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Chapter 18 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 17)

Chapter 18 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 17)

2Chapter 18: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 17)    3

Inside the Purple Imperial Palace, on a brocaded wall, there was a woman wearing a red cloak with a nation collapsing beauty’s face.    

She had a large red umbrella and was standing on the stone with silver and gold bells on her ankles.  Her watery eyes were looking at the youth kneeling on the ground.    

“Were you like that back then?”  There was a cool as water voice from behind her.  Luo Qing Chen turned and saw Zhao An Yang slowly walking towards her.    

She gave a soft laugh and looked at him in a bit of panic as she asked, “The emperor’s memory is not bad.  After all these years, you can still remember this clearly……”    

“This was drawn by this one in the past.”  His deep as water eyes calmly looked at her without any waves.    

Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  Her eyes were filled with disbelief as she looked at the date in the lower right corner.    

——Zhao Yin, five years old.    

She pursed her lips and said, “In the past?”    

Wasn’t he blind back then?!  A blind person could draw her like this and it could be this accurate.    

“Is it strange?”  Zhao An Yang ice cold finger slid across her cheek as he softly said, “I asked quite a few people and was beaten quite a few times…..”    

She stood there in a daze as she felt her nose become stuffed up and tears almost fell from her eyes.    

That youth that had been bullied by her in the past in the Li Le Academy, that blind youth who drew her bit by bit even when she bullied him.    

She thought that he was filled with hatred towards her.  He hated her for murdering her mother, hated her for using her power to harm him, hated her for forcing him to marry her with the Heavenly Mountain’s Snow Lotus and the Luo Family.    

“I always thought that you never loved……”    

“This one had never envied anyone before, but when I met you again in the Li Yue Academy, everyone around admired you and loved you.  But this one couldn’t see what you looked like at all. I envied them, at least they could see what you looked like.” Zhao An Yang sat down in a chair and closed his eyes, cutting off Luo Qing Chen’s words as he remembered the past.    

There was a sad look between his brows, but his lips raised up.    

Some people’s love were open like Luo Qing Chen’s and some people’s love were silent like Zhao An Yang’s.    

Luo Qing Chen walked beside him and prepared to sit down.    

Zhao An Yang’s large hands came around her waist and pulled her into his embrace, softly muttering in her ear, “Qing’er, Luo Wang’s matter……”    

Luo Qing Chen’s body froze and her face turned a bit pale.    

Of course she knew what he wanted to talk about, the death of the original host’s father was not an accident like the imperial doctor had said.  The original host thought it was Yan Wu Se, but there was no evidence.    

Yan Wu Se’s family was all dead, how could she have the skills to kill Luo Wang?    

No one knew that Yan Wu Se’s brother Yan Zhen had escaped in the past and was still alive in this world.    

He trained a mysterious group of assassins and killed Luo Wang without anyone knowing.    

Zhao An Yang saw her holding it in and his heart was filled with pain.  Luo Wang had favoured him in the past. If it wasn’t for the Luo Family, he wouldn’t have been able to suppress all the cities on the eastern continent, poisoned his father to death, dug out his elder brothers’ eyes, and avenged his mother.    

“I don’t blame you.”  Luo Qing Chen shook her head.  Seeing his hesitant appearance, she suddenly felt a bit of heartache.    

Her love for him went past all the hatred……    

The world was filled with chaos, the past was the past.  People had to die in the end. Luo Wang spent half his life on the battlefield, but he died in peace, achieving all that he wished for.  It was considered a worthy death.    

He watched as she revealed a faint smile with a pair of clear as water eyes.  She pursed her lips and the pear flowers on her head gently shook as she said that she didn’t blame him…..    

Why was he so moved?  He wanted to hold her in his arms forever!    

Zhao An Yang stretched out his broad right hand and placed it on her cheek.  His eyes dimmed as he lowered his head towards her pink lips.    

He would definitely make up for Luo Wang’s death.    

Friendly reminder: The supporting female lead will turn dark the next chapter!    


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