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Chapter 6 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 5)

Chapter 6 - Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 5)

3Chapter 6: Deeply pampered by the emperor (Part 5)    

“Does young master Su not have to take the civil exams tomorrow?”  Luo Qing Chen tentatively asked.    

Actually she wanted to say, why are you still wandering the streets if you’re taking the civil exams tomorrow?    

You’re not rushing back to study?    

But thinking about how this handsome guy saved her life, she let it go!    

“That’s right!”  Su Li had a helpless smile, “I haven’t been able to figure out the main question of the exams these years at all and have failed each year, but this is also what is called a scholar.”    

“Main questions?”  Luo Qing Chen thought about it before asking, “What kind of questions are you usually good at?”    

“Business…..”  Su Li was a bit embarrassed.  He scratched his head and his face turned a bit red.    

Luo Qing Chen thought about it before giving a slight nod with a smile and saying, “Study well, I’ll come to the test site tomorrow to cheer you on!”    

Su Li pursed his lips into a smile and nodded.    

If she didn’t remember wrong, she remembered that the main questions of the civil exams were personally written by the emperor.  The exam would be sent from the royal study to the test site the morning of the exam.    

Thinking of this, she still had some time.    

[The host’s analysis is pretty good.]    

Damn, why didn’t you say it now!  Too late……    

[Host, you are a ghost, not a horse.  I am a system and can’t run.] The system’s voice was mechanical, not containing any warmth at all.    

Then why did she want to pull it out of its dimension and give it a great beating.    

Returning to the palace, the maid Xiao Qiu was waiting by the door for her the entire time.    

After all, she had privately left the palace.  If consort Yan knew of this, she might say something to the emperor.    

“Xiao Qiu, where is the emperor?”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Xiao Qiu and spoke in a serious voice.    

“This servant doesn’t know…..”  Xiao Qiu was visibly a bit scared.    

The entire palace knew that the master she served was the legal wife the emperor married all those years ago.    

But without knowing why, she gradually lost favour and didn’t have any position.    

“Forget it——”  Luo Qing Chen waved her hand and said, “Go back and rest!”    

Hey, system.  Can I ask you a question?    

[Ask.]  The system replied.    

Can you at least tell me how to go to the royal study!    

[Past the royal gardens is the royal study.]    

Where is the royal gardens?    

[Host, that is the second question.]    

Fine, there’s nothing, you can keep quiet!  I feel right now that there’s no difference having you and not having you!    


It had to be said, the royal gardens in the palace was quite easy to find, since it was a place covered in flowers.    

Seeing the servant outside the royal study, Luo Qing Chen knew she couldn’t enter through the front door.    

She wanted to ask the system if it had something that could make smoke, but it would definitely say yes and then say that the host doesn’t have enough experience, cannot exchange.    

Aiya, so angry!    

Once her mission was over and it was time to exchange, she would exchange for hundreds of things.  Damn, she would empty the system.    

[Host, please stop deluding yourself.]    

Damn, didn’t I tell you to be quiet?    

[Host can try going from the roof.]    


Luo Qing Chen felt this was a bit reasonable.  She could avoid the servant and crawl up the wall on the other side.    

This was because this wall wasn’t connected to the outside of the palace, so it wasn’t very high.  The distance from the wall to the roof wasn’t that far.    

She could climb it.    

But there was still a problem!    

How could she get down after climbing up?    

But when she reached the roof, she found that her concern wasn’t a problem at all!    

This was because she could directly fall into the royal study.    

Damn, the ancient era’s royal palace’s roof beams weren’t very firm!    

[Host, this is due to the rain over the past few days.]    

You were plotting to have me fall to my death, right!    

While she was saying this in her mind to the system, Luo Qing Chen fell into a warm embrace.    


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