Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 36 - Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 8)

Chapter 36 - Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 8)

0Chapter 36: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 8)     0

“About that, president……” Luo Qing Chen came out from behind the curtains and said with a smile, “I know how to play piano. If you let me see the music sheet, I can play it.”    

“Luo Qing Chen!” Qian Fei Fei naturally never thought that she would see her here. She gritted her teeth. Had that fellow Tang Yu not taken care of her yet?    

Was she like that Fang Tian Tian, trying to take her school hunk?    

“Isn’t that the school flower? So pretty…..”    

“Truly worthy of being the school flower, being that good looking and that skilled.”    

The surrounding men all looked at her, of course that even included the indifferent school hunk, Su Liang Chen.    

Qian Fei Fei focused on her and she became aggressive, “Is there something wrong with your ears? Didn’t you hear what school hunk Su said? It hasn’t been rehearsed yet…..”    

“If it’s the piano, you can give it a try.” Su Liang Chen’s cold voice rang out, directly cutting Qian Fei Fei off.    

He had already flipped the piano music sheet to another page when everyone wasn’t paying attention. He took out a new music sheet and gave it to Luo Qing Chen.    

She took the music sheet and opened it to see the words, «Exclusive taste».    

That’s wrong, she saw the program list the other day. He and Fang Tian Tian weren’t playing this song together, it should have been «My future is not a dream»!    

System, system, did I remember wrong?    

[No, the male lead has changed the song.]    

Luo Qing Chen was stunned, but her lips revealed a faint smile. An affection of five could turn an inspirational song into a love song, it seemed like five percent in the school hunk’s heart meant one couldn’t compare to normal people.    

“Alright, you two can prepared first. You’ll be going up soon.” The class president sat Su Liang Chen agree, so naturally she didn’t have anything else to say. After all, it was very troublesome to change the performance now, so she directly agreed.    

System, system, can you exchange for me.    

[Ding, one hundred points have been deduced. Piano skills have been exchanged for (can only be used in this world).]    

Luo Qing Chen changed her clothes to match Su Liang Chen.    

Commonly known as couple clothes.    

She was wearing a white shirt with a red miniskirt. Su Liang Chen was wearing a white shirt with a red jacket, as well as a pair of black pants.    

When they were prepared to head onto the stage, the president quickly ran over, “Your ties, the makeup artist forgot to give them to you earlier.”    

A pair of dark red ties on white shirts gave them more of a youthful vitality.    

“I am a bit nervous.” Luo Qing Chen looked up at him with pursed lips.    

Su Liang Chen had an almost negligible smile as he said, “Were you not nervous when you sent the love letter?”    

“That isn’t the same, alright?” Luo Qing Chen’s face instantly turned red and she tried her best to argue back.    

“It’s fine if you just follow me.” His clear voice sounded in her ear. She felt her restless heart gradually calm down.    

Host: “Next is third year’s Su Liang Chen and Luo Qing Chen playing four handed «My»……«Exclusive taste».    

When the ten white fingers fell onto the black and white keys, Luo Qing Chen was secretly filled with joy. She actually had a chance to…..sit shoulder to shoulder with him!    


She was stunned and quickly placed her hands on the keys. She took a deep breath and listened to his soft countdown.    

“1, 2, 3……”    

The sweet melody followed their hands and vibrantly rang out.    



Girl: I only know how important you are after meeting you.    

Boy: There is no one that can feel your sweetest smile.    

Together: I no longer need to find anyone else.    

Because I have already found it.    


Girl: It was only lively at the movie theater on Saturday because of you.    

Boy: I’ll take you to see the night sky on Sunday, alright?    

Together: I wander around with you.    

That is my dream.    

The sweet female voice melded with the warm male voice. The four hands on the piano bloomed with a beautiful song.    

After the song was over, the students under the stage all broke out in cheers. It was their most passionate cheering in their entire high school life.    


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