Chapter 22

Chapter 22

0Yin Five Phases Complete    

Ye Xiu Manor was the most outer layer of the Pure Yang Palace and it was also the region where all of the new disciples with spirit roots began to build their foundations. Some distance apart from there, the outer disciples resided in the Nine Earth Manor. But suddenly someone had succeeded in building their foundation here, this was simply impossible in the eyes of those outer disciples. Someone who had such a cultivation had still not become an outer disciple?    

Despite being pleasantly surprised, the outer disciple stationed at the gate did not dare to be certain. If he had not already experienced the eruption of the heavenly strength at an earlier time when another senior had succeeded in building his foundation, he would have not dared to determine that this was someone who had successfully reached the foundation stage.    

In a flash, at the summit of the Ye Xiu manor the silhouette of a person appeared. The silhouette seemed to be confirming the direction and then directly flew towards Yang Chen’s side. Before the person himself had appeared, his voice had already reached Yang Chen’s and the guarding outer disciple’s ears.    

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, my brother Yang, if it were not for you guiding me, I still would not have dared to accept that I will see this day!”    

Shangguan Feng had just come out of seclusion and immediately searched for Yang Chen’s location and hurriedly flew to here. He had already succeeded in building his foundation, so flying was nothing difficult for him and after reaching the foundation stage, the first person he wanted to meet was precisely Yang Chen.    

Although he had met Yang Chen only two times, Shangguan Feng had sensed an incredible affinity with Yang Chen. If he had followed Chu Heng’s instructions and had secretly suppressed Yang Chen, then he would not have this feeling right now. Because of Yang Chen he was already a foundation stage expert and an inner disciple, he now had the means to resist Chu Heng. He wanted to assist Yang Chen in his matters, but when all was said and done, the things Chu Heng had done were best kept under the table, so as to not affect sect’s reputation.    

Seeing Shangguan Feng appear, the guarding outer disciple’s mouth opened widely, he wanted to say something, but ultimately he wasn’t able to speak out. Who could have anticipated that the one who had succeeded in building his foundation was Shangguan Feng, the manager of Ye Xiu Manor, who had been deemed as too hopeless to reach the foundation stage?    

“Greetings, Uncle Master Shangguan!”    

The guarding disciple ultimately used ‘Uncle Master’ to address him, only he did not seem as delighted as Yang Chen.    


Shangguan Feng faintly responded, but did not pay any more attention to the guarding disciple afterwards and turned to Yang Chen, asking:    

“Brother Yang, what do you want from here?”    

“Elder Brother Shangguan!”    

Yang Chen didn’t address him as Uncle Master according to the seniority, but rather took the opportunity when Shangguan Feng had affectionately called him as brother, to address him as elder brother and said:    

“I have come here to look for a cultivation method of the sect, that is suitable for me.”    

“Then go in and choose!”    

Shangguan Feng waved his large hand and without raising any objections allowed him to pass. He was still the manager of Ye Xiu Manor and hadn’t left his post yet, also, as he had successfully reached the foundation stage, his influence had greatly increased. The guarding disciple who was continuously expressing his opposition didn’t even dare to speak a word in front of him and obediently got out of the way.    

“For selecting a cultivation method I will not go in with you, as I could easily misguide you.”    

Before Yang Chen had set out to go into the room, Shangguan Feng repeatedly warned him:    

“Remember, you have a fire spirit root, so select a fire attributed cultivation method.”    

“Many thanks for your guidance, Elder Brother!”    

Yang Chen cupped his hands towards Shangguan Feng to express his thanks. Although he didn’t guide him inside, despite owing Yang Chen a huge favor, these words of Shangguan Feng were all very precious and they showed his support and concern for Yang Chen. Even if he hadn’t said anything, Yang Chen naturally understood already knew what he should or should not do.    

Watching Yang Chen enter the Achievements Room, the guarding disciple almost opened his mouth to say something, but ultimately chose to shut up in front of Shangguan Feng. Anyway, Shangguan Feng had already reached the foundation stage, so in few days he would have to leave. By the time the newly appointed manager arrived, Yang Chen would still have no one to guide him regarding the matters of cultivation and he was also not someone who could read some random foundation books by himself, quickly understand their points and succeed easily. Especially for those who had just entered the sect, they needed to stay at the Ye Xiu Manor for at least three years, so when the time came, Yang Chen would understand everything.    

Although the Pure Yang Palace was a small sect, it still had the complete Yin and Yang five phases cultivation method. Since all of these cultivation methods were prepared for preparatory disciples, all of them were copied in a book rather than a jade slip. Preparatory disciples still hadn’t learned to cultivate and produce spiritual awareness, so even if the cultivation techniques were on a jade slip, these preparatory disciples would be unable to read them.    

Yang Chen vaguely remembered the layout of the Achievements Room, after coming in, he remembered everything completely with just one glance around. Without any hesitation he directly went to the area where fire attributed cultivation methods were kept and selected the fourth book from the region, naturally just for the sake of keeping up appearances. In his previous life he knew the fire attributed cultivation methods well, so in this life he had no need to select fire attributed cultivation methods again.    

Soon after that, Yang Chen resolutely moved towards the region having the earth attributed cultivation methods. To go from one region to another In the Achievement Room, one had to pass through a magical array and the people outside would absolutely not be aware of the cultivation method chosen by the person. They were not even aware of anything that the candidate did inside, which was quite convenient for Yang Chen.    

Cultivators would generally allow their fate to choose, they generally chose any cultivation method just to give it a try, or one they had received beforehand. This was especially the case for those who had just entered the sect as preparatory disciples. Under normal conditions it was very rare that someone insisted on choosing a particular method. Even if it was the younger generation who had been cultivating in the sect since their childhood, they were also like this. Only after reaching the Foundation Stage would they choose a better cultivation practice. This was also why the room was without any supervision.    

Yang Chen found his Yin five phases cultivation method with ease. Finally he turned towards the metal attributed region to similarly find a book for metal attributed cultivation method.    

Yang Chen didn’t bring these other two cultivation method books out of the room, but rather memorized them inside. Due to his spiritual awareness and being reincarnated, Yang Chen possessed a highly retentive memory. In just a short moment he remembered all of the key secrets of the two cultivation methods.    

In his previous life, apart from fire attributed cultivation methods Yang Chen did not care about the other attributes. Although his brain had some impression of the other cultivation methods, it was only because after his reincarnation, when he received these cultivation methods from the immortals he executed, he had used his spiritual awareness to memorize them but he had never used them before. Naturally in his past life he would not go around and deliberately collect an entire set of Yin and Yang five phases cultivation method, as he was not a sect leader, so he didn’t have to worry about it.    

But now Yang Chen had all of the starting portions for the Yin and Yang five phases cultivation secrets. Next he would have to cultivate the Yin five phases cultivation methods together with the Yang five phases cultivation methods at the same time, so that they would be able to restrain each other and reach a perfect balance. Of course, this was Yang Chen’s final target. Yang Chen’s currently goal was to circulate ten cultivation methods of Yin and Yang, so that they would be able to restrain each other simultaneously and have not just the five phases, but also Yin and Yang attain a perfect equilibrium, only then would he be able to achieve his goal.    

Until then, perhaps Yang Chen would reach the boundary of the first qi layer! However now that he had already gotten the cultivation method, he could openly begin his cultivation. This was a huge step towards accomplishing his dream to pay his respects under his master again. Maybe, very soon Yang Chen would be able to see his master’s beautiful face, and become her disciple again.    

Everything Yang Chen was doing at the moment was just to pay his respects and study under his master again. As for his personal enemies, he had ignored them for the time being. Even if he wanted to go after them, he was only a minor qi layer disciple who had just joined a sect, how could he single-handedly kill disciples of the Greatest Sky Sect? Only an idiot would come up with such a moronic idea.    

Seeing Yang Chen come out with a fire attributed cultivation method, Shangguan Feng didn’t say anything. It was just an introductory cultivation method, nothing more and it didn’t have any great merit or demerit. It would only allow the new disciple to feel qi and circulate it, become aware of the spiritual influence of heaven and earth, and also connect with it and at the same time produce the necessary spiritual awareness. These cultivation methods were different only in the name the big cultivation sects chose for them. No matter which one Yang Chen chose, all were the same. As long as it was fire attributed, it would do.    

When Yang Chen was choosing a cultivation method, Shangguan Feng stood like a guard at the entrance of the Achievement Room, calmly waiting for him. His conversation with Yang Chen, using Elder Brother and Brother to address each other, in addition to Shangguan Feng’s straightforward manner, already explained many things. Even if the guarding disciple still wanted to play some tricks, he could not find any means to do so and could only wait calmly with Shangguan Feng for Yang Chen to come out.    

“Let’s go to the Profound Pavilion, I will explain this cultivation method once for your benefit!”    

Shangguan Feng snatched, and took hold of the cultivation method. After browsing through it once, he understood it clearly. Hardly waiting for Yang Chen to express his views, he directly turned around and disappeared with Yang Chen form the Achievement Room’s entrance.    

The disciple guarding the Achievement Room did not dare to neglect this and immediately told the other disciple to go and notify the Nine Earth Manor. Having Shangguan Feng’s support, if Chu Heng still wanted to stop Yang Chen, it would just be a joke.    

“Brother Yang, since you don’t have spiritual awareness, you can just listen to my explanation.”    

Shangguan Feng began to read that book of the fire attributed cultivation method for Yang Chen to study it, once. Soon after that, he also began to explain every word in every sentence.    

Although Yang Chen had learned this cultivation method long ago and he could even recite it by heart, at this moment he still had no choice but to assume a sincere appearance and listen.    

Shangguan Feng became very delighted, he was well aware that on the path of cultivation, apart from the natural talent, the most important thing was one’s own perception and hard work. A person with a spirit root of great value could naturally cultivate easily and become an expert. The comprehension of different cultivation method, as well realizing the boundary of every realm was different for every person. Many individuals who had a spirit root were eliminated only because of this reason. This three year period was to test the aptitude of every large sect’s preparatory disciples. If one’s perception was not good, then his hard work would be in vain.    

Yang Chen understood Shangguan Feng’s intention clearly, plus he also needed this kind of justification to cover up his abnormal cultivation speed. Therefore, going along with Shangguan Feng’s idea, he stayed within the Profound Pavilion for several days.    

Next, after Yang Chen clearly understood the cultivation method’s secrets with the help of Shangguan Feng’s initiation, he started the so called ‘first time’ cultivation. Naturally that was only a façade to show Shangguan Feng, underneath he started to cultivate the Three Purities Secrets and was learning to use the second cultivation secret for a week. Only after the week was over did he open his eyes to stop cultivating.    

Nearly no one had been able to succeed the first time they cultivate, naturally Yang Chen was also ‘not an exception’. As soon as Yang Chen appeared from the quiet room in the Profound Pavilion after the cultivation period was over, Shangguan Feng walked towards him, even leaving his own training he had hurriedly come to ask with his face full of expectation:    

“How do you feel?”    

“I can dimly sense a trace of qi in the air.”    

Yang Chen had previous experience about it, so naturally he was aware of what capacity would make Shangguan Feng happy while not arousing his suspicion at the same time.    

“Not bad, not bad, you can feel the qi in just one try, even if it was someone with better innate talent, he could still not have done better.”    

Shangguan Feng seemed exceptionally happy.    

“It seems my last few day’s effort haven’t gone to waste.”    

“Many thanks, Elder Brother!”    

Yang Chen laughingly expressed his thanks. Afterwards he quickly moved towards Shangguan Feng and asked:    

“Elder Brother, when do you intend to depart from Ye Xiu Manor?”    

Shangguan did not hide anything and directly told Yang Chen everything:    

“Since I have already succeeded in building my foundation, I had already informed the seniors about this a few days ago and they have already urged me many times to come and pay my respects and enter the inner courtyard, but I have intentionally delayed it many times, so as to give directions to you. Now that you can comprehend it by yourself, it is also the time for me to go, finally.”    

Yang Chen had already anticipated these kind of circumstances. Shangguan Feng had reached the foundation stage, so naturally he would become an inner disciple and Ye Xiu Manor would surely get a new manager.    

Fortunately, Shangguan Feng had visited here before leaving, this actually saved a lot of trouble for Yang Chen. Afterwards even if Yang Chen’s cultivation was a little bit extraordinary, it could all be attributed to Shangguan Feng’s previous guidance.    

“After I go, Brother you also need not be afraid and endure silently, that Chu Heng is an inner disciple, now I am also one. Furthermore, a few days ago, Senior Brother Du had also come to see you. If that Chu Heng keeps on making things difficult for a preparatory disciple, I am afraid he too will not be able to stay in the Pure Yang Palace, so you can feel relieved.”    

Shangguan continued telling Yang Chen:    

“No matter who the new manager is, I will tell him to attend to you as much as he can, so that you can continue living like you have these past few days and no one will restrict you!”    

“Congratulations, Elder Brother, and many thanks, Elder Brother!”    

Yang Chen would also not betray Shangguan Feng’s friendship. In his past life, Shangguan Feng had been someone who valued his friends and in this life, since fate had brought them together, he would help Shangguan Feng. Although Shangguan Feng still had to leave for the inner court, afterwards they would become even closer friends. Immortal cultivation was a long road and there would be enough time later on, so he was not very anxious.    

After speaking with him, Shangguan Feng at once departed from the Ye Xiu Manor, without stopping anywhere. After resting, Yang Chen also entered the quiet room for cultivation. He had to make others feel that he was hardworking and diligent.    

Without any other people by his side, Yang Chen finally stopped limiting himself and truly began to cultivate. The first method he cultivated was precisely that fire attributed cultivation method.    

He was already so familiar with this cultivation method, he could not do any better in it. Without any hindrances he succeeded in cultivating it in the first try. In his body, fire attributed spirit power started circulating around.    

Following which he cultivated the Yin cultivation methods of the five phases one by one. In his previous life he had no contact with it and only had experience of the Yang cultivation methods of the five phases. In each of the cultivation methods, he spent only a few days of time before he perfectly cultivated it.    

Every single day, Yang Chen only stopped to rest for a short time and then returned to the room to cultivate. Except the few servants in the Profound Pavilion, other people did not even see him. This pattern continued for about half a month.    

But this was still not sufficient. If Yang Chen’s cultivation suddenly appeared to be at the first qi layer, this would appear very fast to other people. But he had already planned for this. Again continuing in the same manner, he directly cultivated the Yin Five Phases and circulated them, so that he could restrain his strength. Afterwards, carefully keeping the Yin and Yang Five phases secrets under control, he cultivated them under the same circumstances.    

Until the Yin and Yang Five Phases secrets could be cultivated and could simultaneously attain a perfect equilibrium, Yang Chen estimated that he would have finally entered the first qi layer by then. Thus when this happened, the timing would be very good and people would not feel any suddenness, nor would they think that he was stupid.    



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