Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

0After much fiddling and probing, Wu Yan finally understood the differences between the three sub tabs (TN:The talent, skill & bloodline. Most of what was introduced, sharingan etc won’t be used.)    

To put it simply, those which can be learnt through practice are cla.s.sified as skill type. Those which can’t be learnt through practice are cla.s.sified as talent type. As for bloodline, that’s even more comprehensible (TN: No, it’s not I still don’t quite know the difference between talent and bloodline i just read talent type a and b variant), only those with possessing that bloodline can utilise the power within it.    

Also, to use these abilities entail certain restrictions, even if they are not of a same type, one can’t simultaneously use them. For instance, eye of death and rinnegan, since they’re both abilities revolving around the eyes, only one can be used at an instance of time.    

Furthermore, one may not have two types of bloodline at the same time, only one type may be in effect at anytime, to change one’s bloodline it must be completely changed. (TN: welp, there goes his chance at one-upping ichigo)    

There’s a silver lining however, the bloodline can be resold to the system to redeem half of its original Ap, it’s a real pain in the a.s.s but it’s still better than nothing.    

After that, more probing ensued, he more or less grasped the whole system’s functions, since one can exchange much more than abilities, there’s equipments, items. Looking at each one of those familiar yet strange equipments and items on the exchange list, he simply could not stop drooling.    

By the notification’s tips, he has to pay the appropriate unit for them. Ep for equipments, Ip for items, Ap for abilities, Sp for summons.    

As long as he has the pts and the item exist within the system then it’s all fair game. After much time researching, he realised, there’s only stuff he can’t afford and everything he can imagine is there!    

If one were to say after reviewing the equipments, abilities and items he was still able to keep his temperament, then after he saw the summons, he ascended beyond the human boundary.    

With eyes popping, and eyes so green hulk got jealous, his face was completely and utterly stunned. Gaze fixed upon the list.    

Hatsune Miku: Sp 5000 (TN: so much for power of music)    

BRS: Sp 10,000 (TN: Black Rock Shooter, since the raws used the mandarin counter part of BRS instead of original katakana, i placed brs here)    

Ikaros: Sp 100,000 (TN: Google sora no otoshimono penile laser, third picture, first girl from the left)    

The solemn and tranquil forest filled with clear vitality was, with much haste, had its serene scenery destroyed yet again by a bunch of wolf life howling.    

From our perspective, on the forest plains, one can observe something that resembles a barbarian jumping up and down, making a bunch of noise, anyone who saw it would unanimously concur: Neuropathy of the worse order.    

Wu yan laughed and shed tears, his body twisted and turned, if one were to be asked is that a dance to express joy or just twerking out of happiness then the judgement will have to be withheld until an expert comes along and verify.    

He’s 10000% sure now that this ain’t a midas finger system, this is basically a crystal palace harem system!    

To talk about opening cans of whoopa.s.s, bending the world over and s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g with it is but pointless banter!    

Our long sought after shangri-la is right before us is it not!    

He wish he can poke the system wide open to ‘rescue’ (TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), glad-to-be-alive-s.e.x) them girls. Woe be him, 0 Sp means he can only endure the blue b.a.l.l.s while listening to the ‘insufficient Sp’ system notification.    

“System you c.o.c.kblocker, what the h.e.l.l do i have to do to obtain Sp!” At the doors of despair with jimmies rustled, he listened to the system. This frustration with being so close to tender meat and not being able to ‘eat’ is very unbearable, this is clearly a c.o.c.kblocking system.    

“The user may complete missions to get the exchange pts, or by redeeming other items and materials for it.”    

“Completing missions? Well, system do I have any missions outstanding?” Looking at the strings of zero is very unnerving, but he recovered instantaneously. This is like a Galge (TN: visual novels), only by completing certain routes might one score points with the girl, this is all a test of love!    

Of course, this is but a mere horndog in human form justifying for his own sake.    

After his query, the system responded.    

Hunting mission: Survival drill!    

Mission 1 : Inside the Giant beasts forest, kill 100 magical beats    

Rewards: 2000 Ep, 2000 Ip, 1000 Ap, 1000 Sp    

Mission 2: Same context, kill 10 Lv 10 beasts    

Rewards: 5000 Ep, 5000 Ip, 3000 Ap, 3000 Sp    

Mission 3: Same context, kill a lvl 20 beasts    

Rewards, 10,000 Ep, 10,000 Ip, 5000 Ap, 5000 Sp    

Fine, if he had the mood to rush the quest to grind up some pts just a moment ago, then now he’s feeling like calling the system’s mum a wh.o.r.e (raws say to chastise or curse one’s father, 骂爹, took some leeway).    

Are you seriously expecting some good for nothing home security guard who only lies around watching anime to go hunt beasts with a kitchen knife? There won’t even be a bone left of him.    

“System you little s.h.i.t, you’re making this hard for me on purpose aren’t you, it’s absolutely so ain’t it, I’m a lvl 0 and you’re telling me to go kill magical beasts, forget magical beasts, throw any beasts at me and you’re sending me on a highway to h.e.l.l (TN: lit sending me back to the mighty castle of the king of h.e.l.l, yan luo w.a.n.g), you really want to waste me just after coming to this world?”    

He’s getting more riled up by the second as if he can clearly see his dead end, sappy and pathetic, if he were to add some more tears and saliva to that it would really start some waterworks.    

After dying in his simulations countless times, he finally stopped his sappy oratory.    

“Beep! Based on the fact that the user is too weak, and thus improbable to survive, system will give a starting amount of Ep, Ip, Ap, Sp, 10,000 each to enhance user competence, please choose wisely!”    

At the very moment, to his ears, the mechanical voice seems like an angelic one, looking at those points, his brow furrowed and he grinned like a fool.    

One can’t help but feel like his oratory was premeditated.    

After getting his “log in reward” (TN: Lit novice gift, any better alternative), he fiddled around with the system, this seed capital is his insurance for surviving in this other world, it doesn’t matter which kind of transport novel, there’s fundamental principle tried and tested, that is might makes right! (TN: alright you novel update maggots, cough up your recommendations to prove his principle wrong).    

Only with power can you pose and look good, if you don’t then you’re just it, a poser. (TN:只要有实力,那么你装逼才叫牛逼,要不然,你只会是一个, any better ideas?)    

Only with power can you do the cliche stuffs like saving a damsel in distress, saving a damsel in distress, saving a damsel in distress (TN: this is author’s way of showing where his mind is to ill.u.s.trate how big a horndog he is)    

There’s something very saddening after looking around in the system.    

Those glorious things shown were only the system’s way of toying with him, it’s common practice to market the value for money items, but why the h.e.l.l did you put all those items which have coolness in proportion to their price first?    

So done with roller coasting between high and low, he looked over the list once more like he was a prospecting. The first priority is of course, abilities, after all it’s pure power.    

Although he can’t afford the big ticket items, there are some practical ones which are quite attractive. It’s making him hard to settle on which one to choose.    

Finally, he chose a skill type ability, “Kendo master (TN: 剑道精通, kendo master literally, or max sword mastery)”.    

Kendo master: Skilled at the way of kendo, this ability rivals that of a Sword master who has 10 years under his belt; 10,000 Ap.    

After clicking it, he suddenly suffered headache, innumerable images appeared inside his head!    

In it, one by one, skilled Kendo users brandished their sword like they’re training. Each image used a different kenjutsu, and each of the images seem as though they’re pa.s.sing on the essence they have acc.u.mulated, each movement, each detail, everything is being embedded inside his head.    

His eyes went into the distance, he feels as though he has used G.o.d knows how long to learn the way of the sword, perhaps 1 year, or is it 10, or maybe it’s just one day…    

Not long thereafter, those images slowly disappeared until there was none left. Only then did he returned from his stupor, while still dizzy with the experience he rubbed his forehead, trying to make sense of his experience.    

Now, those complicated and arcane art are thoroughly inside his memory, even if he wished to forget it’s impossible.    

A good while pa.s.sed before he breathed out and happily smiled.    

He was under the impression there was still some string attached with the system.    

It comes off as a relief that once he exchanged pts for the ability, it’s inserted directly into his mind, learnt, and it’s fully at his command!    

Still ignorant as to talent and bloodline abilities notwithstanding, at the very least this skill type abilities can be an enriching experience and part of his competence is it not?    

He felt a bit queasy about using his pts completely, now he’s feeling he got the better end of the deal.    

He bought a sword from the system, one does not simply use sword use sword art without sword right?    

Sword of kusanagi (D rank     

): From naruto, Uchiha Sasugay’s sword; 3000 Ep.    

A flash of light and a sword along with its sheathe appeared in Wu Yan’s hand.    

Fumbling the sword out of curiosity, he satisfyingly nodded and placed it behind his waist, and closed the menu.    

Regarding items, since he’s not sure what to use it for, might as well keep it around unused. Tempted as he was to summon moe shoujos, he’s not a gigolo (TN: closest definition to male who eats soft rice, pansy, beta, p.u.s.s.y who hides behind p.u.s.s.ies sounds inaccurate or too offensive, i will go with whatever the majority of the audience wants), still water runs deep with these 2D G.o.ddesses, if he were to summon haphazardly one stronger than him, it would hurt his pride (TN: rolls eye yet again), it would have to wait until he became a little bit stronger.    

“System, are there maps of this giant beasts forest or items resembling that?” Embarra.s.sing to admit but he does have a bit of a bad sense of directions. All said and done he is still a home security guard….    

“Beep! Complete map of giant beast forest, Ip 3000, confirm?”    

“…” Fine, it was moi’s mistake to rely on you.    

Currently, he’s close to broke with regards to points, even if it’s only a little bit it’s still precious, and he was planning to leave some as provisions.    

Might as well do some recon by oneself, it is his firm belief that this forest can’t beat him.    

Thus he set forth br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence into the forest which moments ago was referred to as ‘G.o.d forsaken place’.    

With his Kendo master skill, quality guaranteed by system, come what may, they’ll get shanked.    

But he’s forgetting something crucial, even with some ability under his belt, but his level is still a cute, round, 0.    

“Beep! Warning! Dangerous magical beast within one hundred meter radius, according to calculations, if hostile confrontation were to occur, chance of winning is less than 5%, recommended to avoid hostile confrontation at all cost!”    

Wu yan’s foot stopped in its place and he took another step with an expressionless face.    

“f.u.c.k my life!!!” (TN: lit “i was born a tragedy!” didn’t quite feel right, took some leeway)    

Translator rant: Anywho, for those expecting steamy s.e.x, sorry it has to wait until something like 20+ roughly 30 chapters. For all you brothers out there expecting a loli, ya have to wait until 50+ chapters (and if you want s.e.x involving one with one less than 12, please visit doujinmoe or tsumino because there isn’t any in this novel, i read in shura’s wrath there’s’ one very late into the story, not gonna spoil it but it’s only a chapter, not sure if you guys have reached there). Though the implication is that there’s one involving a 12year old, or is there?    


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