Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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Currently, Chu Heng was facing very embarrassing and dangerous circumstances, if he was not able to promptly eliminate the guy who had come to ask for the tracking formation or he was discovered first by disciples of the Law Enforcement Hall, he would have to face the punishment for trying to cause harm to a disciple of the same sect. Even if he was already an inner disciple at foundation stage and Yang Chen was only a disciple of the first qi layer, the sect rules are the sect rules, and they would not be changed based on someone’s cultivation.    

In addition to that, Du Qian had admired Yang Chen from the beginning, as for those guys at the Law Enforcement Hall, Yang Chen, who had the background of an executioner, gave them a familiar feeling, which made them identify with him. In case they were to investigate and find that he had been the cause of this, then the only way, apart from admitting guilt and being executed, would be to desert the sect and flee.    

What made Chu Heng most furious, was that it was all due to a minor outer disciple, furthermore just a first qi layer disciple. If he had been the disciple of another school, even if he was a member of the sect, he wouldn’t even have the qualifications to go out and train. Not to mention his fighting strength, at this point, most of the disciples with similar cultivation  would have at most learned how to draw some talisman papers. Even the lowest levelled magic requires the strength of the second qi layer, then how was Yang Chen able to defeat people many layers above him?    

Could it be that a foundation stage disciple was with him? Du Qian had pretty good relations with Yang Chen. Could it be that Du Qian had appeared at that time? Chu Heng did not doubt this much, if Du Qian had really appeared, then Yang Chen would definitely not have carried their heads to the Thousand Autumn Pavilion afterward, they would have been directly taken to the Law Enforcement Hall’s disciples.    

However, Chu Heng was convinced that this could in no way have been achieved by Yang Chen alone. Who was Yang Chen? A person who cultivated for at most one hour and at most circulated the qi two times in a day, a kid who had done nothing, except reading in the Hidden Pavilion, a guy who never properly attended to his own tasks. If it was a matter regarding the concoction of pills, perhaps Chu Heng could have believed it, but as for fighting, Chu Heng did not trust it at all!    

The strength to defeat a group of cultivators? To defeat Sun Hai Jing, a third qi layer disciple, was still possible, however having the strength to defeat an enemy with a six or seven layer discrepancy, moreover, when the enemy was attacking in a group, Chu Heng would not believe this even if he was beaten to death. The only possible explanation was that Yang Chen had a powerful figure behind him, this gave Chu Heng some confidence. On the basis of this logic, Yang Chen’s reason for entering the Pure Yang Palace was not purehearted.    

Unfortunately, he was not able to get rid of Yang Chen, neither was he able to find any evidence that Yang Chen had bad intentions, so presently Chu Heng could only get rid of that assassin to take care of the current pressure. Just to scratch an itch on Yang Chen’s foot, he would have to sacrifice his whole body.    

Naturally when this news was sent back to Nine Earth Manor, the self-confidence of all the outer disciples in the manor increased by a lot. A first qi layer disciple of the Pure Yang Palace had unexpectedly managed to get rid of seventh and eighth layer loose cultivators. If this did not demonstrate their sect’s superiority, then what would? Compared to the usual, all of them were somewhat inspired.    

Shen Da and other three were even more exceptionally excited: the more Yang Chen’s reputation increased, the more their status would increase in the future. If only they remained completely devoted to him, Yang Chen would surely guide them. Compared to the smug confidence other disciples had, She Da and the others possessed a deep understanding of their strength. For Yang Chen to kill seventh and eighth qi layer assassins was naturally his own strength, which had no relation to them.    

The one who was incessantly terrified was only Sun Hai Jing. During this time he could not eat at day or sleep at night, every second he was living under immense fear. If he had the option to choose again, he would have never made those cynical remarks to Yang Chen before he had left.    

Other people may find it exaggerated, but Sun Hai Jing was very clear about it: those cultivators surely had the strength of the seventh or eighth qi layer, while Yang Chen did not have anyone to help him. Uncle Master Du Qian had directly returned to the Pure Yang Palace after leaving the Nine Earth Manor and hadn’t come out afterward. Chu Heng had paid careful attention to this point, so he was sure, that he wasn’t wrong. Yang Chen certainly had indeed gotten rid of those four assassins by himself.    

Three of the seventh qi layer, one of the eighth qi layer. Even if Sun Hai Jing gave his all this time at most he would reach the fourth qi layer. Even if he also counted those talisman tools and talisman gems bestowed to him by Chu Heng, he was sure that his power would be comparable to the fifth qi layer. Even against a sixth qi layer disciple, he could still have one or two  opportunities. But fighting with a seventh qi layer disciple? He did not even dare to think about it.    

Yang Chen had surprisingly gotten rid of three seventh qi layer cultivators and an eighth qi layer cultivator by himself and based on Sun Hai Jing’s familiarity with those people, they had probably attacked together, yet they were still killed by Yang Chen. This way, at the day of the sect’s great contest, even if Yang Chen did not buy any talisman tools or talisman gems, his strength would still be sufficient to get rid of Sun Hai Jing.    

Sun Hai Jing was now counting the days he had left by scratching them into the skin of his forearm. To die, after having been a disciple of the Pure Yang Palace for several years, having directly become the Merit Transferring Disciple Chu Heng’s hip bone, to Sun Hai Jing, whose future prospects were supposed to be immeasurable, this was more painful than death.    

He often thought about how he had become so obsessed, at the time when Yang Chen was entering the sect, he had tried to make things difficult for Yang Chen. His whole body noiselessly shuddered, as if still regretting the option he chose at that time.    

Yang Chen was not anxious about the accomplice of those assassins, believing that Chu Heng would want him dead even more than Yang Chen did. Anyway, he had already disclosed the matter to the higher ups and the Law Enforcement Hall had already sent out disciples. If the accomplice would still dare to appear and had not fled for his life, he really would be doing a service to those guys.    

At least now Yang Chen could leisurely ride the paper crane made by that black clothed man and fly calmly. He was convinced that after this news had spread, it would be unlikely that anyone with good eyesight would come and attack him.    

Yang Chen had only thrown down a few heads in the Thousand Autumn Pavilion, however, it had given rise to a huge earthquake within the Pure Yang Palace. Almost all of the loose cultivators were interrogated, one by one and at the same time the entire lives of these few assassins were completely dug up.    

Because those people had already died, many people spoke without any worry and immediately countless affairs of these people acting tyrannically and not shrinking away from doing any imaginable crime came out. In addition to that, everyone was most interested in how these few people had died.    

“A first qi layer outer disciple of the Pure Yang Palace got rid of them? Three seventh qi layer, one-eighth qi layer cultivator? How is this possible?”    

After hearing this, countless people had this thought in their mind.    

People weren’t convinced at all that a first qi layer cultivator could kill seventh and eighth qi layer masters. Perhaps a person with a lot of talent at a time when he is at a low level could kill an enemy at a higher level than him, but that was only limited to two or three stages above, like a first qi layer cultivator could kill a second qi layer cultivator, this was entirely possible. But, with a difference of six or seven stages, and facing several people together, this was totally ridiculous.    

Has the Pure Yang Palace gone mad, wanting to promote this disciple? The news slowly spread and finally came to the ears of people from other sects. Those people’s first reaction was precise that the Pure Yang Palace wanted to cultivate this disciple. Hearing that previously Yang Chen had been an executioner, numerous people’s mouths twitched, expressing their disdain. Even though they were cultivators and shouldn’t have these kinds of thoughts, this was too much for even them. When the time came, they had to humiliate this arrogant youngster and the Pure Yang Palace!    

Yang Chen was not aware of this and even if he knew, he was unlikely to care about it. On the whole journey, Yang Chen had never ridden on the paper crane, but rather walked slowly and unhurriedly on the road, enjoying the scenery, feasting his eyes on the nearby landscape. When passing by mountains and rivers his eyes turned almost every time to look around.    

On this whole journey, Yang Chen didn’t squander, but rather paid careful attention to everything. Man reflects the earth, the earth reflects the heaven, the heaven reflects the dao and the dao reflects its own nature. In his previous life, Yang Chen was only proficient in fire attributed magic and not at all in any other kinds of magic.    

Even though he had read about many ancestors’ cultivation experiences inside the Hidden Pavilion, they were all different people. Yang Chen was able to comprehend some of it, but some others he still could not comprehend, but it just so happens that by means of observation during the journey, combined with his own understanding, he could master these things by comprehensively studying his surroundings.    

This experience of the way of the earth was not just sufficient for cultivators of foundation stage and below, but even up to the Da Cheng stage. As for the way of heaven, the way of dao and the way of nature, these needed an even higher level of cultivation, only then could they be pursued.    

No matter whether it was the mountains, the earth, rivers, flowers and plants, all were targets for Yang Chen’s careful observation. Yang Chen remembered that in his previous life the heavenly imperial court had an expert who said: ‘One flower one world. One grain of sand, a newly grown leave and a vast forest under a mountain’, they were not so different at all. Yang Chen pondered over this argument as much as he liked, leisurely spending the time.    

As for learning through experiencing human society, it was unnecessary for Yang Chen, as he had already been a Great Principal Golden Immortal. As long as Yang Chen acted in accordance with his own needs it would be fine. Even if it was like this, once Yang Chen started hurrying to Floating Mountain, the distance just took four five days to cover.    

When he had come to the foot of the Floating Mountain, but not yet entered the city market of that small town, Yang Chen saw Gongsun Ling’s figure in a roadside pavilion.    

Gongsun Ling still was dressed in a yellow colored dress, covering her whole body, deeply impressing Yang Chen with its delicate patterns and designs. Yang Chen was aware that Gongsun Ling had made all of it by herself, even though she was at the sixth qi layer she was still not able to refine magic tools, when Gongsun Ling had made these clothes, however, she had always created them very delicately. Her thin legs and slender waist were emphasized by her well-fitted clothes, further increasing the unwillingness in people to avert their eyes.    

At that time, Gongsun Ling who was pondering over a jade slip in her hands with an earnest expression on her face appeared as if she was matchlessly devoted to her task. From Yang Chen’s direction, only half the side of her face could be seen, but that quiet and elegant demeanor still made Yang Chen lose his breath for a split second.    

Yang Chen had not seen many beautiful women, but the few he had met were all peerless and magnificent beauties. Chang’e, Xuan Nue, Zhi Nu and other female immortals, any of whom had a unique manner and appearance. They held no attraction for Yang Chen however. When he was humiliated all day long and by himself, who would still have the time to think about them.    

The only woman who had left a profound impression on Yang Chen’s mind in that life was his own beautiful master. Other people, even if they were the cool elegant and magnificent Shi Shan Shan, or the beautiful woman Sun Qing Xue would become, none has left any deep impression in Yang Chen’s heart. But in this one moment, Yang Chen was attracted towards Gongsun Ling.    

Perhaps it was because of the good intentioned warning she had given him at the Hidden Pavilion or perhaps because she was indifferent, meticulously studying here. In short, Yang Chen had suddenly become very fond of looking at this half of a face. As if, by looking at her, he could allow himself to have a moment of content in his heart.    

After he blankly stared at her for a moment, Gongsun Ling’s attention finally changed from the jade slip to Yang Chen. When Yang Chen was still very far, she had already become aware of him. However, she was thinking about a difficult problem at that time, so only now did she pay attention to Yang Chen. Nevertheless, not being rude, she raised her head, exposing an indifferent, smiling expression and faintly nodded:    

“You have come, Younger Brother Yang!”    

That smiling expression and slight nod made Yang Chen suddenly feel a sense of belonging and even if Du Qian had shown such consideration for him, Yang Chen wouldn’t feel this sensation. Gongsun Ling had only spoken five words with him, from the beginning to the end, yet Yang Chen suddenly had this kind of feeling.    

“I have arrived, Senior Apprentice Sister!”    

In this split second, Yang Chen resolved himself, that, in this life, he would not allow the tragedy of his past life to be repeated. Such a capable person with absolutely splendid talent, can and must not be allowed to die at the instant of ascending to the next realm.    

Having resolved himself to this a moment ago, before Yang Chen could say anything, Gongsun Ling, who was sitting opposite to him, watching him, had a change in her complexion, suddenly pointing towards Yang Chen, alarmed, she asked:    

“Younger Brother Yang, what’s going on with the spirit power in your body? How can it be so chaotic?”    

Actually, Gongsun Ling had surprisingly discovered the different attributed spirit power in Yang Chen’s body, it was not at all pure, wouldn’t that mean that the cultivation is destroying itself?    

Originally when Yang Chen was at the first qi layer, he had fire attributed spirit power, the other types of spirit power were suppressed by the Reverse Yin and Yang five phases, which kept the energy unmixed and at the same time also made it difficult to be discovered by other people, therefore regardless of whether it was Chu Heng or Du Qian, even Zhu Chen Tao wasn’t able to detect it. At this time Yang Chen’s Yin and Yang five phases secrets had already entered the second qi layer and his spirit power had greatly expanded, naturally this was sensed by Gongsun Ling.    

Yang Chen had a fire-star spirit root, naturally he would cultivate fire attributed spirit power, but suddenly in his body, there was spirit power of many other attributes, how could that not make people concerned. This ‘chaotic’ spirit power, could it be that Yang Chen had come across some problems?    

“It is just spirit power of the five phases, it is nothing to be alarmed at.”    

Yang Chen felt warm in his heart and at the same time exposed a smiling expression on his face:    

“I merely wanted to experience for myself how to use my fire attributed spirit power to imitate the spirit power of other attributes, that’s all. Therefore, I was trying to practice cultivation methods of other attributes, to learn and comprehend.”    

Gongsun Ling’s expression became colorful again in a flash. This Younger Brother Yang is good at surprising people. Staying inside of the Hidden Pavilion for half a year, reading all of the ancient records. Then he also wants to practice the cultivation methods of other attributes of the five phases to understand the other attributes, this kind of thinking would simply make people dumbfounded.    

Since Yang Chen’s present cultivation had greatly increased when compared to the time at the Hidden Pavilion, however, at least as far as Gongsun Ling could see, for the time being it’s fine to assume that there are no issues. She could only warn him again:    

“Then you must be careful and by no means should you neglect the root to pursue the tip.”    

“Senior Apprentice Sister, be at ease, I know how to take care of myself.”    

Yang Chen gave a Gongsun Ling a smile to make her feel relieved and then asked:    

“Senior Sister, were you waiting for me here?”    

“Are you Yang Chen?”    

Before Gongsun Ling could reply, a stranger’s voice could be heard from the side:    

“Known as the first qi layer disciple who can kill seventh and eighth qi layer assassins, on whom the Pure Yang Palace is focusing all of its resources?”    

The voice had a tone which made people feel uncomfortable as if uncovering a swindler hidden within the crowd.    



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