Chapter 15

Chapter 15

0First Temper Yourself    

“An executioner who kills will receive the wrath of the heavens?”    

Yang Chen replied, looking at the person who would speak these kinds of words while feeling intensely irritated.    

Yang Chen recognized him, his name was Sun Hai Jing. He was a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace, belonging to the Luminous Moon Hall. In his previous life, this Luminous Moon Hall and the Fierce Yang Hall to which Yang Chen belonged, were secretly clashing with one another. Yang Chen’s master was the head of the Fierce Yang Hall.    

Yang Chen had a fire attributed spirit root, if he joined the Pure Yang Palace, if not for some strange accident, he would surely enter the Fierce Yang Hall. Sun Hai Jing suddenly appearing and blaming him without any cause would then again be only natural. But Yang Chen was baffled, when did he become so well known? Even in the Pure Yang Palace, which could only be considered a third rate sect in the field of cultivation, someone unexpectedly knew his great name and status.    

“Murder is murder, don’t tell me it is different based on status?”    

Sun Hai Jing looked at Yang Chen’s guiltless face and loudly snorted.    

“What’s more, you have killed so many, even the Pure Yang Palace won’t accept this kind of a monster.”    

“I remember, that in the Pure Yang Palace, there is a rule that disciples of the same sect cannot injure each other, or else they will be severely punished.”    

Yang Chen confronted Sun Hai Jing indifferently. He smilingly said:    

“It seems that Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples always interfere in the matters of other disciples of same sect, according to sect’s law, shouldn’t they be severely punished?”    


Sun Hai Jing angrily said:    

“Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples only follow the sect’s orders to punish the disciples, how can that be considered as injuring each other? You are an ………xu……tioner”    

Barely finishing the sentence, Sun Hai Jing suddenly became aware of the paradox within his words. ‘Executioner’ speaking these five syllables his voice became very low, up to the point where one couldn’t even hear it.    

“I am an executioner, naturally I am extremely evil, it’s nothing for me to find a person in the middle of the street and cut off his head, heinous, is it not, right?”    

Yang Chen smiled for Sun Hai Jing to continue the argument, then beaming with smiles rhetorically asked him:    

“Senior disciple, do you know what authorities are for? Furthermore what is the use of the execution ground?”    

An executioner was a person selected by the Imperial Court to carry out the death penalty, now even if the country declined due to it, executions would still be carried out on the behalf of authorities. Even the Law Enforcement Hall of the Pure Yang Palace was unlikely to have such a fair executioner. Sun Hai Jing wanted to make life difficult for Yang Chen, he was simply asking for trouble.    

“You have killed too many, in the end you are still disrupting the peace of heaven!”    

Sun Hai Jing did not want to talk about this with Yang Chen anymore. Truth be told, arguing again was useless, he could only find another way. For someone who has killed, there are too many other aspects which could be looked into.    

“For the disciples who have too many sins, the disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall will strive hard to carry out their responsibilities, could it be that injuring disciples of the same sect is also disrupting the peace of heaven?”    

Yang Chen still responded as before, using the disciples of Law Enforcement Hall. Even if Sun Hai Jing was a bull with the support of a mountain, he could still not say even a word against Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples, let alone reject their methods or slander their duties. Moreover Yang Chen had also firmly stuck to the point that his executioner duties were equivalent to the duties of the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples.    

“Whether or not disciples have wronged, is all in the hands of the sect leader and the elders of the Law Enforcement Hall, again it is not…………”    

As soon as Sun Hai Jing said these words, he immediately discovered his mistakes again, so he shut his mouth so as to not speak anymore wrong words.    

“Whether or not a prisoner is beheaded, is due to rulings of authorities, could it be senior disciple believes that a small executioner like me is in charge?”    

Yang Chen looked at Sun Hai Jung with a ridiculing expression, appearing to be jeering at his ignorance.    

This time, Sun Hai Jing’s words were aimed at the Palace Master and the elder of the Law Enforcement Hall, who had made him experience embarrassment. Not waiting for him to speak, Yang Chen loudly said:    

“As long as someone excels in killing, he can not join or discuss immortal cultivation?  I do not know if senior disciple excels in killing, but I do know that the headmaster of Pure Yang Palace excels in it. Could it be that senior disciple thinks that the sect master is also not fit to join?”    

This slandering caused huge changes, commenting on the sect leader’s merits and demerits, Sun Hai Jing was so stunned, he couldn’t even think.    

“Disrespecting the sect master, Pure Yang Palace doesn’t require this kind of disciple!”    

Sun Hai Jing could finally cling onto one argument, so he hurriedly declared it loudly.    

Other people hadn’t been able to speak. Sun Hai Jing was discarding everyone else present here. Moreover it seemed like he wasn’t even leaving any room for discussion. At the side, the examiner for the spirit root test of the disciples was also somewhat dissatisfied, creasing his brows he loudly spoke:    

“Sun Hai Jing, receiving him or not receiving him, is it solely for you to decide? Moreover, we haven’t heard any disrespect for the sect leader in his words.”    

Sun Hai Jing did not dare to speak to his senior rudely, only turn to this side and explain to his senior with a smile:    

“Senior brother, I am only afraid that he has degenerated to the devil’s path and it would stain my Pure Yang Palace’s reputation, that’s all.”    

“Entering the devil’s path is also possible just by cultivating, could it be that junior Sun wants me to chase out all the sect graduates?”    

Said the senior disciple, while feeling very discontented at Sun Hai Jing’s manners. So many seniors were sitting there yet nobody had said anything, but Sun Hai Jing kept on talking and talking, and moreover interfered with the matters of others, clearly not putting any of the people present here in his eyes, so he immediately felt bitter.    

“This, senior, has he not killed too many?”    

Sun Hai Jing said sluggishly. He awkwardly explained with a smile:    

“I was just afraid of any accidents.”    

“Junior Sun, since you also cultivate, why do you care about a common person so much?”    

That senior loudly sneered and, looking at Sun Hai Jing suddenly asked:    

“This common person, how do you know he is an executioner? Don’t tell me your spirit awareness is stronger than these several strong minded seniors present here and is able to discover what they haven’t been able to see.”    


Sun Hai Jing became distracted again, apparently, this time if the explanation was unclear, he would have completely offended these many seniors here. Without anything to say he could only lower his voice and with a smile say:    

“This news is spread by Greatest Heaven Sect’s Uncle Master Li, demanding that we better not receive this executioner!”    

“Apparently in the eyes of Senior Disciple Sun, whether the Pure Yang Palace will receive a disciple or not, is actually up to Greatest Heaven Sect’s uncle master Li to decide!”    

Seeing Sun Hai Jing hesitate, Yang Chen already stated loudly with a gentle smile:    

“Please allow me, dare I ask, this Li Senior Brother, is he Pure Yang Palace’s sect leader? Or is he the older generation’s cultivating elder? His one word can make the Pure Yang Palace follow it as if it is an imperial edict?”    

This sentence of Yang Chen directly hit Sun Hai Jing’s soft spot. Even in his previous life Yang Chen had been in disagreement with Yang Xi from the start and in the Pure Yang Palace many were dissatisfied with the bossy attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect. This kind of sentence directly instigated all disciples to stand up against the resentful attitude of Greatest Heaven Sect.    

“You are Yang Chen?”    

The disciple who just a moment ago refuted Sun Hai Jing, looked over to Yang Chen:    

“Since you have a fire attributed spirit root, my Pure Yang Palace will immediately accept you as a disciple!”    

“Wait a moment!”    

as Yang Chen was delighted in his heart, a voice echoed loudly.    

The voice echoed loudly and everyone present turned towards the source of the voice. Yang Chen smiled at this familiar voice, however because it was from too long ago, he had already forgotten who it was. Anyone who would dare to stop him this time from joining Pure Yang Palace to pay respect to his master was Yang Chen’s enemy, even if it was the emperor himself, he would not care in the slightest.    

Though the person himself had not arrived his voice was already heard. The crowd felt that each and every person heard that sound. It was very clear and distinct, but no one felt that it was ear piercing. Besides Yang Chen, others felt as if the speaker was an intimate friend, giving off a favourable impression without saying anything.    

The person soon showed himself. No one was able to discover where he came from, as if he had been standing there all along or like he had stepped on a magical cloud and slowly descended to the ground. Almost all of the Pure Yang Palace disciples present at the scene bowed and saluted to him as uncle master. Only Sun Hai Jing addressed him as master.    

Sun Hai Jing said this loudly, but it allowed Yang Chen to recall the identity of this person. This person was Luminous Moon Hall’s deacon Chu Heng. At present he had already cultivated to the foundation stage, an inner disciple.    

“You originally are an executioner without any regard to murder?”    

Chu Heng looked at Yang Chen and suddenly asked him.    

“I am!”    

Yang Chen hadn’t concealed anything indispensable, so he nodded in agreement.    

“Although what Sun Hai Jing said is wrong, he only thought of the sect, so you should not slander him in this way.”    

As soon as Chu Heng appeared on the stage, his imposing manner already dominated all of the disciples. Who else would dare to make a sound while he was speaking?    

Every year the people responsible for recruiting new disciples were all third qi layer or higher outer disciples. To become inner disciples, they had to cultivate to the foundation stage. Among all of the disciples present at the scene, Chu Heng had the highest seniority, so nobody would dare to refute his words.    

Yang Chen originally wanted to say something, but still forced himself to endure, waiting for this Chu Heng to demand something first. If this Chu Heng would dare to obstruct him from joining Pure Yang Palace, then Yang Chen would also not care about offending him, who originally did not even consider Fierce Yang Hall as same sect.    

“After killing too many people, many cultivators will have a hearts devil. Just because your body possesses a spirit root, my Pure Yang Palace will still receive you as a preparatory disciple.”    

As soon as Chu Heng started to talk, he immediately approved Yang Chen to join Pure Yang Palace as a disciple.    

Yang Chen relaxed in his heart, no longer saying anything, he only cared about easily joining Pure Yang Palace, whether or not others were chosen, he hardly cared. Chu Heng said this to get Sun Hai Jing out of his predicament, reckoning that the situation of Sun Hai Jing was anything but reassuring as Sun Hai Jing had to secretly inform his master. Only because Yang Chen was allowed to join, Yang Chen deliberately didn’t make things difficult for Sun Hai Jing.    

“To temper your mental state and to eliminate devil intentions, also to ease your evil tendencies to kill and to join my Pure Yang Palace, within ten years, you will act as a servant and will not cultivate any techniques.”    

Chu Heng had once again given an excuse, but it seemed like a correct approach. To drag back Yang Chen’s cultivation for ten years for no reason, it was nothing less than being vicious.    

Many disciples burst into commotion, a servant for ten years, isn’t he just making fun of him? This Chu Heng seemed fair, but was actually siding with Sun Hai Jing. Only, the outer disciples could do nothing against this inner disciple, a dispute would only annoy him and he cleverly had already sent a note his master to settle the dispute for him.    

“Servant for ten years?”    

Yang Chen loudly sneered and was just about to refute, when Chu Heng once again spoke:    

“This is for your own good, you don’t understand the goodwill of people. You have killed so many just like that, if your evil tendencies repeat during cultivation and they affect your mind, the consequences would be too horrible. As long as you concentrate on restraining your nature, diligently accumulate virtues and temper yourself, then you have nothing to be anxious about when cultivating.”    

“This senior, that Senior Disciple Sun Hai, is very quick to act in accordance with commands of other sects, I believe, should he spend a few years to temper his nature?”    

Yang Chen asked sarcastically while smiling.    

“He did not act in accordance to the Greatest Sky Sect’s instructions, this matter you should roughly understand.”    

While answering Yang Chen’s question Chu Heng didn’t show the least bit of anger, as if not to lower himself to Yang Chen’s level. However he became aware that Yang Chen’s words were those which the outer disciples in charge of recruitment test were desirous of asking which could not be avoided. Thus facing them to give an explanation of some sort he took the opportunity to point towards Yang Chen’s words.    

“Shi Fairy has shown her appreciation for you by giving you a body refining pill, that is your enormous luck.”    

As soon as Chu Heng opened his mouth to talk, the disciples present on the scene cried out in surprise, making sounds that indicated that nothing more needed to be said.    

Shi Fairy, the idol of most young cultivators, this did not seemed to surprise Yang Chen. Unexpectedly to get the appreciation of Shi Fairy of the Green Jade Island of Immortals is enough to make him enviable.    

With this sentence of Chu Heng, Yang Chen immediately became aware of how he became so well known. Presumably Shi Shanshan who was not interested in anything except herself, appeared that day with people who were all admirers of Shi Shanshan. The favour shown by Shi Shanshan to Yang Chen was not liked by many people.    

Since Yang Chen obtained the body refining pill, it was his good luck to have a spirit root and these young accomplished cultivators did not wish to appear in front of other male pursuers of Shi Fairy in the future, so sending information about Yang Chen to each faction was a matter of course. This Sun Hai Jing was supposedly commanded, at that time, by a disciple of Greatest Sky Sect was present there, so he was deliberately trying to make things difficult, but was refuted by Yang Chen so strongly that he was left dumbstruck and could only call out Chu Heng.    

“Only, if you feel that Shi Fairy will take care of you and that cultivation will be a smooth road, then you are gravely mistaken.”    

Chu Heng, looking at Yang Chen stated virtuously:    

“I arranged this sort of plan just to make you understand that cultivation is not easy. You need great perseverance and strong will power with talent to succeed. In case you can not endure these ten years, then don’t blame me for being ruthless, with my Pure Yang Palace’s large influence you will have no opportunity to seek refuge with other factions.”    

After this remark all of the present disciples quieted down. After all Yang Chen himself was an executioner and also really killed without any regard, adding to that the just mentioned reasons, perhaps Yang Chen has become self satisfied due to appreciation by Shi Fairy, so he should temper himself in order to get strong willpower.    

Although Yang Chen had spirit root, he was not anyone talented, for one person with average talent who had yet to be an outer disciple, who would offend a foundation stage inner disciple?    

“I will not give you the opportunity to blame.”    

At that time, to embarrass Yang Chen, Chu Heng again started talking:    

“Within these ten years if you feel like you are able to challenge my unworthy disciple Sun Hai Jing, you can challenge him. If you are able to defeat him, I will excuse you for the remaining period as a slave and you can directly cultivate, how about it?”    


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