Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

0On the vacant plains Wu Yan once laid, one uninvited guest came.    

A green bodied black striped giant snake crawled out from the depth of the forest encroaching on his location.    

With a length of approximately 4m and a diameter roughly that of a bucket, two fangs bigger than small sticks gives a very clear impression that this particular snake isn’t a vegetarian. (TN:Hurdurr it’s carnivorous, but the raw means that this snake didn’t come here to sip tea)    

Shamelessly he hid on a tree, vigilantly observing this giant snake.    

Just moments ago, given the warning, he almost gave himself a heart attack. This kind of lifeform whether or not it existed on earth before his trasport, he hadn’t a clue but can one really expect him who have only seen little kittens and puppies to deal with such a fierce being calmly?    

If it were not for the fact that there’s more of this p.r.i.c.ks to ‘greet’, he would have ran back to his mama. On the presumption, that there’s one on this world,    

As he watches the snake, he can’t help but feel, as expected of giant beast forest?    

A streak of light flashed across his eyes, and on top of the snake’s a unique line of words came out.    

Wind snake: lv10    

This is but another perk of the system, a pa.s.sive ability of the system to discern objects inside the field of vision.    

Rather than information, it’s more apt to call it a name and level.    

But though it is only a sliver of information, he was still close to weeping.    

System you piece of s.h.i.t, this is a f.u.c.king level 10, to put my chances of victory at 5% with moi’s (TN:哥 referring to himself as brother but it is intended for comedic effect so i changed a bit) fabulous lv0 when we don’t even know if the chances really exceeds 1%.    

Holding his thoughts, he placed his hands on the grip of his sword and closed his eyes ever so slightly maintaining his stance so that he can a.s.sault at a moment’s notice, planning his next moves.    

There’s only one chance and a frontal confrontation between lv 0 and lv10 is to nominate oneself for the Darwin award. Under this circ.u.mstances, only with sudden ambush can one increase the chances of victory, and this strike must strike hard in addition to fast! Or it’s nap time.    

Once he has attacked and the snake is still mobile then his only option left is to flee.    

Keeping his gaze upon the huge wind snake, his consciousness went into the system, flipping through the item list.    

This is why he kept the Ip, what better time to use it than now?    

Immortal intoxicating flower: Able to release a certain amount of pollen to induce target which inhaled it into a daze, also has a certain amount of chances to cause hallucinations; 1000 Ip.    

Sword in the right, flower in the left, the flower looks intriguingly ancient and although there’s better choices in the list, he wanted to conserve his resources. Besides, this flower is quite practical and is perfectly suitable for dealing with this threat.    

Lifting an arm to cover his nose, he while waving the flower. (TN: screw wind directions)    

A bunch of pollens invisible to the naked eyes came out and slowly wafted over to the snake. It’s hard to believe but this flower’s pollen do not require wind to carry it, just point it like a gun towards the target and the pollen will only travel towards that direction.    

Drifting towards the snake who is looking around anxiously with its green eye because of its instinct.    

Spring loaded and with its forked tongue in and out of its mouth the snake prepared.    

Too bad this snake’s book ends here, for how would it have known with its underdeveloped psyche that an opponent would hide unabashedly and use cheap ploys, it had only known the ones who would come straight up and challenge him.    

With the pa.s.sage of time, its eyelids began to grew heavy and watered. Blinking now and then with its body continuously twisting about, but this seems to be a sign of restlessness.    

Witnessing this, Wu Yan can’t help but feel elated that his plan worked. Honestly, he was afraid the snake wouldn’t get intoxicated since he never knew much about snakes. (TN: raw says all said and done he was never a drinking pal with a snake, took some leeway)    

Gradually as if knowing its time has come the snake shouted its last lament. In Wu Yan’s ears, these pitiful cries are music to his ears, he just heard ‘Moar!’, thus he shook the flower ever harder!    

Until there was no more pollen shaken out of the flower he stopped, and on the ground is the snake who had went inside a beautiful dreamworld.    

Noticing this, he jumped down 6-7 meters from the tree and landed on the ground, with his ‘Kendo Master’, even if his body did not improve much, his techniques improved to the point where a little bit of agility is but a simple trifle.    

Carefully he approached the snake who’s head reached his knees while gulping.    

‘Surely, it won’t wake up right…’    

Fighting his impulse to run away as fast as possible, he determined to rely on striking first, taking out his Kusanagi sword, he took aim at the forehead of the Wind snake.    

“Don’t blame me bro, blame the fact that you’re born a snake, you ain’t got human rights. Remember to be a ‘good person’ next time you reincarnate.” (TN: it’s a buddhist belief that there’s a tab being kept, at the end of one’s life and closed before starting another circle of life. This tab details your deeds good and bad. If you do a lot of good then you’re going to be born a human, highest honor, or if you’re bad killing a lot of pigs for example, you get to be born a pig. The path of escaping this circle of death and rebirth is through nirvana, but then again, not buddhist so I wouldn’t know much. Very hard to keep original intention while changing to english.)    

Chanting ‘Amituofo’ (TN: to take refuge in amitabha’s name/light, buddhist expression.), he swung the sword, the sharp Kusanagi cut through its head like a knife through paper, executing the snake in its sleep.    

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level is lv1!”    

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level is lv2!”    

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level is lv3!”    

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level is lv4!”    

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level is lv5!”    

“Ding! Congratulations for leveling up, current level is lv6!”    

The system notification shook his brain, after he regained consciousness, he laughed, dispersing the feelings of sin and disgust from killing to h.e.l.l (TN:, took some lee way).    

‘Lv10 monsters rock, I jumped from 0 to lv6, moi has finally escaped the t.i.tle of ‘newb’    

Lifting his arms, he can feel that with the rise in levels, his body became lighter and more vigorous, he’s feeling like he’s born anew with reinforced bones and clearer mind.    

A body that was before this only skillful has, with the levels, been enhanced to the point of fulfilling basic requirements of cultivation.    

Looks like this thing known as leveling reinforces ones body and strengthen ones apt.i.tudes modifying oneself to become more suitable for cultivation and growth purposes. Clearly, with levels one’s talents and body conditions will improve. Combining this with the system’s abilities and offerings, being haxxor is no longer a pipedream! (TN: haxxor replaces , to have one’s way, doing whatever the h.e.l.l one d.a.m.n well pleases, open for suggestions)    

“Beep! Organic materials detected, do you wish to offer this up to system for Ip?”    

“Beep! lv10 magic crystal x 1 detected, offer up to system for Ap?”    

Still celebrating his level up, the notification make him go blank for a second.    

Organic materials? Magic crystal? What the h.e.l.l is going on?    

Magic crystal should be obvious, he already read about it countless times in is novels, it is a pleasant surprise to be able to exchange it for Ap, but still within acceptable range.    

But what’s up with organic materials?    

Is it perhaps this snake’s body?    

He furrowed his brows, deep in thought, and observed the out of luck snake.    


The snake body slowly became transparent and finally disappeared. Concurrently, the system notification rang.    

“Ding! Ip 3000, Ap 500!”    

Holy s.h.i.t, it works!    

He grinned before posing a question.    

“System, what’s the condition of exchange?”    

“User, the type of points correspond to the materials of exchange!”    

Scratching his head, though he won’t say he’s dumb, but the system’s respond was only understood a little and only the face value of the respond.    

After a bunch of QnA, he finally saw the light.    

Basically, equipments for Ep, items and materials for Ip, since the body of the snake is a type of materials, it counts as an item and thus the Ip, and energy type units for Ap, magic crystal contains energy hence the Ap.    

“Then tell me system, what do I have to transfer for Sp?”    

‘Even though it’s nice to have other things but nice it may be, compared to 2D moe shoujos (TN: 妹子, mei zi, the temptation to write imouto is strong), those things can shove it, what? why not summon 3d shoujos? How superficial, as an otaku, how can one summon 3d shoujos! This is heresy! ‘(TN: not sure author rant or 4th wallbreak…, treating it as 4th wallbreak)    

“If user transfer life type units, it can be exchange for Sp!”    

“Life type units? Surely it’s not living beings…” He laughed dryly while feeling like his hairs are standing on its end.    

“Reminder to user, sentient life type units are invalid, valid units are those that have no sentience!”    


The mindf.u.c.k is strong with this one. (TN: lit, his questions are about to pierce the heavens)    

It’s enough that in the 21st century it’s normal to use technical jargons to screw people over, but how come even world transport system knows how to troll, wait… wrong, his a.s.s was already hurting from the surprise b.u.t.tsechs earlier.(TN: referring to strings of zero and super weak stats)    

“System, can you please ill.u.s.trate with example?” He said most unamusedly.    

“life type units, for instance, items with life energy, eggs of magic beasts and the likes!”    

“Why the h.e.l.l didn’t you say this earlier, using terms like life type units, seriously…”    

Dejectedly he sighed, even though it’s obvious now, but it feels like he wasted his saliva and energy. It seems to converse with the system, a certain standard of intelligence and will is needed.    

He closed the menu after looking at the mission tab’s mission 1 and mission 2’s 1:100 and 1: 10 ratio.    

For the foreseeable future, looks like he needs to deal with the ‘money spiders’ inside the forest (TN: raws says little cuties which i a.s.sume refer to mobs waiting to get their a.s.s handed to them, closest definition is probably ‘money spiders’ from tv trope), clearing this survival drill and then going to a place with people is his first priority. There’s no time to be wasted here squabbling with this system of unknown origin lest the risk of dying from stress.    

‘However, it’s quite unexpected that monster eggs could be exchanged for Sp, should moi go apes.h.i.t on some monster nests?’    

‘Hmm… this is a serious conundrum…’    

Translator rant: Next chap probably monday or tuesday, hope you guys enjoyed, done for the week. For those who’s wondering where are the chicks , all in good time, it’s a harem novel so by the time you know it, you would be saying “I am having a hard time remembering who is in his harem.”Peace.    


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