Chapter 804: Leaving Nobody Behind

Chapter 804: Leaving Nobody Behind

0Chapter 804: Leaving Nobody Behind    

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They were willing to be killed and dared to pull the emperor down. When they were forced into a corner and faced death whether they fought or not, these the Greatest Heaven Sect’s grand elders still burst out in heinous terror.    

Soon, these grand elders discovered the power of the Penglai divine wood monsters. They were able to rely on formations to evenly distribute the damage, this was simply unbearable!    

The grand elders who burst out with a desperate spirit seemed to understand the principle of burning the cauldron and sinking the boat. Immediately, a seriously injured master rushed forward desperately. His purpose is simple, as long as he can trip up a Penglai divine wood monster and give others a chance to take action.    

As long as a few people can work together to kill one Penglai divine wood monster in one fell swoop, then this formation will collapse on its own. If the formation is broken, the opponent will fight alone, and it is impossible for Yang Chen to have such a tacit understanding.    

The plan was so precise that the seriously injured master succeeded directly. After his companions created opportunities for him, he hugged a Penglai divine wood monster tightly, and then, at least fourteen companions’ simultaneous attacks fell on the Penglai divine wood monster. Just as the attack fell, the seriously injured elder blew himself up.    

The self-destruction of the grand elder and the combined attacks of the fourteen grand elders were enough to make anyone in the world except Yang Chen hateful on the spot.    

Just when a group of grand elders were waiting with great anticipation for the Penglai divine wood monsters formation to be broken and they could immediately launch a fierce counterattack, what they saw in front of them directly sent their hearts to the bottomless abyss.    

Such a terrifying attack, the self-destruction of one grand elder, and the combined attacks of more than a dozen masters, actually only severely injured the Penglai divine wood monster, but did not kill him. How can this be? However, the Penglai divine wood monster in front of them, who was still alive and kicking, taught a solid lesson to the grand elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect who had always set their sights higher than their own.    

Soon someone discovered the clues. One of the Penglai divine wood monsters was seriously injured, and all the other Penglai divine wood monsters were also injured. How is this happening? Could it be that these dozen Penglai divine wood monsters are all one and the same? But if it was just one, they should all be seriously injured!    

Someone immediately thought of another possibility and couldn’t help but feel a sinking feeling in their hearts. Do these Penglai divine wood monsters share life and longevity?    

This is not wrong, when they were growing in Yang Chen’s medicine garden and promoting spiritual intelligence, the root systems of so many Penglai divine wood monsters were completely intertwined. Coupled with the function of the heavenly circulation formation, the twenty-four can completely share their longevity. To put it in a simpler way, as long as one Penglai divine wood monster is alive, the other Penglai divine wood monsters will never die.    

Although Tao Junqi later took away the twelve Penglai divine wood monsters when she ascended, this ability to share longevity and life was not completely lost, but it was just that everyone could not bear the loss of life at the same time as when the twenty-four gathered together. Therefore, the Penglai divine wood monsters were seriously injured, but the others were all minor injuries, and everyone suffered different pains.    

Already desperate, after seeing this scene, all the masters were even more desperate. Yang Chen was still watching eagerly from the side. He would never watch his allies get hurt. Once Yang Chen also joined the battle group, the grand elders could no longer imagine the outcome.    

After a quick burst of energy, it weakened again and again, and finally exhausted. When the energy that was finally built up suddenly let out a breath. It is impossible to muster up that courage again. Even though they knew that they would die if they didn’t try their best, they no longer had the courage to directly self-destruct as before.    

Yang Chen was not idle in the periphery either. The Penglai divine wood monsters besieged these supreme masters, and Yang Chen was responsible for dealing with them one by one. When it comes to one-on-one, Yang Chen is not afraid of anyone. With the support of the experts who are getting more and more heartbroken, they see their companions around them being attacked and killed one by one by Yang Chen, but they can only try their best to maintain their strength. There is no way to survive.    

Tsk tsk, Yang Chen stabbed twice in succession. The two grand elders were directly chopped into four pieces, and then the mummy began to explode into powder. Not to mention the complete body, not even the slightly larger body parts could be found.    

“Devil, I should have killed you before you became a mature person!” After a series of killings. There are only a dozen grand elders left in the Greatest Heaven Sect, and all of them have reached the end of their strength. An elder who was obviously aware of some of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s activities targeting Yang Chen couldn’t help but curse loudly.    

“Your Greatest Heaven Sect wants to kill me, but you have never stopped thinking about it for a day.” Yang Chen chopped one over, stared at the elder who just spoke, moved his body, went up to the pocket and chopped off the head with a knife, and said at the same time: ” Don’t tell me, the Greatest Heaven Sect has never had any idea of ​​​​me.”    

“Grandmaster Yang, you have killed enough. For the sake of Elder Tao, please let me go!” Seeing that there are fewer and fewer people around him, the remaining few have lost their previous toughness, and their tone of voice has become increasingly tense with a plea: “We are willing to surrender as slaves!”    

Several grand elders surrendered themselves as slaves, which sounds very appealing. As long as they are asked to swear the oath of the inner demon, the masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect are not young ladies who practice the colorful spiritual method, so they are not afraid of the oath of the inner demon at all. With these expert guards, even in the spiritual world, there is no need to coyly pretend to lay low.    

It’s a pity that it sounds appealing, but if it is really done, Yang Chen’s family and the Pure Yang Palace will definitely die without a burial place. If even one of these guys, regardless of the inner demon’s oath, reveals that Yang Chen has killed so many grand elders, what will greet Yang Chen and the Pure Yang Palace will definitely be the overwhelming anger of the Profound Heaven Sect in the spiritual world.    

What’s more, Yang Chen couldn’t explain the origins of the slaves around him to other outsiders. Which of the grand elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect was not a famous person who became famous all over the mortal world a long time ago? Taking these people with them would definitely lead them into the latrine with a bright lantern and directly seek death.    

“I’m sorry, I have to deal with the Profound Heaven Sect. There is absolutely no chance that anyone will be left alive here.” Yang Chen shook his head directly and wiped out the last bit of luck the other party had: “If you want to blame someone, just blame your Greatest Heaven Sect for being too domineering and leaving no room for you!”    

After hearing that Yang Chen even said that he wanted to deal with the Profound Heaven Sect, several grand elders also completely understood that Yang Chen would never let them go. No more words were said at the moment, all they did was rush towards the nearest Penglai divine wood monster.    

Boom boom boom, at least six injured masters self-destructed their magic weapons and bodies, and the huge lethality directly caused serious injuries to all twelve Penglai divine wood monsters.    


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