.    

“Ding! Congratulations on leveling up! Current level is 30!”    

A level 30 youkai leader managed to increase his level to 29. At level 30, he’s a tier 4 now!    

Swaying his arms, he nodded while feeling a bit fatigued. He has leveled up twice within a day, this hasn’t happened for a while because as one’s level increased the required experience would increase as well.    

Grabbing his Kusanagi Sword he walked in front of the youkai leader, looking at its immobile body he remained silent.    

It seems, the black gas is used to support its mobility, without it the thing can’t move at all. Seriously…    

He helplessly shooked his hands while giggling.    

“Bro, it’s pitiful that I must kill you even though we don’t have any grudge against each other. But our ident.i.ties as one of human and as one of a ghost are crossed. For my mission, you must die once more, don’t blame me for it, just remember to be a ‘good’ person next time…”    

Eh? Why did he feel like he said something similar before? Ah, screw it n.o.body cares. (TL: ref back to wu yan versus wolf)    

Feeling helpless about it, he sterned his expression, reversing his grip on the sword he chopped down with much force, completely decapitating the youkai leader!    

“Ding! M2 completed! Obtained 10,000 Ep, 10,000 Ip, 10,000 Ap,10,000 Sp!”    

“Ding! Obtained x1 Mysterious crystal fragment!”    

“”Ding! M3 initiated!”    

He was shocked at the system notification.    

Item drop from fighting monster? It can’t be, why now when none dropped before?    

A solid sensation appeared in his hand, he quickly checked his palm and found an alluring white crystal in his palms giving off a golden glow.    

Mysterious crystal fragment: (????)    

Transcript world: Hayate the combat butler!    

M1: Infriltrate Hakuo Academy and become a high school student (completed)    

M2: Slay the youkai leader residing in the old dormitory;    

M3: Find the other half of ‘mysterious crystal fragment’ and merge it into a complete ‘mysterious crystal’;Rewards: randomly pick a reward from equipments, items, abilities, summon;    

The other half of crystal fragment? Now how in the h.e.l.l would I know where the f.u.c.k it is!    

Whatever, might as well go home and make dinner for Hinagiku, otherwise he will have to suffer her wrath.    

Sighing dejectedly, he stored the crystal in his s.p.a.ce ring and left hastily….    


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