Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 19 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 18)

Chapter 19 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 18)

0Chapter 19: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 18)     0

The next few days were quite pleasant, only her affection never increased which made her feel very depressed!    

System, why didn’t you increase my affection lately?  Have you broken down?    

[Host, the male lead has only appeared two times in five days.]  The system’s mechanical voice rang out.    

Is that so?  Oh, it seems like that’s true!  What has he been busy with all day lately?  He’s become as hard to find as a dragon’s tail!    


Useless system!    

Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes and fiddled with the new clothes he gave her over the past few days.    

She went through thousands of choices each day, it was like heaven and earth when compared to the selection she saw at the Brocade Stitch District the other day.    

He was busy on the night of the seventh day.  Luo Qing Chen was sleeping alone in the Purple Imperial Palace when she suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.    

In her dream, she was standing in hell wearing a red robe.  The red lotus between her brows was sparkling with red light and everyone was bowing to her…..    

[System notification: Male lead is in danger, male lead is in danger, male lead is in danger!]    

Damn, who is speaking, who is speaking?    

Luo Qing Chen suddenly got up and began panting.    

She closed her eyes as beads of sweat dripped down her forehead.  She seemed to have thought of something as she suddenly opened her eyes.    

System, what did you just say?  Zhao An Yang is in danger? Why?  How could a damn emperor be in any kind of danger?    

[Yan Zhen’s Mysterious Assassins will trap him in a hut ten miles south of the city in two hours.]    

In two hours?  Damn, system I never thought that you would have the ability to see the future?  This is truly worthy of praise!    

[This system is very powerful…..]    

Luo Qing Chen didn’t think any deeper and directly called over Xiao Qiu.  She had her bring Zhao An Yang’s jade seal to South Peak King’s Manor to find Zhao An Yang’s adopted brother, Fu Hong Yuan.    

It was unknown if Yan Wu Se’s informants were still hiding in the royal palace, so she didn’t have confidence in having the imperial guards save him.    

In the original host’s memories, this Fu Hong Yuan was a trustworthy person, since they had a life and death vow.    

Zhao An Yang gave the Ming Province’s fifty thousand soldiers to Fu Hong Yuan just in case.    

She directly chose a red ferghana horse from the stables, riding off to the south of the city.    

She felt a bit confused and her mind went blank.  In short, she felt that there wasn’t enough time…..    

System, system, how long before they surround the hut?    

Because there was no accurate time telling device, Luo Qing Chen could only estimate how long had passed.    

Her heart was beating fast and she almost didn’t dare listen to the system’s response.    

[It’s already surrounded.]  The system’s ice cold voice rang in her ears.    

Luo Qing Chen felt her heart skip a beat.  Seeing the fires roaring into the sky, her hand began to tremble.    

Why did her heart fill with such pain?  Didn’t she come here to finish a mission?  Why was she afraid…..    

“Go——”  Luo Qing Chen forcefully whipped the reins and flew off in the direction of the hut.    


“I thought that since my little sister liked you, I could spare your life.”  Yan Zhen was wearing a set of black robes and pointed the sword in his hand at Zhao An Yang if front of the hut as he said, “But you actually chased her away?  She was crazy about you, but you actually treated her like this!”    

There were still two guards standing in front of Zhao An Yang, but there were close to twenty people on Yan Zhen’s side.    

His face was calm.  He wanted to use himself as bait, so he could take revenge for Luo Wang.    

But he underestimated the other side’s abilities.  His plot had failed and now he was in a desperate situation.    

He suddenly thought of the silly girl.  If he died, she would definitely be brokenhearted!    

Without knowing why, he wanted to see her looking heartbroken over him…..    

“Fire!”  Seeing that Zhao An Yang was saying nothing, Yan Zhen’s eyes became cold as he spoke in a cold voice.    

Arrows covered in flames flew out in Zhao An Yang’s direction and the two guards stepped in front of him.    

Yan Zhen gave a cold snort and raised his bow.  There was a poisoned arrow nocked into his bow.    

He gritted his teeth and said in a voice filled with hate, “Die!”    

A dead end with no escape, a position that was certain to hit.    

In that critical moment, Luo Qing Chen flew out the forest and used her body to block him.    

There was only a heart rending roar as her face instantly turned as pale as snow and her consciousness was cut off……    


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