Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 28 - Little theater side story

Chapter 28 - Little theater side story

3Chapter 28: Little theater side story    

Chaos Space, in the void.    

[System: Ten question, ten answer shining theater. Please welcome «The deeply affectionate emperor» world’s male lead, Zhao An Yang.]    

Enthusiastic applause (Clap, clap, clap, there is only a mechanical applause…..)    

[“Hello, Zhao An Yang.”]    


[“First question: When you saw her falling from the sky in the royal study, what did you think?”]    

“A bit funny, a bit cute, and a bit heavy……”    

[I must tell the host that you said she was heavy! ∑(O_O;)]    

“Don’t. The front is the main point, the back is a blind spot. As a system, please properly define these areas!”    

[“Second question: When she cooked for you for the first time, how did you feel?”]    

“If you want to seduce me, you don’t need to be this indirect. Just be straight, I can satisfy her! Any position is fine!”    

[Covering eyes. So dirty, don’t dare to look! ヾ(^^ゞ]    

“No need, you won’t lack in things to see and hear.”    

[You want to ruin me?]    

“Temporarily, no.”    

[“Third question: How did you feel when you saw her smile at Su Li?”]    

“Anger, jealousy, dissatisfaction, and possessive.”    

[You seemed like you wanted to beat Su Li at that time!]    

“No, I wanted to directly send him into the barren marshlands!”    

The system patted its little chest, letting out long sighs of relief before continuing.    

[“Fourth question: How did it feel the first time you went ‘pa, pa, pa’?]    

[TL Note: Children don’t need to know what this mean……]    

“I can answer the question from before, I have a new answer.”    

[What question?]    

“I will ruin you.”    

[(つд?) I am a treasure, give me another chance!]    

“Un, ask properly.”    

[“Fifth question: Were you shocked when you saw her holding the mace? How did you feel?”]    

“Yes, I felt that thing was very terrifying. Why did she need to carry that? Did I not give her a proper sense of safety? I felt I had let her down!”    

[“Sixth question: When she hated Yan Wu Se, what did you feel?”]    

“Nothing, she can hate who she wants. If she needed me, I could help her.”    

[“Seventh question: Who is the person you hate the most in the world?”]    

“Yan Zhen because he almost made my beloved lose her life. He made her feel so much pain and discomfort!”    

[(⊙o⊙) So you sent him into the barren marshlands!]    

“Un, in the world, I think there is nowhere else that could make him die a more painful death!”    

The system continued to pat its nonexistent little chest! It definitely couldn’t offend him!    

[“Eighth question: What did you feel when she took the arrow for you? Were you very afraid”]    

“Very afraid, I felt like I was about to lose her in that moment. I wanted to be injured for her, take the pain for her, die for her.”    

The system felt like it was forced to eat dog food. It didn’t like it and didn’t think it tasted very good……    

[“Ninth question: In your heart, did you ever feel any love for Yan Wu Se?”]    

“No, I have never loved any creature other than her, including chicken, duck, or fish.”    

[“Tenth question: Did you like her before or after?”]    


[No answer, did I ask something wrong? ∑(???)?]    

“In this world, no matter how she changes or where we are, I only love Luo Qing Chen.”    

His cold eyes slightly jumped up. He was that handsome and that special.    

[I now announce that the interview for «The deeply affectionate emperor» world’s male lead Zhao An Yang is over. Everyone, give him your passionate applause.]    

In the empty Chaos Space, there was only the mechanical clapping that sounded!    

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 1/100]    


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