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Chapter 3 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 2)

Chapter 3 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 2)

3Chapter 3: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 2)     3

The morning of the next day, Luo Qing Chen woke up early.  She had slept pretty well that night, having no dreams at all.    

Her mind turned and she couldn’t help thinking that the original host would die tonight, causing her body to tremble.    

Taking a serious breath, she felt that her breathing was very smooth.  She shouldn’t die!    

[System notification: The original host’s body is very fragile from being ruined by herself over the years.  Host please take care!]    

Even if you don’t say it, I’ll take care of it alright?    

Cleaning oneself up in front of the mirror was the first thing.  In her memory, the original host was ugly before she had died, so ugly that she didn’t seem like her.    

Luo Qing Chen moved in front of the mirror and looked at herself who had been too lazy to wash yesterday, almost calling out in shock.    

What the hell was this!?    

The dark red rouge was not just painted on her face, but also her eyes.   Her skin was yellow and her lips were dark purple.    

Could it be she was poisoned?    

Luo Qing Chen softly rubbed it and found it was rouge that could be easily wiped off.    

She couldn’t help shaking her head, the previous host was too ruthless with herself.    

Although she had accidentally lost her child, she couldn’t ruin her face like this!    

“Someone, bring a pail of water over.”  Luo Qing Chen called out towards the maid outside in a voice that was a bit hoarse.  It was completely different from the voice in her memory, it was not as clear as water at all.    

Damn, why was her voice like this?  God, does the system have some medicine to help soften the throat?    

[Yes.]  The system’s mechanical ice cold voice suddenly spoke up.    

Give me one.    

[Without experience, you can’t exchange for anything.]    

Can you say that ahead of time?  We have a long relationship, I won’t run away and won’t not return it.  My soul has been floating for thirty thousand years waiting to be reborn, right?    

The system completely ignored Luo Qing Chen’s thoughts and pretended to be dead.    

Fine, this hateful system!    

The host really wanted to beat the system over its silent appearance, but she still held it in.    

After all, it was with that person’s existence that she could stay in the Chaos Space  for thirty thousand years without injury and finally had the chance to be reborn.    

With a “gedeng” sound, the door was opened.  A dazzling light entered the room and Luo Qing Chen felt dust raising off the ground.  She couldn’t help slightly knitting her brows, how longs has it been since this girl has gone out?    

Luo Qing Chen took the pail of water from the subordinate and washed her face from forehead to chin at least five times.    

Finally the face completely messed up by the previous host was completely washed.    

Her makeup technique was not very good, but the previous host did have a good foundation.    

There was nothing better than Allure in this world, alright?    

[TL Note: It’s a story about the hardship of an ordinary girl making a living and finding love.]    

“Un, not bad.”  Applying a faint layer of rouge on her face, she really did look like a country destroying beauty!    

But the clothes had to be changed, she couldn’t wear such broken clothes!    

Opening the cabinet where the previous host kept her clothes, Luo Qing Chen’s chin dropped down.    

Who could tell her what kind of ridiculous colours were these?    

Dark black, dark red, earth yellow, dark green, and pure black?    

These colours that an eighty year old grandmother would wear, how could she steal back a man’s heart wearing these!    

No, she had to go out and buy clothes!    

For the next two hours, she rummaged through the original host’s room and dug out all the valuable things.    

The original host being miserable all these years had a large relation to her father’s death.    

When Luo Wang died, most of the Luo Family’s influence disappeared.    

Yan Wu Se had a very high position in the royal harem in these past few years and other than Yan Wu Se, there was no other girls in Zhan An Yang’s royal harem.    

But that was very strange, the male lead’s affection for the supporting female lead was only 30%.    

Even like this, the male lead would still empty his royal harem which somewhat confused her.    


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