Chapter 36

Chapter 36

0I Give You The Opportunity To Speak    

On the outside the five assassins were still looking for him as anxiously as before. A youngster of the first qi layer can not suddenly disappear without leaving any trace. It wasn’t that currently there were no proper techniques to hide one’s breath, but rather that this kind of technique could definitely not be used by a kid at the first qi layer.    

Yang Chen was still patiently waiting for an opportunity. He had to wait at least until these people got impatient and frivolous while looking for him and then he would dispose of them. Regardless of the number of people on both sides, the difference between their realms was too great, if he met force with force, he would not be their match in any way.    

Having recently entered the second qi layer and having obtained that sword box, he was very happy. The thing that made him the happiest was that he had been able to intercepted the most difficult to deal with magic tool of Luminous Moon Hall’s Hall Master, who had betrayed his teacher. That should stop him from becoming as rampant as in Yang Chen’s previous life.    

Furthermore, Yang Chen did not intend to let go of this underground spirit vein, wishing to fulfill the requirements for spirit power to be absorbed by the clean bottle. On one hand, it could be used to grow the the herbs of the Medicine Garden in the clean bottle, which would require large amounts of spirit power. On the other hand it would prevent strife in the sect if the vein disappeared before it could be found in the future.    

Here at the very edge of the MeiQing Mountain, which could be considered as the region where the influence of the Pure Yang Palace was the weakest, while just ahead there was the territory of another sect. In the cultivation world there was no lack of disputes to plunder natural resources. Even in Yang Chen’s previous life, after the Pure Yang Palace had taken the magic weapon, they still had to talk things over with the neighboring sect and leave this underground spirit vein for them.    

Since for the time being this cave was in Yang Chen’s possession, he intended to keep all the things inside of it entirely for himself, including this spirit vein. Rather than another sect, it would be better if he set it aside for himself. The unrestricted clean bottle was frantically absorbing the spirit power. Usually it could completely draw out the spirit power from a circumference of five hundred meters, so just concentrating on the mouth of this spirit vein was absolutely not an issue.    

Although Yang Chen could not refine the magic weapon at the moment, the Universal Treasure Raising Secret could be used anywhere and anytime. In addition to that, the Great Supreme Elder had said, that there were no limits on the use of this Universal Treasure Raising Secret. In short: the more his cultivation would increase, the more frequently it could be used and the higher would be the increase in the grade of the magic weapon. At the moment he had nothing to do, so it was the perfect time to improve the treasure.    

There was roughly half a year of time left before the agreed time of the mid of the seventh month, so he also didn’t need to be anxious about hurrying on his journey, as there was no lack of time. Anyway, as long as the Yin and Yang five phases secrets were circulated once that would be enough, for the rest of the time, apart from the Three Purities Secrets there was only the Universal Treasure Raising Secret.    

For the whole next month, he was safely hidden inside the ancestor’s illusion spell and was honing his strength. On the outside however, those five assassins had almost gone mad.    

“This youngster’s presence has not been found in any other region, so surely he must be here!”    

The long bearded scholar had already used a paper crane to write a letter to connect with his friend far away to confirm that Yang Chen had not appeared anywhere else.    

“We cannot go on like this!”    

“We are not able to find even his trace, what can we do?”    

Since the black clothed man had failed in finding the trail of that paper crane, he complained agitatedly. Even he himself did not know where the problem was, so he could only obediently listen to the instructions of the long bearded scholar and now that the scholar had said so, he also immediately declared his own views.    

“We should look for that person from the Pure Yang Palace and ask him to think of a way for us.”    

The long bearded scholar coldly groaned and finally no longer showing any restraint he said:    

“We can’t find him, but could it be that the Pure Yang Palace can not even find their own disciple? Which sect would allocate a qiankun pouch to a disciple without a trace seeking spell formation? We should ask him to find his own disciple and inform us!”    

“If he decides to go back on our deal and raises the price what can we do?”    

The black clothed person immediately asked.    

“If he still has the nerve to raise the price, for a younger disciple at first qi layer, unless someone gave him a life protecting item how could he escape from our pursuit? He already gave us false information, yet he would still dare to argue over the price with us?”    

The long bearded scholar had a malevolent complexion:    

“If he dares to go too far, at worst we can separate and expose his plans to kill a disciple of same sect and pretty soon he would be even more scared than us!”    

This time, no one said anything. After finishing the discussion about this business some of them rapidly departed to look for their client in the Pure Yang Palace. The rest were still monitoring the surroundings, even if they couldn’t find Yang Chen, they could still not allow him to escape.    

The clean bottle did not have any problems with extracting the spirit power from the underground spirit vein, finally exhausting it. Within the clean bottle, the trace of the blue colored liquid had already turned into four or five big chunks of the liquid. This much spirit power was enough for those herbs in the medicine garden to use for even a hundred years or more.    

After putting away the clean bottle with satisfaction in his heart, Yang Chen walked towards the mouth of the cave with a pleased expression. Cautiously thinking about something, he jumped directly from the mouth of the tunnel onto the mountain wall and settled down. Then he cast down a rock, tightly sealing the entrance to the cave, such that not even a trace of the cave mouth could be seen. He was convinced that after ten years, when someone would charge into the illusion spell, he would also only be able to find an empty levelled ground and would absolutely not be able to discover that ancestor’s tomb.    

He believed that the ancestor also wouldn’t want the later generations to incessantly disturb his eternal rest. Naturally, Yang Chen was not afraid that someone would discover that he had already received that ancestor’s legacy.    

After taking a last look and confirming that everything was flawless, he started moving away from the illusion spell with his fierce looking blade in his hands.    

His luck was very good, when Yang Chen had barely walked a short distance away from the illusion spell, he discovered that at a place not very far away, some guy was indifferently spreading his spiritual awareness to look for Yang Chen. Sensing that Yang Chen had suddenly appeared, this person was apparently not able to believe his eyes, so he stared blankly at him, so stupified that he wasn’t even able to move.    

It was a very good opportunity. Yang Chen’s killing intent emerged from his body and directly closed in on the other person’s body. At the same time his body also pressed towards the enemy like an arrow, fiercely brandishing the ferocious blade within his hands at the other person in order to behead him.    

Even though the ferocious blade was Yang Chen’s own magic tool, he did not currently have the strength to make the sword fly to kill him, after all magic weapons could only be as good as the person using them. But even so a magic weapon was a magic weapon, simply talking about the measure of sharpness, it could chop down any person with the strength of the foundation stage or below.    

As soon as he was pierced by Yang Chen’s murderous spirit, the originally stunned enemy became despondent for an instant. Even though it was merely a split second, it was enough for Yang Chen to charge towards him and slash with his blade.    

Ka Cha!    

The assassin’s head flew high and blood rushed out from the cavity formed in his neck, the headless corpse still making a few gestures with its hands and feet, but then, together with the blood rushing out of the neck, a hissing sound was heard and it fell down to the ground.    

“Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred, if you want to blame someone, you can only blame your desire to continue the business of killing me!” Yang Chen put that fierce blade on his back and said this while looking at the corpse. Soon afterwards he lifted the head and glimpsing at a certain direction, suddenly picked up and threw the body towards the direction of the illusion spell.    

The long bearded scholar had his senses spread in a diameter of ten miles, so when this person had met his fate, he immediately noticed that something had happened, so in an instant his figure disappeared from where he was originally and appeared again, hundreds of meters away. Thus with a few flickers he appeared at the side of his companion’s corpse.    

The scholar had come over very quickly, but another one of his companion was even quicker. Yang Chen had finished speaking after killing the person and immediately afterwards he started turning, but before he could even turn his head, he immediately jumped towards the illusion spell. Within a second his figure disappeared between rocks and immediately after that, someone else appeared, only to look after the disappearing Yang Chen.    

However, just this glimpse already determined the position where Yang Chen had hidden. At the entrance of illusion spell, in a diameter of ten meters around it, five people had exhaustively searched this place, using their spiritual awareness to scan, but they were basically unable to find anything. As the traces Yang Chen left behind when he dodged were fading, the assassin suddenly appeared at that spot. When the middle aged scholar appeared, he looked at his companion, made a hand gesture and afterwards immediately disappeared.    

Not only was the cultivation of the long bearded scholar the highest, but his thinking was also very deliberate. He clearly understood his comrade’s signal, so, after giving the signal, the comrade spotted Yang Chen’s silhouette and went inside to chase and kill him.    

His biggest worry at the moment was to find the trace of Yang Chen, as long as he was able to find him, he did not worry about getting rid of him. An assassin at the seventh qi layer with ample experience could easily get rid of a first qi layer disciple, right?    

Right after his comrade had gone inside to chase after Yang Chen, the complexion of the scholar suddenly changed greatly. Under his foot was his comrade’s corpse. How could he be so careless? Since people disappear once they enter, surely it had to be an illusion spell. If Yang Chen could move around freely in that illusionary spell and furthermore could also hide himself from the collective spiritual awareness of the five people and get rid of their companion, then what would happen to his companion who had hastily charged into that illusion spell?    

As if to confirm the thoughts of the scholar, his thoughts were about to come true, because suddenly a bloody head without a body appeared, seemingly thrown highly towards his direction falling a few meters away from him. With a bang sound it dropped to the ground with a few rolls, his two eyes still widely open, a shocked expression spread across his entire face.    

This act made the long bearded scholar feel a chill across his entire body. Who could have imagined that of four seventh qi layer and an eighth qi layer assassin chasing to kill a first qi layer disciple, two of them had unexpectedly been killed already and furthermore within a few breaths of each other. Even though the other person was shielded by an illusion spell, it was still too shocking.    

The second comrade who was killed had a three sun gown on his body, which had been processed through a foundation stage master’s refining tool. Although it was lacking compared to a magic tool, it was still a gown that had the defence of the foundation stage, but to be unable to bear this person’s attack in such a short time, what kind of weapon had Yang Chen used?    

**A flying sword? That was absolutely impossible! If a cultivator at the first qi layer could use flying sword, then all the higher qi layer cultivators in the whole world should hit themselves on head. Even if it was a foundation stage expert, could he guarantee that he definitely possessed a flying sword? Naturally a flying sword is not a talisman tool, so apart from those outstanding disciples of the great sects who can have their master bestow them a flying sword, how could ordinary disciples obtain a flying sword without heaven defying luck?    

Surely Yang Chen had a weapon with powerful attack. It was very possibly a talisman tool or a talisman gem., After a momentary shock, this is what the scholar thought of. Once he killed Yang Chen, he could obtain that talisman gem. As soon as he thought of this, the long bearded scholar suddenly formed some expectations as he even urgently looked forward to killing Yang Chen, regardless of anything and charged directly in the direction in front of him.    

The black clothed person had also promptly managed to come over, only he was quite far so he arrived even later, taking even more time, only to come across a headless corpse and the two heads of his companions, as well as the long bearded scholar, standing some distance away from the corpse. Looking at this, black clothed man originally thought to say something, but he only opened his mouth and didn’t say anything.    

“Come out youngster, I will cut your body into ten thousand different parts!”    

The long bearded scholar calmly waited for a moment, but nothing happened, so he attacked at last. At the same time, gold colored rays radiated from both of his hands and charged towards the region where Yang Chen had disappeared.    

That was an illusionary spell laid out by a JieDan stage expert, it was impossible for an attack by a trifling qi layer disciple to shake it. The golden rays started shining even more brightly and attacked but all of the attacks disappeared like a clay ox entering the sea, without making any great waves.    

The black clothed person vigilantly rose to the sky and slowly neared the top of the spell formation, hovering in the sky to monitor what was happening below. He was a very clever person, to take away an enemy’s strength: a disciple of the first qi layer would surely not have the ability to fly. Moreover, looking at the two heads on the ground, it was clear that the enemy had closed in on them before getting rid of them, so in other words as long as he was in the sky he was invincible.    

The long bearded scholar saw what the black clothed scholar was doing and clearly understood what he was thinking. Subsequently his body also rose into the air, still in the same place as before, but somewhere above and not too close to the ground.    

Nothing happened at this side of the illusion spell, but those two did not dare to relax and were constantly on alert , gazing fixedly towards that one place, as if facing a great enemy. Already prepared with their most powerful talisman tools within their hands, so as soon as Yang Chen appeared, a thunderous sound rang out immediately.    

Suddenly, something flashed at the edge of the illusion spell and a lone figure came out, that was precisely Yang Chen. The black clothed man was elated and was just about to launch his attack, when suddenly the scenery before his eyes changed into the inside of a large hall with a circular, domed roof.    

The black clothed person was distracted for a moment but immediately realized that he had fallen into the illusion spell. Unexpectedly this Yang Chen, in spite of everything, still had this kind of skill with spell formation, but he felt that apart from this illusion spell, Yang Chen did not have any powerful killing spell, and thus recklessly moved forward two steps, only to hear a whooshing sound over the top of his head, but before he could manage to respond to that sound, forty nine raised flying swords dismembered his entire body.    

Seeing the viciousness of the guarding spell of the medicine garden made Yang Chen feel pity for him. The long bearded scholar was quite far from him however, so he had no way to reach him with the spell.    

The long bearded scholar could see Yang Chen’s figure clearly and was just about to say something, when he suddenly heard the sounds of repeated crashing, after which a batch of flesh came falling down from the sky. He turned pale with fright and was just about to flee, but when he saw Yang Chen standing motionlessly, rooted to the same place, the scholar understood the crux of the situation in a flash. Yang Chen had surely used some secret formation. To kill a seventh qi layer cultivator, he would absolutely have to pay some considerable cost. While he was thinking this, blood spouted from Yang Chen’s mouth. This was the best opportunity for him to kill Yang Chen.    

“Do you still have anything to say?”    

Long bearded scholar laughed maliciously.    

“I will give you the opportunity to speak!”    


Yang Chen suddenly drew back the corners of his mouth and smiled, without a care about the bloodstain at the edge of his mouth.    

“Then I will certainly speak!”    

“You! Speak! I am all ears!”    

The long bearded scholar approached him while sneering repeatedly.    

“Every debt has a debtor, you and I have no past grudges, nor recent hatred…”    


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